Simantics: Sims vs. Solid Objects

Messy bathrooms, the best place for deep conversations since Sims 1.

Here we meet January Callender-Doctor, creature of the night, and her new baby.

Here’s her husband, Matt Callender-Doctor, also a creature of the night. I’m pretty sure they have the same sire, though it’s possible that January turned Matt.

I think he’s a pretty good likeness, even after elfification.

Here’s Freddy Cagley, son of Morand and Bella Bachelor Cagley. I think he’ll be a looker to watch for.

Here’s our elfified Asriel Bookabet, even more a golden child here in Avalon. I aged him up immediately after this.

Charles is appreciating his ninja music box (a gift from Veronica I forgot to post about), turned backwards, standing the middle of a counter. Ah, ghost sims.

Now, Ceridwen Bookabet does not have the excuse of being a ghost.

Maybe this is the real reason that U signed off.

Apparently, Forest even bored himself to sleep at graduation. Everyone was apparently pleased that he shut up.

Town Update:

Nemo Hodgins and Gala Marmalade got a divorce. Then he dated a simbin sim named Melia Lorien and split up with her. Now he has forgotten Gala and is spending all his time stalking Melia.

Nemo’s a Hopeless Romantic, isn’t he? I don’t know if he came to the game with that trait or got it on age-up, but as far as I can tell, StoryProgression interprets “Hopeless Romantic” as “Hopeless Psychotic.” This is why my poor simself Echo has such a drama-filled life in every save I place her.

Sorry, DragonWife, Nemo doesn’t seem to be doing any better in my game :).

Garry Crumplebottom (Shanni’s younger child with Agnes) started dating Arya when they were both in high school. He graduated first, and as soon as Arya graduated, he proposed. They seem to be pretty happy.

Anita Bookabet is dating Mulberry Marmalady

Zhan Wu proposed to Lynn Sw0rd, and she said yes! Then he died.

Wu, you didn’t give me any babies! Good think your newphew/clone Zane is handling that job with style. In fact, Zane and the Cambodian sim I married him to are making the prettiest kids in the game, I think.

DragonWife Bard moved to town, got a job at the film studio (an up-and-coming actress, I see!) She also adopted a cat named Tigger.

Zuzu and David Weaver-Doctor had a son named Maxwell. My emotionally balanced simself is doing pretty well.

Echo Weaver took a ride on the love train that is Anton Pierce, but fell off quickly. (Anton Pierce = Angel from Buffy, and he has Commitment Issues. Why a Hopeless Romantic hooked up with Commitment Issues, only Twallan knows.)

Spock Leonard dumped Joanne Bookabet, and now she’s stalking him.

Meanwhile, Spock moved on and is now seriously involved with February Callender.

Brenna Ursine-Sample keeps sending Hunter love letters and naughty looks, which is just creepy.

After U’s death, Valerie jumped on the Anton train. Maybe it helped her get over U.

0 thoughts on “Simantics: Sims vs. Solid Objects

  1. Nemo is such a man-whore all over the place! I had no idea!

    It's nice that my simself got a cat… weird, though, because on of my oldest friends calls me Tig! (It's from our Duran Duran phase back in the 80s, but I don't even remembet why now!)

    I love that your stable self scored a Doctor and your less stable self got Angel.

    Asriel the golden child made me happy. I have a soft spot for his evil little self.

  2. Lol! Some pretty funny pix there! I guess Lynn just won't have any lasting happiness with anyone but Cycl0n3…

    I still think it's great that U got to be an elder in your game. 🙂

  3. Lynn isn't doing so well at finding love, I'm afraid. I really should get Raquel, age her down, and drop her in with Hector.

    The more I think about it, the more I think U got a pretty good deal. He dated two sisters for quite a while, and neither of them forced him to make a decision until the end of his life.

  4. That pic of Valerie shoving her arm through Franco's chest and thinking about money kills me every time.

    Asriel is getting a pretty good consolation prize for not being heir in his own legacy! So is Hunter. Hah. We'll see what he does in my game.

  5. I thought that was Franco! No wonder Ceridwen was shoving herself through the wall. Leave him alone Valerie … he's a happily married man!!! Leave his money alone too. He has a large family to support!!

    I'm glad Zuzu and Dragonwife are doing better than my simself … she and Echo can join the loser than. I'm not a stalker in real life btw … just want to put that out there.

    I loved seeing my Asriel. It's so hard being evil when you look so angelic. People just don't take him seriously as an evil sim. I agree with you though. Asriel and Hunter may have missed out on becoming heir, but they'll both make fantastic heir spouses 🙂

    I've said it before, but I'm glad that Arya has found love in your legacy. It's hard finding people that will accept the crazy … Spoiler alert – I've tested out the crazy on Hunter and he's perfectly fine by it. Bemused, but fine. I'm so happy 🙂

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