5.0 Passing the Torch to Sky

Charles sat down at the academy to work on some financial records and was met with a nasty surprise.

“Yes!” Forest said to himself as his smartphone pinged that his trap was sprung. “I set that trojan last year. How often does Dad run his finances anyway?”

“You have got to be kidding me,” was Charles’s only response. “An ape?”

Veronica was busy with a new invention that helped the stove learn how to make better meals and teach the chefs.

“But wait!” she suddenly exclaimed to thin air. “We’re forgetting something important.” She dove for her phone and scheduled a party.

It was to be held in the clubhouse of the Little Cottage Park. All the extended family was invited. Darrin Wu-Ursine arrived with the happy regards of his pregnant wife Azaela, Zahn Wu’s niece.

Shanni was still kicking. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” she declared. “Nothing tells you’re old like watching your great niece and nephews grow up.”

She was approaching 100, had raised two families, and didn’t look a day over 80.

Oh, and of course there were a couple of party crashers who just showed up to get free cake.

This time, Sky took the first turn.

Though nobody said it explicitly, everyone knew that she would be the one to care for her parents in their advancing age and carry on the family line. Why? Close families just know these things sometimes.

Then it was Hunter’s turn.

He and Sky met eyes across the room and shared a private smile that was all their own.

And at last Forest, who had dashed over to the party after work in his bookstore clerk uniform, or as he liked to call it, his “monkey suit.”

During the mad scramble for cake and ice cream, the three siblings of honor carved out a place for themselves together.

“This is it,” Sky said. “Now we’re going to go out to live in the big scary adult world together. Do you think we can handle it?” It was kind of a trick question. Sky knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life, and the fact that she could finally start doing it made her giddy with excitement.

“I’m ready for the challenge,” Hunter said. “Life is all about finding beauty, and I think I’ve learned a lot about how to look this year.” Indeed, this kid who had barely managed to get out of middle school without being held back a grade had finished Round Table Culinary Institute near the top of his class. Hunter was just as quiet as always, but it was a more confident quiet than it once was.

Forest just smiled that unsettling smile of his and took another bite of cake.


And here it is! Generation 5!!! Can you believe it? I’m not sure I can.

I have to actually update the Story So Far page, which needs pretty much Charles’s entire life story.

I included the bits in the beginning because Charles did autonomously trigger some prank that had been set on the academy computer while I wasn’t watching. Then Forest got a “Successful prank!” moodlet while he was at school. I guess he must’ve set it while he was at the academy peeing himself while talking to Ali, though I hadn’t realized he’d gone that long on autonomy. I found the whole little episode very entertaining.

Sky and Hunter’s age-up looks were actually pretty good, just not suitable to their personalities. Forest’s, on the other hand, was the kind of sim awesomeness that makes me wonder if my ISBI should follow DragonWife’s a make all the idiots dress themselves. Get a load of that kilt.

I cannot believe Hunter aged up so hot. *fans self*

Oh, and it turned out that Shanni was bugged, and it took me a long time to discover it. SP thought she was dead, but somehow her death sequence didn’t complete, and she was stuck wandering around town essentially immortal. I’ve caught that happening to two more sims since (Martin Luther Butterfield-Callender and Willem Yo, if you’re curious.) In fact, I’m not completely sure if ANY sim who dies off-screen is actually dying. The only way I found to fix it was to click a sim who is actually on the screen and use the sim’s NRaas menu to force kill her, which I did I think the next time she came up. But the good news is that she had a *very* long life, and she saw her eldest daughter with Jeanna age into a teen.

16 thoughts on “5.0 Passing the Torch to Sky

  1. Awww it's always so bittersweet when the time comes to pass the torch! I love how each of the triplets have aged up … Sky of all of them is so confident and self assured now. The move to Avalon really was the best thing the Samples ever did.

    Forest's kilt was indeed awesome! He so should have that as a second outfit 🙂

    And finally … Hunter! WOW!!! What a looker. Arya is a very lucky lady. BTW, what was his final trait? I want to keep him as accurate as possible … unless his new trait is something that will clash with Arya's! I want to age them up together and will master control him the new trait.

  2. Hee! I'm looking forward to Bookabet/Sample babies too!

    Hunter's last trait was the legacy trait of Brave. My self-built rules say that I can choose the final trait, but I gave Hunter and Forest their user-chosen trait as teens and held Brave to adulthood.

  3. Yay for birthdays! Hunter is beautiful… I'm definitely going to have to bring the triplets in once my little Hodgins get a little older.

    I loved Forest's kilt! Sims dressing themselves has been very entertaining over in my ISBI. They're a crazy bunch.

    Puzzle is so unintentionally creepy. But in a mostly lovable way.

  4. Oooooh, I love the triplets as young adults! And I will definitely put them in my game soon, too.

    Wow, Generation five. It really feels strange,since the last one took you this long.

  5. Aww, the triplets are adults. I think I'll miss their teen years, but it's good that your legacy is progressing and at the halfway point with generation 5. Good job!

  6. Wow. So this is pretty much halfway, isn't it? That's quite impressive.

    I'll miss Charles and Veronica, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what Sky and Leah get up to, along with occasional updates on Forest and Hunter.

    Based on all three of their looks, I think letting the Wonderlands dress themselves has the potential to be amazing.

  7. Yeah, halfway done. Actually kind of more. Pinstar legacies end when the 10th generation is born, which means that there is no 10th generation to play, and the 9th only lasts long enough to make a baby. The 8th generation is the last full one.

    When I say it that way, I can see hope that I won't be playing this legacy for the rest of my natural life :).

  8. That's actually a good way to think of it in some ways. I guess the question is then, will you be able to let go once the 10th Generation is born?

    I remember one Sims 2 legacy, I think it might have been the first Uglacy even, and once the creator reached the tenth generation, she took the 10th gen Heir and started a Prettacy with them. So, you, know, if you can find more things to do, you might be still be playing the Samples when you're old and grey (or at least until Sims 4 comes out).

  9. Hah! It's good to have a designated end, because I don't think I could give up any particular character without something external telling me I had to. I tried to convince myself to end at 7 generations in order to do some other challenges, and it just seemed like it was unfair to whoever the character would be 🙂 :).

    I don't expect to play this Pinstar legacy any longer than 10. I have a THIRD legacy in my head — a Nothing Is Free challenge involving a refugee from an endless war who washes up on a deserted island and begins a legacy of building it into a haven for members of both sides who want to live together in peace. I'm not sure a Sample child would make a good founder, though I can't know until such a child exists :). But I would probably take them and add them to the town.

  10. Awww, all three of the trips are gorgeous! I actually like the boys better than Sky, looks wise…who'd a thunk it? But Sky is lovely.

    I meant to say in the previous chapter….yay, Ada!! I still heart her. She MUST be in one of my legacies, but I'm afraid I can't dialogue her with justice.

    Interesting that you had that issue with ML; I think the same thing happened to him in my game. I know it did with February…those Callenders just don't like giving up the ghost, I guess.

    • Ha! I think Hunter has been the most popular download from this legacy. Copies of him hold two legacy spouse positions. Sadly, one of the legacies went dead right after he married in. The other one is also on hold, but I hope I’ll someday get to see his children. In that one, he’s a werewolf :).

      Do you have the Paradises up for download? I really ought to add them to Avalon. Then I can at least get Jake’s genes in the mix 🙂 :).

      • Oh yeah I can see Hunter being very popular! If I have a heiress (because he is straight, right?) who needs a spouse I would definitely keep him in mind. And yep! I got everyone up for download who’s an adult so far! I would be very honored to see Paradis genes in Avalon. 😀

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