5.25 All You Need Is Love

Now that they had a sunny spring day, they could have the kind of birthday party for Dylan and Abby that the adults had been planning. The family all piled into the Motive Mobile and took a trip to the Spring Festival.

Family and family connections poured out to wish the littlest Samples well.



Jeanna Yo-Mai. She and Leah’s little sister Miyuki hadn’t been married long yet. They’d decided to ditch the name Crumplebottom altogether to avoid inheritance confusion, though they were still living at Chateau Crumplebottom with Garry. Garry insisted the place was too big for just him and Arya.

Garry Crumplebottom and Arya Bookabet, meanwhile, were still playfully dickering over a wedding date. They seemed in no hurry to tie the knot.

Forest was the only single triplet left. At Veronica’s urging, he asked the love meter for advice. It didn’t seem to see a problem — it thought Forest was hot. Too bad it wasn’t a sim.

Veronica paraded around her new adopted grandson for everyone to meet.

Then she shared wild stories of youth with Ada and Jeanna.

Leah caught up with Miyuki.

“He’s a beautiful kid,” Miyuki said.

“Are you thinking of having any of your own?” Leah prodded with a wink.

“I don’t know,” Miyuki admitted. “Jeanna already has two kids. I’m not sure I want to deal with all the squalling and bodily fluids.”

Leah wasn’t sure what to say to that.

Then came the time for Dylan to blow out the candles!

Happy birthday was sung with great gusto.

Then came Abby!

Her hair and eyes made it very clear whose daughter she was, and she wasn’t Leah’s.
Sky shot Leah a worried look. Her wife’s face was forced into an expression of celebration, but her eyes were dull. They had both known it was likely that Abby was Xia’s child, but it was a very different thing to see that it was true. But they couldn’t talk now in the middle of the party. Sky would have to wait until they got home.
Veronica pulled Hunter and Eliana onto the dance floor.

Hunter seemed a lot more outgoing these days. He let Veronica teach him some moves.

Dylan went straight to the face-painting booth and gave the painter detailed instructions on exactly the art he wanted on his face. The painter gave him the same rainbow she gave everyone else.

Still, he was pretty happy with it. And even happier with the beautifully-colored Easter eggs

Dusk fell, and the party was still going on. The adults were all dancing and laughing.
Then someone unexpected wandered into the park.
“Mrs. Sample!” Ali Mentary said. “I got your text. Thank you for inviting me.”

Veronica faltered. “It’s nice to see you, Ali, but I didn’t send you a text message.”

“You didn’t? I didn’t mean to crash your party!” Her eyes flickered nervously over Veronica’s shoulder to Adam, whose eyes were burning into her.

Forest watched from a distance, looking satisfied. It wasn’t terribly difficult to send a text in his mother’s name.

Sky stepped into Adam’s line of sight. “Adam,” she said gently. “Are you all right?”

Adam didn’t say anything. He turned on his heel and ran into the park cottage.

Ali watched him go and gulped. She turned to leave, but Forest stepped in her way. “Hey there,” he said. “It’s been a long time. I was, sort of hoping you were well.”

Ali blinked back tears. “Hi,” she said. “I didn’t think you’d want to talk to me either.”

Forest offered a wan smile that showed a heart that still ached. “You know,” he said. “That was old news. I thought maybe we could be friends.”

Sky saw Adam standing on the porch of the cottage. She started to run to meet him, then remembered her ghost blood. She closed her eyes and appeared in front of him. That was one way to keep him from escaping.

“Adam,” Sky said. “Ali loves you. Hasn’t this gone on long enough?”

“Will you leave it alone?” Adam cried. “She’s the one who left me, remember?”

“Look,” Sky retorted, “but I know a little bit about screwing up your love life. I have no idea what happened with Ali, but I know she’s not over you. Better yet, I know you’re not over her either. You never date. You look miserable when you see happy couples together. Just go talk to her, Adam, or you’ll regret it forever. Trust me.”

“Wow,” Adam said more softly. “I didn’t know you felt so strongly about this.”

