Simantics: Romance, flowers, and bad routing

This is the most AWESOME TOILET IN TOWN.

Doc U Mentary had quite a life going for himself in Avalon. In addition to his wife Valerie and affair with Toya, apparently he was also getting some action with Jeanette Crumplebottom.

Huh. All of those are unelvish Sample extended family that I brought over from Sunset Valley. I guess we know what U’s type was.

Just… ARGH. That is all.

This is a colorful if creepy sim stackup. This is Becky Mentary-Hodgins (left) and Emma Voss (right).

Leah autonomously gives Sky flowers in an alternate universe where I am hunting for bad CC.

Oh yeah, and there’s something wrong with the routing to the treehouse. Leah and Sky never did manage to woohoo there. Sky kept insisting that she couldn’t woohoo there with Leah because Leah was in the way.

Town Update:

Appropo of kind of nothing, I never mentioned the triplets’ graduation awards. Sky was voted Most Likely to Save the World. Forest was voted Most Likely to Take Over the World. Hunter was voted Most Likely to Burn Down His Own House. Poor Hunter.

Oh, and Leah was voted Most Likely to Get Married.

Huh. Alberto was seen out on the town with Ali Mentary-Hodgins. That better not get back to Ada, or she’ll take it out on him in some totally nonsensical way that will leave him just as dead.

February Callender took up with celebrity simalike Amy Winter, but it didn’t last long. February has also taken on a side business as a local fix-it.

Arma Mentary-Hodgins proposed to Dawn Saunders. You know, younger sister of the town Slayer Beatrice Saunders.

Bereaved widow Valerie Ursine-Mentary gave birth to a son named Sherman.

Jeanna and Shanni Crumplebottom’s eldest daughter Renee, who is now a teenager, has been seen out hand-in-hand with Freddy Cagley.

0 thoughts on “Simantics: Romance, flowers, and bad routing

  1. I LOVE your new wallpaper here! I lovelovelove it. 🙂

    Simantics are just as funny as always, and it's always nice to see that my game is not the only one that does things like those happening to you. 😉

  2. Ha ha! The triplets graduation rewards really cracked me up! I can just imagine Sky having to save the world from her brothers attempt to take over it … Poor Hunter though. I'll definitely have to keep an eye on him when he moves in!

    I agree with amhranai though. Your new wallpaper is awesome 🙂

  3. That is a fantastic toilet. I can see why it's so popular.

    Routing errors entertain me. They're so random and the sims get so mad!

    And Alberto better watch out. Ada won't stand for that!

  4. Ok, this is what went through my mind when I saw the toilet:

    1. the toilet has that release valve wheel, which I associate with HOT STEAM.
    2. really hope this isn't one of those fancy butt-cleaning toilets, cause getting scalded in that area would not be a fun thing. (I know there are no bidets(?) in sims, but wouldn't it be awesome if there were!)
    3. if this *was* a fancy butt-cleaning toilet that could potentially cause scars in bad places, maybe this is why so many sims have toilet-fail even when right beside the toilet; they aren't stupid, they're just scared of potential hot water.
    4. isn't my mind a random place?


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