Generation 4 Legacy Accounting

At last, all of Generation 4 are accounted for. It really is a long time between accounting posts.

Generation 4: 1 point

Lifetime Wish: 3 points
– Ada: Illustrious Author (Max Painting and Writing Skills)
– Charles: Seasoned Traveler (Visa Level 3 in all destinations)
– Veronica: Paranormal Profiteer (Level 10 in Ghost Hunter profession)

Portraits: 4 points. All painted by Ada.
 – Charles
 – Veronica
 – Ada
 – Alberto Sample-Royale

Legacy House/Net worth: 5pts
To my surprise, if you sell off the investments, the Samples are now worth over 1 million simoleons. That’s 500k more than when I last measured: 

Aspiration Rewards: 5 points
Ada left the household at 130k (1 point)
Veronica died at 180k (1 point)
Charles died at 370k!!! (3 points!)

Total for Generation 3: 17

4 thoughts on “Generation 4 Legacy Accounting

  1. Or at least twice his lifetime! Lol, the traveller sim that I had never did end up dying of old age and I played him from generation 3 to generation 15 of DITFT. Then again, ambrosia helped him a bit with that.
    I've got to say there's nothing quite like a traveler sim to engage a simmer's affections. Charles is thus far my fave from your legacy, and he's (probably) going to stay that way.

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