5.20 Make a Right

Soon Sky couldn’t deny it to herself any longer. She was pregnant.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. None of it had been supposed to happen. She and Xia were still exchanging text messages, talking about how much it had never happened.

Now she was in the bona-find soap opera position of having no idea whose kid this was.

While Dylan played, Sky sat down in Hunter’s arboretum to collect her thoughts.

Hunter stood up from his weeding. “You look like somebody kicked your puppy,” he said.

Sky tried to smile. “No, nothing like that.”

Hunter gave her The Look. “You’ve been like this for weeks, and it’s not like you. You’re usually so full of life.” That word always had a bit of an ironic twist when he said it, considering her ghost blood. “Is it something so bad that you can’t tell me?”

Sky hesitated, and she suddenly felt like she was going to cry. “I didn’t something really terrible,” she said.

Hunter gave her his full attention. “No, not that kind of terrible,” she said quickly. With Forest in the house, doing who-knew-what these days, you had to be careful with your word choice. “It’s just… Leah’s going to hate me.”

Hunter nodded. “I’ve been hearing rumors,” he admitted. “I don’t know what the truth is, but I know that it’s going to eat you up if you lie to her. Whatever happens, your family will still love you.”

He wasn’t promising anything about Leah, Sky noted.

And Hunter had been hearing rumors? That was scary. He didn’t get out of his garden all that much. But he was right about one thing. She had to start talking to Leah. 
She caught Leah playing with Dylan and took her nervously by the hand. “Could we speak in private for a minute?” she asked.

She felt Leah’s hand tense. “Yes of course,” she said.

Sky pulled her to a corner of the living room. A sense of deja vu washed over her. This felt almost exactly like the last time she’d confessed a pregnancy to Leah. Life shouldn’t be this way!

Again, she just made herself blurt it out. “Leah, I’m pregnant.”

“Eee!” Leah cried out.

“That’s wonderful! I wasn’t expecting it, but if it happened once, of course it could happen again!”

I should have led with the cheating part, Sky thought miserably. Now she had to burst the bubble with the bad news.
But Leah’s smile almost immediately faded to a probing look that gave Sky the chills. “I was just thinking that we haven’t made much progress on wedding plans,” Leah said. “With another baby on the way, I think we should just do it.”

Sky gulped. “Get married?”

“Sure,” Leah said. “I mean, we’ve been living together for quite a while. We have kids together and own a house together. Why shouldn’t we be married too?”

Sky was completely blindsided. “But you wanted to have a big ceremony with flowers and a dress!” she exclaimed. “And your family!” Sky had a decent-sized family, but the Mai clan was huge.

“I decided I don’t need all that,” Leah said firmly. “Let’s just do it, and our second child won’t have to be born out of wedlock. You want to marry me, don’t you?”

Sky had the distinct impression she was being tested. More than that, she had completely lost control of the conversation.

“Of course I want to marry you!” Sky cried.

And before she knew it, Leah had the Samples gathered in the arboretum for them to exchange their vows.

Please let the baby be Leah’s. Please let the baby be Leah’s. The line ran over and over through Sky’s head for the entire short ceremony, so much that she almost forgot her vows.

“It’s about time!” Veronica announced when they had sealed with a kiss.

Hunter looked more thoughtful.

“I’m finally married!” Leah squealed. “I can’t believe it!”

It would be all right, Sky told herself. It had to be. More than anything in the world, she wanted Leah to be happy. From here on out, she would make that her top priority.

Starting right now.


Woo. It kind of aches to write this stuff.

The game seems to calculate the reflection wrong for those metallic skintones in certain kinds of lighting. I try not to use pictures like that, but I didn’t have much choice for these scenes.

I’ll try to keep the pace up for a while. There’s so much story to tell.

18 thoughts on “5.20 Make a Right

  1. It was good that Sky decided to tell Leah the truth – but that conversation completely got out of hand. And now she's married, which is so much worse than her previous state! Although she screwed up completely, I still feel partly sorry for Sky. At least she tried now (which doesn't mean she should stop trying!!). Let's wait for the baby!

    As for Hunter – he is such a great brother!

  2. Sky wants to do the right thing, but she's afraid, and she still has some growing to do. She thinks she knows what she's *supposed* to want, but she hasn't actually figured out what she *really* wants.

    I love Sky with all her flaws. Heck, I did some pretty awful things in my love life while I was figuring myself out. It's hard to be good to others *and* good to yourself when you aren't sure how to do either and they seem to be in conflict with each other.

    I'm hoping that Sky doesn't turn out to be too unsympathetic a character. Although, right now you're my only commenter, if not reader. Please don't stop! Writing without an audience isn't nearly so much fun.

  3. I still like her, too – don't worry πŸ˜‰ failures and wrong decisions are a great part of life, and she just happened to make a lot of them. I hope she figures out what is right for her, whatever that may be. Even if she decided not stay with her family (what probably won't happen), that would be okay, as long as she really decided it. Nothing should happen with her life just because she can't prevent it.

    Of course I won't stop reading and commenting! It's really sad that it's just the two of us at the moment (same thing at my blog, for 99% of the time…at least at the DITFT), and it actually does take away some of the fun. Although I still love playing and writing, it's frustrating to see that nobody else seems to see these wonderful stories. Hopefully that will change again soon.

