5.51 Signs of Love

Sky’s solo performances were really in demand, and it led her to be away from the home at some unusual times.

When she found herself with an early morning gig over breakfast, the younger Samples had to fend for themselves. With mixed results.

It turned out that Sawyer was better with the microwave than Abby was with the stove.

The maid seemed appreciative of Abby’s handiwork.

Which would have been nice, except she wasn’t on break.

After school, Dylan invited Andria out for dinner and a movie.

Abby invited her boyfriend Dion out to see one of her Mom’s performances at a frontier-themed club called Hillbilly Harry’s.

Sawyer irradiated a butterfly.

And was delighted with the results.

Dion picked Abby up at her door, just as she’d asked him to do, and took them both to Hillbilly Harry’s Frontier Club.

“I just can’t wait for you to see Mama perform!” Abby said. “She’s such an inspiration to me.”

“Don’t you think it will be kind of loud?” Dion asked.

“Well, yes,” Abby said. “That’s the point, isn’t it?”

Sky’s voice echoed over the sound system, thanking all her fans for coming.

“That’s Mama!” Abby said. “We have to hurry to get a good place. Mama has so many fans we could be crowded out.” She turned and hurried into the club.

“Isn’t she amazing?” Abby said breathlessly as Sky took her encore, raising her voice above the cheering fans. “I can only hope that I’ll have half the stage presence when I get a chance to act professionally. She’s such an inspiration. Don’t you think so, Dion?”


It turned out that Dion had found an entirely different way to pass the time.

Alarmed and insulted, Abby flitted around the club looking for her date. She eventually found him in the arcade corner, playing Caveman Dino Invasion 3.

“Dion!” she said sharply, trying to keep the hurt out of her voice. “What are you doing? I thought we were on a date!”

“Oh, hi Abby,” Dion said, dropping the game immediately. “Don’t be sore. It just got so loud in there, and it’s really not my kind of music.”

“You could have told me,” Abby said.

“I kind of tried to,” Dion admitted. “It was just, you know, loud. And you were having such a good time watching your mom. I figured we could talk after. I, mean, it’s no big deal, right? I had a good time, and so did you. We don’t have to like all the same stuff to be a couple.”

He offered an apologetic, lopsided, adorable smile, and Abby for once was at a loss for words.

Dylan’s date went a little more smoothly.

After returning home from dinner and independent film showing, they just lingered out in the snow, gazing into each other’s eyes. The next words ought to be goodbye, but neither of them could bring themselves to say it, so they said nothing.

Andria at last fell into Dylan’s arms. “You’re the best thing that’s happened to me since Dad died,” she whispered in his ear. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Dylan held her close. “You make every day brighter than the one before,” he said. “I can’t imagine how dark my world would be without you.”

Dylan took her hand and willed himself to do this right. “My dearest Andria,” he said. “Please don’t take this request as any sort of pressure, but I’d be honored if you would consider wearing my pin.”

“You want me to be your girlfriend?” Andria’s face lit up. “Of course!” 

“You’re an amazing man,” Andria said. “You treat me like a fairytale princess.”

Dylan chuckled, blushing. “You make me feel like a fairy tale prince.”

Andria sighed. “Have you ever wished upon a star?”

“No, but I guess this would be an appropriate moment.”

Andria leaned her head on his shoulder. “Don’t tell,” she said, “or it won’t come true.”

“Grandma!” Sawyer said. “I want to know everything about death. What does it feel like? Is it preventable?”

Veronica Sample’s ghost merely smiled and waved, seeming to look right through her grandson.

“Wow,” Sky said when she finally made it home from the club. “This was the best crowd yet. My hand is cramped from signing autographs.”
Xia clapped. “Bravo! I know you always wanted to be a superstar.”

Sky, safely away from her fans, couldn’t help but giggle. “I know! Isn’t it amazing.”

“Not half as amazing as you are,” Xia replied.

“I think we should take this upstairs,” Sky answered huskily.

“At the risk of ruining the moment,” Sky added as they made their way to the bedroom. “Do you know what tomorrow is?”

“Dylan’s birthday,” Xia answered promptly. “I do actually track what’s going on with your kids.”

“My baby’s going to be a grown man,” Sky whimpered. “That makes me officially old.”

Xia shrugged and gave Sky a wicked look. “There’s nothing we can do about it except be really embarrassing old women.”

“All right then,” Sky replied. “Let’s get started on that.”

And they did.


This is Sky’s last post as the patroness of this legacy. The next post begins Dylan’s reign. It’s always sad and exciting to pass the torch.

Turns out there’s no option to watch a Showtime performance WITH someone. Dion never considered watching the performance like *everyone else* on the lot. He just wandered around the club alone doing other stuff. Then when the date ended, I got this notification:

Buh. Guess Dion knows how to make his own fun.

