5.27 All Fall Down

With both parents gone, the Sample triplets made excuses to spend more time together. Sky struggled with a sense of being lost. How would she know if she was being a good person without Mom or Dad to advise her?

Sky was a mother of two, and part of her still wanted to be a child. It was an embarrassing thing to admit about herself.

The days were gray and blended into one another. Sky didn’t call any rehearsals with Ghostwriter. She tried to get a grip on her feelings the way Dad used to, with a bit of meditation. Sometimes it did leave her feeling calm for a while, but it didn’t last.

Sometimes she could hear Leah in the bathroom, engaged in some sort of long conversation with herself. When she asked her wife what she was talking about, Leah shut up and wouldn’t discuss it.

Garry and Arya finally set a date. They were married in the evening at Chateau Crumplebottom.

The wedding was casual, more like one of Garry’s legendary soirees that led him to miss so many rehearsals. If he weren’t a brilliant bassist, Sky would had to kick him out of Ghostwriter a long time ago.

Garry basked in his Big Day. He loved being the center of attention.

When Jeanna called everyone in for cake, Sky was able to grab a few minutes to congratulate her cousin personally. “I’m really glad to see you happy,” she said.
Garry shrugged. “Nothing much has changed,” he said. “It’s just a great excuse for a party.” He looked at with a raised eyebrow. “Speaking of happy couples, where’s Leah?”
Sky flushed and looked away. Leah had booked a solo gig at The Round Table instead. 

The last couple of Ghostwriter rehearsals had just been Sky and Adam.

The Marmalades were one of the most venerated and richest dynasties in Avalon. They’d passed down through the generations an expansive fortress overlooking the sea.

Leah took to visiting there a lot to spend afternoons with Plum.

Nobody was in a position to understand her like Plum, and nobody was so easy to talk to.

“It just gets harder every day,” she lamented. “I try to be a good wife and mother. I’m really trying to move on. But now I can’t even look at Sky.”

“Why did she do this to us? We were so happy!”

“You are so brave for trying so hard,” Plum said. “I don’t know how to overcome a breach of trust like that.”

And she wasn’t kidding. Plum had kicked Xia Wu out of the house shortly after she’d learned about Abby from Leah.

“She’s my love,” Leah said helplessly. “She’s my happily ever after. I can’t be with her, and I don’t know how to live without her.”

“Don’t try to solve it all at once,” Plum said sagely. “Just stay for dinner and take some time to unwind.”

“I think I’d go crazy without you, Plum.”

She followed Plum through the elaborate Castle Marmalade sitting room and stopped to send a text to Sky to say that she wouldn’t be home.

Sky had been walking on eggshells for weeks. Nothing was helping. 

Well, she was done playing supportive housewife. If Leah wasn’t coming home, she was going to go out and have fun on her own.

Hunter and Eliana were happy to watch Abby and Dylan.

The renowned magician Echo Weaver was performing at Coffee Under the Sea that night. Sky decided to buy a last-minute ticket.

Echo did turn out to be a good showman, and Sky was able to forget about life for a little while.

Afterward, she was recognized by February Callender. “You’re Sky Sample? Of Ghostwriter?? I go to all your concerts!”

It was so nice to feel like a celebrity.

At some point, enough was enough.


Sorry guys. I gave them a chance, and it just wasn’t happening. Sky has Commitment Issues, and Leah is a Hopeless Romantic. Plum is a Friendly Hopeless Romantic. Once Leah and Plum met, it just seemed impossible for Leah to compromise for a relationship that was never going to be what she imagined.

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  1. Woot! Caught up!

    It's a little sad to see Leah and Sky so lost and separated, but mostly I just want them to be happy! If Plum can give Leah what she wants, then it's a good change. And I imagine that Sky would be much happier being able to follow her whims without guilt! They certainly gave it a good try.

  2. I was stuck hanging out on the couch with a clingy, sick 3-year-old earlier so I decided to put the time to good use! As much as I enjoy Mickey Mouse, there's only so much Clubhouse I can take!

    Of course, now she's passed her germs on to me. Blech. Guess I won't be productive at all this weekend!

  3. Is this a stomach bug? I'm so sorry! Talk about taking a hit for the family.

    FWIW, I've been a solo parent all week, while my kid has been sleeping like crap. Hubby gets home tomorrow dinnertime.

  4. Where'd my comment go? 🙁

    It's really sad, but almost a relief, that it's finally come to this. Sky and Leah clearly aren't meant to be. I just feel sorry for the kids. Dylan, because he is in the middle of all this, and Abby because her mummy doesn't love her anymore. I hope the two can reconscile as friends a few years down the line, and Sky finally realises who she is.

    Also, Arya lives in a castle. Lol! I'm glad that she's found someone who is as flighty as she is!

  5. Oh.

    A part of me still thinks they could make it work, but apparently they can't. I feel sad for the kids, though! What will happen to them now that Sky and Leah are going to live separate lives?

  6. Yeah, it was really hard to write Sky and Leah falling apart. They're going to try to do right by Dylan, but it's impossible for him not to be affected in some way.

    Yeah, Arya landed the heir to the Crumplebottom fortune. Garry's the younger child, but Jeanette doesn't seem to want the the responsibility. She moved out some time ago, and she's been living a wild and crazy lifestyle with a new man every time I take note of the Story Progression notifications. Garry it is!

  7. The renowned magician Echo Weaver performs tonight!!! Shame I’ve lost the save with my Sim-self! I would have totally buy her a ticket for your amazing show!!! <3

    It's really sad to see Leah and Sky this way, however I really hope they can find happiness with someone else.

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