5.1 The First (and Last) Day of the Rest of Your Life

The day dawned cold and rainy, but that couldn’t keep anyone’s spirits down.

It was Graduation Day!

The crowd at the Great Hall for the ceremony was boggling.

All the people was just exhausting for Hunter. He had to back away and close his eyes for a bit.

Great Aunt Toya Ursine-Sample was there with her half-sister and foster-daughter Valerie Ursine Mentary. Valerie was sporting a great big ring and an an even bigger smile.

Her new husband was the renowned Mad Scientist Doctor U. Mentary.

Sure, he was a bit old for her, but her father Harvey Ursine had been a bit old for her mother Zelda Mae too. What did age matter when love was on the line?

Leah joined them at the ceremony, along with their mutual friend Adam Bookabet. Sky thought Leah looked amazing in graduation gowns.

Then again, Leah looked amazing in anything… or nothing a all.

The ceremony ran on forever, and Forest’s speech as Valedictorian made it even worse. Forest just couldn’t stop talking himself up. But at last, after dark, they escaped with their diplomas.

Then all hell broke loose.

And that wasn’t the worst of it.

The shock of seeing U. go was apparently too much for Toya. There were rumors about her and U, though Valerie always denied them.

Toya hadn’t built a corrupt political empire nearly as large as she’d planned when she was young. She kept getting distracted by being a mother. You could argue that she was better at the motherhood part.

Poor Valerie. She lost the two people closest to her in the same day.

Days after, she would learn she was pregnant. Fortunately, she still had Adjo and Toya’s children, who she had been raised with as siblings, to take care of her while she got back on her feet. Taking care of people was something that the Ursine-Samples did very well.


Well, that was a bit of a downer of a graduation. And sorry for all the noxious green clouds. Mandatory graduation actions hit without warning at a very inopportune time.

So here’s the end of U’s story. He lived much longer, but had almost as problematic a life in my game as his own story. After dithering between Toya and Valerie for quite a while, he settled down with Valerie, but they didn’t get long together.

This stuff actually happened a couple of days after the events of the next couple of posts because graduation lags so far behind age-up. So I placed in the story where it would make more sense.

I have played quite a bit ahead now, and I think I’m going to head over and play the Wonderlands for a while. I have a lot of material for posts before I catch up :).

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  1. Oh death why must you show up at graduations. And yes the automatic dropping everything to rush to graduation which takes hours can cause stinky/starving/exhausted sims.

  2. That really was an eventful graduation! I hope that isn't an omen for how the rest of their lives will go… certainly feel bad for Valerie.

    I like you description of Forest's speech.

  3. I don't remember seeing Hunter's stubble last time. It's a good look on him.

    Leah does look stunning in her graduation gown, and I could definitely see Forest droning on about his awesomeness for hours. And hours. And hours.

    I suppose that U and Toya dropping dead wouldn't have done much to liven things up, but I am glad to find out that Valerie's pregnant. Although, thinking about it, that might well have been why U finally threw in the towel. I imagine that the last thing he would have wanted was a screaming infant coming along to ruin his retirement.

    Yay! The Wonderland's are coming back! I'm really enjoying living vicariously through you in that one. I'm terrible at letting my sims do what they want, I can't imagine lasting five minutes doing a Wishacy or ISBI, but they look like so much fun and craziness.

  4. How am I missing this? I'm somehow not getting emails that you've updated! Must investigate..

    Well, we're onto the next generation now, looking forward to it, even though I'll miss Charles. I always like the first posts when we get into the new generation's groove, and I'm really interested in hearing all three of the children's stories. I know the focus is Sky, but I have to admit I'm very curious how you're going to write Forest's story.

    And poor stinky and tired Hunter! Do graduations happen at anytime, as in day or night, and how much notice do you get for them, is it like the birthday notices? They happen after the sim ages up? How strange, but I guess since the game can't predict things like if you decided to age up a sim early, it would make them miss a graduation, so they decided to make them happen after YAhood, I suppose.

    Glad to hear you're ahead with playing, and I love that I've found your story at this point, it's got lots of backstory, but still lots more to come. Yay for me!

    Um, wondering if you got that last email from me? No worries, just wondering? I've been down and sick this past weekend and week with a flu/cold thing that has been horrible, but I think I'll put up another chapter or two this week.

  5. When reading the title of the chapter, I was really worried that something would happen to one of the Samples…I'm glad that they are okay – and graduated as well! Now ther lives really can begin.

  6. Herm, I'm not sure if I got the notification of your last email on Boolprop. I'll go check that out today. Sorry!

    You might've caught this post before the email went out. I only posted it yesterday afternoon (in my time zone, which is Eastern).

    Ha! I love shots of Charles and Sky walking on air and through solid objects. They're playable ghosts if you remember. After the Supernatural patch, they started walking rather than floating, which actually goes well with the idea that they are actually children of humans and ghosts and are getting more human all the time.

    Forest's story is actually the story that kept me playing so far ahead. Sky's kids will inherit, but you'll be seeing a lot of Forest.

  7. Sleep well Doc. You lived a long life (in this legacy) and at least Valerie will have a piece of 'U' to keep her company in the dark days ahead.

    I must say that I'm also relieved that the Samples are ok. I'm not ready to say goodbye to any of them yet. Also, I still can't believe how gorgeous Hunter is. It will definitely be my pleasure to stare at him throughout Arya's rein.

  8. I didn't mean to scare anyone about the Samples, but in retrospect I guess that would be the obvious conclusion from the title. Whoops!

    All of Gens 4 & 5 are alive and well in my current save, but Charles and Veronica are now old enough that they're on deathwatch. That's going to be a rough thing to play.

    Hunter is the unexpected (for me anyway) winner of the Sample Gen 5 hot-or-not competition. Yes indeedy. I thought Forest was hotter when they were teens.

  9. Heh, I did wonder if maybe this was a good time for U to check out. He already participated in raising three kids with Becky. Now he'd be facing yet another kid with Valerie.

    Hunter got stubble about 30 sim-minutes after I took his age-up shot because it occurred to me that he should have it.

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