16 thoughts on “5.51 Signs of Love

  1. Wow, I can't believe Sky's generation is over! We have been through so much with her; good times and bad times, her relationships, the kids growing up… hopefully she will stick around for a long time.

    Dylan and Andria are BEYOND adorable <3 I know that I'm repeating myself, but it's the truth.

  2. So I've decided to just pick my stories back up where they are and stop trying to go back to the ones that I missed (in a timely manner, anyway, I'll still go back and read them)… And here it is, the perfect time to jump back into the story! Awesome!

  3. I know, right? I always feels sad to move on and watch sims age up and even die. Sky's life was kind of messed up, but I think she pulled through in the end. Of course, if something happens in the story outside of her generation, things could still happen to her. At the very least I want to top out her career.

    I am having so much fun with Dylan's Proper trait. Andria really seems to appreciate it.

  4. I have sugar rush from Dylan and Andria. I'm glad that he's the one to take the reigns. I can't believe that Sky's generation is officially over, but she's had a great run. I'm happy that she's finally feeling settled.

    I don't know how I feel about Abby and Dion. She loves to be the centre of attention and I feel that she may not be happy with someone who doesn't treat her like she's the centre of his world. On the other hand, it might be good for her …

    You should have put a disclaimer at the beginning. I don't want to read about butterfly torture. Bad Sawyer! 😛 🙂

  5. Aw…this is so sad, but so exciting! I know TECHNICALLY Sawyer isn't heir, but I'm still really excited to see what he does with his life….hopefully it will NOT involve more animal torture…

    Dylan asking Andria to wear his pin made me el oh el…do people still do that? What does it MEAN?! They are really cute though, and I love Andria's face.

    Abby has gorgeous hair…I mean, she's gorgeous all over, but I really noticed her hair this chapter. I kinda doubt things will work out with her and Dion; he seems like he'll let her push him along, but I find it hard to believe that either of their hearts are really in it.


  6. Haha! I used the pin thing because the NRaas StoryProgression notification for teens going steady mentions them pinning each other. I think that's actually from my parents' generation, and sadly I am no spring chicken. In my day, it was exchanging class rings. Who the hell knows what it is now.

    I have no plans to move Sawyer out, and I'll include any kids of his in the heir poll. I don't think I'm going to force him to reproduce, however. I don't even know what his orientation is — I deliberately have not looked it up in MC, and he hasn't naturally heart-farted with anyone. (I say "naturally" because the process of Portering an entire town population appears to do an attraction check against EVERYONE, and he got some heart-farts in the ENORMOUS stack of them that I got when I moved to Avalon 2.0. I intentionally didn't read them.)

    So far, Sawyer has only rolled science, logic, and collection-related wishes, but he's literally aging up tomorrow in gameplay, and that seems to be when the characters really come into their own. Also, he's going to University. That ought to mess his life up a little. Or maybe not. Who knows?

  7. Oooooh, Sawyer in University….THAT should be fun! I kinda wish he could run into Jo's Arya; I can just imagine the kind of interactions that would ensue.

    Truthfully, I can't imagine Sawyer being romantic with, well, anything. But if Sheldon Cooper can do it…

    I don't even want to know what kids are exchanging these days. Man, I don't look forward to the teen years…

  8. I can’t believe I got so far already!!! I think I should slow down a little, because I really love to have this huge number of posts ahead… But then again, I’m really curious to see what happens in Gen 6 🙂

    I’m happy that you’re going to keep the spares around for some time, as well as the old embarrassing lesbian couple. LOL

    • You are so awesome! I’ve been reading your comments, but I was on hiatus for a while and haven’t answered. I’m trying to get back into it. I have most of a Wonderlands post done, and I’m slowly catching up on my reading. You’ve written a whole lot!

      • You’re making me blush, Susan! And you are such a determined Simmer for keeping the legacy alive all these years!!! It takes really a lot of time and dedication to make it to the end of this challenge and you’re ALMOST there!

        Don’t feel forced to answer all of my comments. I’m happy to know that you’re back!!! And yes, I’ve written a couple of new episodes… feel free to come back when you get the chance! I really missed your feedback in the past months <3

  9. Generation 5 was great! I love the way you flesh out all the characters. You even made Forest likeable (I loved his story, btw). I also really liked Hunters story. Him and Eliana were great.
    And Sky. I personally love soapy drama’s and her story was just that. I do like that she was able to sort of settle down with Xia.
    Obviously it was sad when Charles and Veronica died, but it always is when an heir dies. On the one hand I’m always curious what the next generation will bring, but really hesitant to see the sim die, that you’ve been playing with for a long time! Oh the heartache…
    And now generation 6, you’ve already made me curious to keep reading and see what’ll happen. And reading your legacy makes me want to play mine!

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