5.40 The Other Woman

Just like that, Forest was back at work. He and Flynn never spoke of the battle lines that were being drawn over control of the underworld. In fact, when they were together, they almost never spoke at all.

The day Flynn issued a direct order that Forest successfully countermanded, Flynn sent a furious summons to Forest to come to his office alone. To everyone’s surprise, Forest did so. When he left hours later, he was glad his suit covered up the rug burns. But the two of them hadn’t said a word.

Forest was also making his own booty calls.

This meant that in unguarded moments, Flynn could be found wandering around the Sample estate.

When Forest caught Dylan chatting with Flynn one morning, he took him aside and said in no uncertain terms to stay away. “He might show up in the hall in his boxer shorts, but he’s still dangerous.”

Meanwhile, Sky’s business was booming, but the thrill of the Sing-A-Grams was fading. One morning she had an audition for a wedding singer gig outside the chapel when she was caught completely by surprise.

It ruined her audition, and she lost the job.

Leah Marmalade walked by with barely a look, then seemed to have second thoughts and lingered at the gate, watching Sky.

“Come on!” Plum called. “The party is this way.”

Sky hurried to catch up with Leah without really knowing what she was going to say.

“Uh, hi. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Leah shrugged uncomfortably. “A couple of friends are getting married,” she said. “It’s not like I stay away just because we’re divorced.”

“You’re having another child,” Sky said. “I guess you’re really happy.” It shouldn’t have hurt, but it did.

“I always wanted to carry a baby,” Leah said bitterly. “With you, I couldn’t because we could never plan anything. You didn’t even like being pregnant.”

Sky looked at the ground. “I’m sorry,” she said.
“Look, I’m going to be late for the ceremony,” Leah said. “You better go away.”

Sky watched her go, her heart squeezed so tight it might break all over again.

Before she went home, she slipped inside the chapel while the wedding was being conducted in the garden to down a glass of punch.

It tasted terrible. Perhaps it served her right.

At home, Xia still stole time on the Ghostwriter fandom forums to read what they said about Sky. Ghostwriter wasn’t performing as many gigs as it used to, and the forum had dwindled. The board on Sky’s woohoo life had few real observations these days and was mostly filled with wild speculation.

With Xia training hard as a fighter pilot and Sky performing in the evenings, Dylan spent a lot of time looking after Sawyer. Sky argued with him about it; they had plenty of money for a babysitter, and he shouldn’t be wasting his teenage years.

Dylan wouldn’t hear of it. “This is the proper thing for me to do,” he insisted.

“At least let us pay you for your time,” Sky insisted.

“Well, that’s not appropriate. You shouldn’t pay me for just doing what I should. We’re family.”

Sky took to slipping extra money in his wallet. Dylan must have noticed, but he let her do it.

In addition to the extra babysitting, Dylan became a photographer for the school newspaper. He spent his unauthorized babysitting money on a nice camera and spent long hours working on layout.

And after THAT, he took more practice exams for college placement.

“I don’t know what he’s trying to prove,” Sky worried to Xia. “I wish I knew how to help him have fun!”

Abby didn’t have much trouble having fun. She dressed as a princess and spent long hours sharing her dreams of glamor and fame with her dolls.

Sometimes she dragged her family into the living room to sit alongside her dolls for a big “performance,” which meant she danced and sang and everyone applauded wildly.

“Her singing voice is great,” Xia admitted to Sky. “I know where she got that.”

Sky shook her head. “I don’t sing anywhere near that well,” she admitted.

Sky continued to work on her domestic skills.

And kept working.

She was proud of her first real success. Too bad it was homemade dog food. At least Riddle ate like a king.

One evening, Forest received a mysterious phone call.

“I want to meet with you immediately,” a woman’s voice on the other end informed him.

“How did you get this number?” Forest demanded.

“This is Cynthia Flynn,” she said.

Forest hung up and went to meet her.

She chose the stadium — an odd, very public choice. Cynthia Flynn was an old woman. She had been married, apparently happily, to the Emperor of Evil for most of her adult life. She almost never ventured out in public.

The sun was setting, but it still was bright enough to sing Forest’s skin. He could smell himself burning. What could Flynn’s wife want with him?

“Good evening, Madam,” he began. “How can I help you?”

“You can get out of my Sean’s life right now!” Cynthia shouted.

Forest was caught completely off guard. “Mrs. Flynn! I don’t know what you mean.”

“All he can do is think about you. He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t sleep. I hear him speaking your name when he thinks I’m not listening. I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’re destroying him. My Sean is a good boy!”

Forest stood for a moment, stunned. He didn’t know whether to scorn or pity her.

“Mrs. Flynn,” he began. “You realize that your husband hasn’t aged since you married him, don’t you? Do you enjoy having a boy toy in your old age?”

Cynthia scowled at him. “That’s none of your business!”

“I’m afraid it is my business, Madam. You, on the other hand, are not my business. I can see that your husband keeps you happy, and I have no intention of hurting you. My problem with Mr. Flynn is purely…. business.”

Cynthia scowled. “You’re a wicked man. You leave him alone!”

Forest couldn’t help but laugh. “*I’m* wicked?” he said. “Has your husband ever really smiled at you?”

With that, he grinned, showing off his new fangs in the best possible light.

Cynthia’s eyes widened when she saw them, but she didn’t seem frightened exactly.

“I see there’s no reasoning with you,” she said. “My Sean will just have to destroy you.” And she turned and left.

It was the most bizarre interview Forest could remember in his life, and he’d had plenty of truly bizarre interviews.


Not long after Forest started boinking her husband, Cynthia called Forest up for a date. I couldn’t resist accepting. Sims romance system for the win.

