Simantics: Protest Failfest

This is what happened when Adam followed Ali to the castle.

He stood there for a long time while she protested.

Then she put down her sign. Maybe now the kiss will happen!

Nope. She just changed positions and started protesting again.

Elsewhere, folks were getting really excited about this protest.

There’s Arya with a sign. Rene Yo-Mai is shouting through the wall into a megaphone.

So, moving on….

Here’s Hunter autonomously taking a bath in the bathtub I was moving around the yard, trying to figure out how the heck to make pet baths work.

Here’s the Basement of the Baerwyn house after I installed Island Paradise.

And Forest’s workplace.

Note Leah’s mother swimming.

I did my dangedest to fix the Criminal lot, and I just couldn’t find any way to do it. I replaced the Baerwyn house with a different 20×20 lot. I had to delete the Criminal graveyard. I ended up replacing it with the Smuggler’s Cave from Island Paradise. That’s a great criminal rabbithole for a small world.

Avalon Gossip Column:

Alberto Sample-Royale has started dating Echo Weaver. And Faith Cagley. And Anita Bookabet. He also called up Eliana for a date and wrote a love letter to Veronica. This boy is downright dangerous when he’s single.

For some reason, Ariel Hodgins got into chess and was stomped by Weston Mentary.

Deefa Bookabet passed on. Awww.

Raen Mai and Mitchell Bachelor, still engaged but not married, had a baby boy named Justin.

Muscadine Marmalade and Melia Lorien got engaged. Nemo Hodgins stepped up his stalking of Melia.

Sebastian and Lynn Sword are the sweetest elderly couple in town.

Sky and Leah’s wedding gifts:

Other inappropriate notifications:
(Jeanna Yo-Mai)

(Miyuki Yo-Mai)

Veronica gets bored in retirement:

6 thoughts on “Simantics: Protest Failfest

  1. Apparently, Forest has had more than a little impact on his mother. Although, in a fight between Sean and Veronica? I'd choose Veronica any day! As for Sean, I really don't know how to take that notification. Is it a euphemism of some kind, or does he simply like to do his own grunt work? Burying bodies must be a … er … relaxing experience. Or maybe being the Emperor of Evil is so tiring, he likes to mix it up with planting rose bushes? I will never understand the psyche of Sean Flynn!

    I'm also not surprised to see Arya with a picket sign. Protesting in uni became one of her favourite pastimes!

  2. It never occurred to me that Sean would be burying bodies in his garden. I love it.

    I can't wait to read about Arya at Uni. Whether he is heir or not, it seems pretty clear to me that Dylan will go to Uni, so that'll be the first time I really get into that expansion.

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