Simantics: Eye of Mystery

Xia looking out for Sky. Or possibly for either of their girlfriends.

Hard-nosed detective here stood between Sky and Xia for half of their conversation, making photography interesting. Guess he couldn’t stay away from the hot lesbian babes.

Leah exhibits questionable parenting.

Here’s Riddle, haunted by the floating eyes of Mystery. I’d intended this to be a closeup of Riddle. I didn’t even realize I was taking the picture from the inside of Mystery’s head until later. Then it really creeped me out!

Ghost baby!

Or maybe not.

Random shot of Emma Voss, recently married to simbin sim Veltig Lorien. They seem to be pretty happy.

Um, I’m not sure I want to know what Forest is discussing with Muscadine.

And last, but not least, Susie is Sky’s biggest fan.

Avalon Gossip Column:

Jian Wu asked Dragonwife Bard to marry him! She was a smart girl and said yes. Hubba hubba. I want those two to get to the babymakin’ so I can see their kids.

Brenna Ursine-Sample, the Sample who everyone just loves to hate, is stalking Jian.

Sebastian Hodgins gave birth to Lynn Sword’s baby girl, named Andria. They are not yet even engaged, but maybe at their age they don’t care. The day after, Sebastian aged up to an elder. His son with Becky Mentary, Cliffton, is a teenager.

Raen Mai and Mitchell Batchelor had a baby boy named, wait for it, Guiseppe. Raen immediately got knocked up again. These guys are going to have a big family, which is nice because they have awesome genes.

Elderly Faith Cagley found love for the first time after the death of her beloved fiance Willem Yo, who she never bothered to marry. That love was equally elderly Spock Leonard. But it didn’t last long because Spock dumped her.

Joanne Bookabet found true love with Hendrick James-Cagley — the ex-husband of Regina Crystal, ex-fiance of Echo Weaver, and widower of Bella Cagley. It was also short-lived because he died a few days after they committed to each other. Perhaps Joanne will set her sights on someone younger next time.

Alice Bookabet is dating Ignacio Butterfield-Callender, the adopted son of the late Tam and Martin Luther Butterfield-Callender.

Karina Ursine-Sample, Adjo’s youngest daughter, has taken up with Eliana’s Baerwyn’s sister Nicola.

Raquel Sword and Weston Mentary are an item.

9 thoughts on “Simantics: Eye of Mystery

  1. Hahaha, that picture looking through Mystery's eyes really WAS creepy! The other pictures were hilarious, too. Emma is really pretty in that picture! 🙂

    Wow, you're posting really fast at the moment. I love it!

  2. Sorry! Yesterday turned out to be super-busy. So hopefully I'll get it out tonight! I had a fantastic play session last night that covered a lot of ground in advancing the plot, so I'm eager to post as fast as I can. It's hard to believe, but I've almost played through Gen 5's story.

  3. So many things to laugh at here! Xia keeping an eye out for their girlfriends. Creepy PI (who I think was hired by Xia's girlfriend and is taking his job to keep an eye on her a little too literally). Freaky picture of ghost dog eyes. I think the creepiest thing of all this chapter was Forest talking about babies!

    Poor Joanne. She has about as much luck romantically as poor Echo!! At least Alice is doing well for herself by bagging a Callender. It amuses me how your lesbian sim is straight in my game and my lesbian sim is straight in yours!

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