Cynthia, by the way, is a simalike of Miley Cyrus — created long before she had the big change in her image :). She and Flynn never had any kids.

Sadly, I don’t have very many pictures of child Abby that I haven’t used. Most of her childhood was lost in the deleted pictures.

I’m really trying to crank through the last of this generation to get to the heir poll!

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  1. What a deluded, crazy old woman! The mind boggles just imagining her and Flynn together!!! I wonder if Forest should be scared? Maybe she's the one who'll defeat him?

    Love the imagery at the start … thanks for that 😉

    I'll have a tough time when it comes to the heir poll. All three have serious potential!

  2. I think I'm seriously in love with Dylan. He is so determined and ambitious. (And still looks like Harry Potter.)

    Cynthia as Miley? Huh, didn't see that coming. She wears way too many clothes for that. 😉 At least she almost sticks her tongue out in one of the pictures.

  3. Hee! It seems like you, possibly alone in this group, appreciate a bit of slash 🙂 :).

    In confidence, I have a fanfic-grade Forest/Flynn version of this story that resides only in my head. Another friend of mine was encouraging me to write it, but I'm not sure that I have the chutzpah for that. Erotica is Sturgeon's Law cubed, and I have this minor problem of being female and having no direct experience with guy/guy anything. (Then again, it appears that most published male/male erotica is written by women for women so much that it's hard for actual gay males to get published. Bizarre but true.) And at any rate, this stuff is about as racy as I'd ever want to put on a Sims blog. Sims just doesn't work for me as a medium for naughty.

    As for that interview with Cynthia, I provided the dialogue, but the actual interactions went like that — they show up at the stadium, Cynthia immediately starts an argument with Forest, I try out the new "confess to being a vampire" interaction — which didn't really produce much that I could screenshot. Then sparks start jumping off Forest from the sunlight, and I say goodbye. Cynthia appears to be a bit of a jerk.

  4. :). Cynthia is this sim: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=480805

    Though I notice there's an older one on MTS that I kind of like better. I didn't see it when I downloaded her. I used a lot of celebrity simalikes when I populated the town because it was a way to get really interesting genetics.

    Sawyer's mother Amy Winter is an Amy Winehouse sim: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=479142. Sawyer got a lot of her face, and I think it works pretty well on him now that he's a teen.

    I think I find Dylan and Sawyer to be the stronger characters of Gen 6, but Abby also has a lot of potential.

  5. Are you kidding?? I would read Forest/Flynn in a heartbeat. Write it!

    And slash is total lady porn. I think it bears the same amount of authenticity as mainstream porn – nobody caresif it's accurate, lol. Btw, I have met at least one gay man who is THRILLED with all of the women writing porn for him and posting it on the internet, ha!

    On a more innocent note, Dylan is ADORABLE. This is going to be a tough heir poll.

  6. You guys are such nerds. :-p

    I'm with Joon; I would totally read a Forest/Finn….uh, slash? Am I using that word right? Ya'll are making me feel old. Anyway, I can see your hesitation in including it, but you seriously have the skills to pull it off, if you decide to go in that direction.

    The interaction between Leah and Sky is so sad…I hope they can become friends at least one day. What's up with Xia, though; is one of the commitment phobes wanting — le gasp! — MORE??

    I hate EA's idea of romance interactions. The dating thing is so bizarre to me; Snuzzle Mylipone's former romantic interest asked her on a date specifically to accuse her of cheating on him. (Which was ridiculous bc they WEREN'T IN A RELATIONSHIP, but you've heard that rant before.) in that case, it actually seemed to work for his personality, but a lot of the time, it just aggravates me.

    Ears…do they not have pointy ears until a certain age? I could have sworn Dylan didn't have them, and then I noticed he does, and now it looks like Sawyer doesn't have them, but he's a toddler, so that made me wonder…

    Dylan is my least favorite so far; I'm mostly rooting for Abby, but I'm excited to see what happens with Sawyer as well.

  7. Thanks for the compliment on my steamy writing skills! Maybe someday I'll write that stuff and just send it to you and Joon. 🙂

    Haha. The term "slash" is older than we are. The origin story is that it came from "Kirk/Spock" fan erotica back in the day. I think you don't know it just because you don't get into fanfic. (I'm not all that into it either, actually, but I read some and can talk the talk.) Seems like there's a disagreement now over whether "slash" is any fan erotica or JUST male/male. I think it's kind of silly to restrict it to just male pairings, since the Dick/Jane notation works for any pair. But that's kind of irrelevant in this case, since Forest/Flynn fits all the definitions :).

    I LOVE my sims being asked out for dates. I also love having an attraction system so that I have some way to differentiate amongst an otherwise random pool of potential mates. My story possibilities have really broadened since the heart-farting started. That said, both of those systems are really scattershot. It seems like you get a half-dozen random heart-farts at any given party, and married people you barely know are calling you for dates.

    But the *cheating* thing is really frustrating. What's the point of committing to an SO when it doesn't mean anything in the game? Worse, you can send breakup texts to an SO, and I think you can call them to break up, but if you have an errant romantic interest, you have to meet them in person to be "just friends." And that means you actually have to get into the same place with them. Grrr. This becomes relevant later.

  8. Oh, yeah, and ears are inherited from birth. Dylan had them from the start. You can go back and see those big pointers on his toddler buzz cut. He actually has the same hairstyle as he did as a child because I love it — that's a CC age conversion since the hairstyle exists only for children. But I'd swear that the child version covered up his ears more. I'd have to go back to look.

    Dylan and Abby got their elf parent ears, though Abby's may not be obvious in her child hairstyle. Sawyer has Sky's round ears.

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