A post about not posting!

A bunch of my other friends are doing it, so I thought I’d jump in.

Hey there! I’m not posting either!

Urgh. Part of it is life. We just completed a remodel of our kitchen that involved living in less than half of our house for two months. I mean, it’s just the kitchen. Well, and the dining room because its floor had to be redone. Then take all the STUFF out of your kitchen and dining room and put it elsewhere in the house, then set up a table with a kitchenette outside your bedroom. How much space is left? Not a whole heck of a lot!! Claustrophobia shouldn’t have much effect on sitting in front of a computer and writing a blog post, but it turns out it does.

Oh yeah, and we have eaten every microwavable thing that can be sold in this town, and we are sick of them all.

That is officially done, and we’re moving back into our space.

Oh, and here’s something stupid — the next post in the Sample queue involves Hunter, and I have shots of him inside a building. I really want a shot of the outside of the building as a transition, but I forgot to take one. And while the events in Hunter’s story are late summer I think, it’s winter in the game, so any exterior shot I took for that post would be REALLY WEIRD.

The correct answer is to say !@#$ to the exterior shot and my absurd sense of artistic license and just write the $%^& post.

OTOH, playing the game has been really important escapism recently, so I’ve played really far ahead. And the Samples have been *so interesting*. But that kind of makes the posting pressure worse because I want to do justice to the story.

I’m about ready to switch back to playing the Wonderlands, I think. I hope if I just force out a post, the creative juices will start flowing again.

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  1. I totally get this. Unfortunately, I have the opposite problem! I'm going to post the Hodgins later and it's the last one set of pictures that I have queued up! I haven't had much time to play lately… maybe this weekend? That's a good Mother's Day gift, right? Gaming time?

  2. Whoever said this blogging lark is easy have obviously never blogged! I'm glad the kitchen has finally come together. I live in a rented house and a while ago, the house was rewired, the doors and windows replaced, the loft insulated and the kitchen and bathrooms were completely renovated all at the same time. It would have been a lot easier to knock the friggin house down! Believe me, I know how you feel!

  3. Bwah! Considering that you're a full-time mom, I TOTALLY think a good Mother's Day gift would be for the hubby to take the kids out for a couple of hours and leave you alone to do whatever the heck you want — preferably something that is totally leisurely and involves no contribution to the household whatsoever. Hey, that's Sims!

    Probably not the only thing to do that day, but definitely something! You should suggest it if you haven't already.

    We have a babysitter for the Saturday before and plan to double-date with our dear friends down the street, probably to go to an art exhibit. We wanted to go to Neil Gaiman's lecture, but we were too slow to get tickets :-p. Man, that guy is really a superstar these days.

  4. Good heavens! That sounds more intrusive than our renovation even! How long did that go on?? I can't imagine living in the house with all that going on at the same time. We had enough time finding space for ourselves and our cat with the work we had done.

    And as it is, I got home early when the floor had just been polyurethaned, found the cat sealed away from her little box, and…. well, let's just say it looks like our dear kitty's feet have now been immortalized on our kitchen floor. I should think of my floor as a square of Hollywood Boulevard or something. Only the best cats have their footprints in our polyurethane.

  5. That sounds like a great date night! I love Neil Gaiman, so it's too bad that you missed out on that, but an art exhibit that (probably) doesn't involve crayon stick figures? I'd be all over that! Lucky you!

    I've heard that they'll all be leaving me on Saturday for some super secret shopping, so I might take that time to sim… or nap… one of those!

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