“I care about you, Adam,” Sky said. “I want to see you happy, and the person who is making it hardest for you to be happy is you.”

Adam wavered. He looked genuinely frightened. Sky pulled him into a hug. He held her tightly. “Thanks for being my friend,” he said.

Ali had already left. Adam looked at Sky for encouragement one last time. Then he took a deep breath and ran after her.

Whatever they said was between them, but it didn’t take long for the news to make it through the gossip network that Adam and Ali had been seen out on a date together.

Sky watched Adam go. Then her eyes fell on Leah

It was just a a kiss from the kissing booth, but Leah really wasn’t the kissing booth type. Sky felt a fresh knot in her stomach. It didn’t look like Leah had taken the news about Abby well at all.

For Amhranai, who likes it when I post a lot πŸ™‚ :).

Leah had a wish to kiss someone. I tried the kissing booth, and it didn’t fulfill the wish! Not terribly well-thought-out on EA’s part, if you ask me.

I tried to have Sky use her celebrity influence to get Adam to kiss Ali, and I have to say that I’m unimpressed by THAT game feature. First of all, the game decided that Ali absolutely had to go to a protest at City Hall a few sim-minutes after she arrived. I ended up having game trouble and had to replay this party. Then I invited Ali much earlier and tried the same trick with Sky influencing Adam. This time, he tried to kiss the wrong sim. I tried again to make sure that he’d selected Ali from the list. Same thing. No kiss was successfully delivered on any attempt.

I’m afraid that Sky and Leah are still not out of the woods.

7 thoughts on “5.25 All You Need Is Love

  1. Aww, thanks πŸ˜€ I really enjoyed reading the chapter in the beginning, beacuse they seemed like a happy family at last. Then came the birthdays. Dylan looked a little creepy at first, but I love the makeover you gave him! πŸ™‚ He is a very cute little boy.
    As for Abby – yikes. She is cute (!), but….not Leah's. Damn. I had really hoped that she would turn out to be her baby, and now they know for sure that she's not. Poor Leah, I understand that she is really confused. I wonder how their relationship will develop, especially if she still wants to kiss a "real" sim! Hopefully they won't take it out on Abby. And what will the other family members say? Not everybody knows about what Sky did. So much trouble again! πŸ™

  2. Oh dear. Sky and Leah really do need some kind of counselling session … and they definitely need to TALK to one another. Burying their feelings under the carpet is not going to help and will most likely end up hurting them, and worse, their children further. Forest also needs someone, but he needs a person who will understand his urges and evil tendencies.

    It's so heart-warming to see Hunter so happy though. Love brings him out of his shell like nothing else. As for Adam, I hope he and Ali will finally find their way again. It seems like neither is quite ready to let go. As for the real Adam, you'll be happy to hear that he and Sky have no such problems … even in Story Progression land πŸ˜‰

  3. Sky and Leah are really struggling, yeah. It's hard to write.

    Squee! It's exciting to hear about Adam and Sky πŸ™‚ :).

    I am really happy with Dylan's appearance. For the first time in this entire legacy, I have no solid Gen 6 favorite. Dylan just became a teen in gameplay, though, and seeing the way he aged up definitely gave him an advantage!

    Yes, Dylan inherited the Artistic trait from Leah. He was also born with Neat. His new childhood trait is Proper. This basically makes him the exact opposite of Sky. I'm still seeing how this will manifest in their relationship. I thought they might end up fighting a lot, but they have a maxed out relationship at the moment, and they have friendly wishes about each other a lot.

  4. I'm glad that Adam and Ali are finally working things out!

    I was holding my breathe to see how Abby aged up and… that certainly answered that question! Such a terrible thing for Sky and Leah to go through.

    Dylan is such a cutie!

  5. This generation has had so many interesting subplots! I wish the celebrity persuasion interaction had worked as it was supposed to so that I could get the two of them together on-screen, but hey.

    Dylan is insanely cute as a teen. Abby is going to age up in another day or so, so I'll see how she compares!

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