Simantics: Wardrobe Malfunction

After Forest summons Flynn in the last post, they have wardrobe woohoo in Forest’s room.

When they get out, Sean is in his sleepwear, and Forest is in his alltogether.

Then he shows off his fangs to Sean. This is a much more entertaining interaction than the one about confessing to being a vampire.

He also shows off his blank barbie crotch.

Sean, however, is not impressed by either.

Then he heads off to do something important with his Stride of Pride on.

Meanwhile, Forest decides to take his bare butt downstairs for a snack. Looks like ghost Layla is cooking.

This has been yours in wrongness.

I don’t really have any Avalon gossip I’m afraid, since I kept my notes with the user interface screenshots that got lost in the system crash. I’m keeping fresh notes from current gameplay, so when the story catches up a bit more, I’ll post those.

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