  4. Jo is still around, and Dragonwife should come back. So there's still the four of us. Almost my entire blogroll for all three challenges is on hiatus. I'm sure a lot of it is the start of the school year, both for students and parents of students — I don't have to worry about that for a bit longer with my daughter. But I also have some concern that we're running off the end of Sims 3's popularity. Sims 4 may be out in 6 months.

    I've been trying to reach out to find more active simbloggers, but so far my publicity attempts are generating a lot of hits on my web statistics but no communication. I'm not sure if I'm actually attracting people or just search spiders :). Even comments on other blogs have gone largely unanswered.

    Ah well. We have each other!

    • I don’t know if you’ll ever see this. I really hope you get an email.

      I’m reading, 4 years in the future here. I’ve read the entire Wonderland blog and now I’m reading the entire Sample blog and I’ll probably read whatever desert island blog you’ve got.

      Just because nobody was reading 4 years ago doesn’t mean nobody will ever read and and enjoy. It just also feels really stupid to leave comments on a 4 year old blog post.

      ALSO… sims 4 kinda sucks. Sims 3 4 lyfe yo.

      • Wow. You made my day.

        I’m still here. I don’t think I’ve posted in a year, but I have pics for around 5 posts laid out in WordPress for each of those challenges. I’m on Generation 7 and hit major writer’s block.

        Knowing that someone wants to read this stuff makes me want to go write.

        Thank you!

  5. Sure, school is definitely an issue for some people, and of course real life should always be the top priority. But as you're saying, maybe people are no longer really interested in Sims 3, and stop caring about it. When you don't do something for a longer time, due to chores and stuff, you may find something else to fill that time. And in the end there's no time left for the old hobby (here: Sims3).

    I have found some other legacies, too, and started commenting there (hoping that I would find potentially new commenters, I admit it ;)), but then I had to realize they are mostly old blogs, and the bloggers are no longer active. Let's keep trying, though! πŸ™‚ And as long as we comment on each other's legacies, there is at least some action, and something to really look forward to when posting. (Also, we can include each other's wishes into the story better, like pictures of the unicorn, or whatever ;))

  6. I've been casting about for legacies that are fun to read and have been posted on in the last month. That way I don't end up getting interested in something that has already been abandoned. I'm surprised at how few replies I've gotten, even so. There are a few out there, and I'll continue to follow them because I picked them out because they were fun. But it's a community, and it's really nice when we're reading each other's stuff. Well maybe someone will come over here.

    Whatever the case, I'm really enjoying your story, so we really do have each other :).

  7. And I totally enjoy your stories πŸ™‚

    That was a smart idea. I found one or two that had been started years ago, and then just weren't continued. In addition to looking for new readers, I am trying to find new legacies/challenges that are fun to read. Are there a few you can really recommend?

  8. Don't worry, I'm still around!!! I've been finding that I don't seem to have as much time to myself lately and work has been so stressful that I come home and collapse some time. I usually try and reserve the weekend for catching up on the blogs I love so much. I know what you mean though. Doing these blogs takes so much time and effort that it's nice when you get comments and I love being a part of this little blogging community we have at the moment. It makes all the hard work worth it πŸ™‚

    As for new legacies, have you tried the Byrd legacy by Gargantua? I've been following her legacy for a while and she's actually started commenting on and following the Bookabets. If you want to give her legacy a go, she can be found here http://lucentdusk.com/index.php/the-byrds. I think I'll check out the Mendelev ISBI as well.

  9. Also, I'm thinking of setting up a new blog about the shenanigans and (very) strange customers we get in work. Kind of like a secret diary kind of thing. You wouldn't believe some of the things I see every day! It would have to be completely anonymous on my part obviously but would you be interested in something like that?

  10. Now for my *actual* comment!

    I've never felt so uncomfortable about a sim wedding before. I have no doubt that Sky and Leah love each other, but is it still the RIGHT kind of love? Yes, you need companionship and friendship, but you also need trust and these two are hiding important things from each other. I include Leah in that as it's funny that she wanted to bring forward the wedding after meeting that girl last chapter. Marriage should be a way to show your love and commitment to one another, not a way to cover up past mistakes. I have a feeling that both of these women have made the biggest mistake.

    Sky should listen to Hunter. He's the calm head of reason in this family.

  11. I'm SO GLAD you're still here, Jo! I understand being overwhelmed by work. I'm glad you can still read on weekends.

    Actually, this seems like a really great idea — sharing links to stuff we really like by people who are interested in the community. Maybe we can can broaden out a little bit that way. We'll see.

    I would be very interested in your anonymous work stories blog.

  12. I think Hunter is the student of human nature of the three kids. Forest sort of is too, but only so he can use it to his own ends.

    Leah and Sky both have a lot of love and a lot of need to be loved. This probably wasn't their best decision.

  13. Whoa! I haven’t seen this coming! I was almost expecting a split up, but a wedding? I’m really surprised πŸ™‚ OTOH I’m not so sure if this was the best way to ‘solve’ the ‘problem’. As for the moment, I can only hope that the baby will bring Sky and Leah closer. Hopefully, Xia’s genes won’t be passed down… *clicks the next button* πŸ˜‰

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