Simantics: Zombie Simantics

We’ll begin with a bit of an introduction to cross pollinated sims around town.

Here’s Lynn Sword and Hector. Lynn has had a long day.

Arma Mentary being trained in Sim Fu by our Slayer, Beatrice Saunders.

Doc U. Mentary, who got old. Considering how things turned out for him in his own story, this is news.

Lara and Alan Berg are a very happy family in this game with two children. The eldest is Alexandra, and I don’t remember who the baby boy is.

February Callender out to dinner with her vampiric mother January.

Sebastian Hodgins and his little boy Cliffton.

And sims being sims —

Zahra can’t set personal limits, even in death.

During Avalon’s first full moon, only one zombie appeared. Guess who? And what plans does she have for poor Charles?

She shambled toward Charles but got distracted by the Sim Fu dummy. Charles shrugged and gave her a private training session.

Town Update:

Emma got pantsed at the assembly.

Echo Weaver proposed to boyfriend Ace Wilde. He accepted, then apparently found out that she was still stalking her ex-boyfriend Zhan Wu and dumped her.

Wu, otoh, while complaining constantly of Echo stalking him, has finally moved on and is going steady with Lynn Sword.

Doc U. Mentary had a few dates with Valerie Ursine and then set his sights on her much more mature, widowed half-sister Toya Ursine-Sample.

Maya and Charmaine Ursine-Langerak had a boy named Lionel. Their relationship is still rocky, but they’re still together.

Alan and Lara Berg gave birth to their second child, a boy named Eloy. Lara immediately got knocked up again.

Nemo Hodgins grew up to YA and almost immediately started going steady with Gala Kandy Marmalade. After a short, intense courtship, they were married.

Zuzu and David Weaver-Doctor are in a close match with Ada and Alberto Sample-Royale and Franco and Ceridwen Bookabet for the most sickeningly cute couple in Avalon. At least one of my simselves is happy.

Joanne Bookabet (I decided to make her Ceridwen’s sister because a lot of unrelated simselves running around with the last name Simself is terribly confusing) is going steady with Spock Leonard. Three guesses who that is, and the first two don’t count.

February Callender has taken up with Anton Pierce (Angel from Buffy). Considering that her mother January and new stepdad Matt Doctor are both newly-minted vampires and she spent about two hours as a vampire one night herself, her interest in a hot vampire lover is pretty understandable.

Did I mention that Anton is a Private Investigator? And Beatrice (Buffy) is the Slayer? Talk about fiction resembling… um, fiction.

Plum Marmalade bats for the girl’s team in this game, and is going with Wu’s teenage granddaughter Xia.

12 thoughts on “Simantics: Zombie Simantics

  1. I love seeing all of the cross-pollination sims! Though, Lynn does look pretty cranky in that first picture… it's weird to think of her with Wu instead of Cycl0n3.

    Sebastian and his son are very handsome, and I think this is the first time I've heard of Nemo actually going through with getting married!

    Zombie-you is great! I love it when zombies fall in love. But, poor Charles…

  2. The attraction system is simply hysterical. And everyone seems to love Charles. He seems to be by far the most popular with the sims who bat for the boy's team in my game.

    Lynn spent most of that party scowling. Not sure why.

    The metallic green skintone really seems to work for Sebastian, I must say.

    You're in my game now under the name DragonWife Bard, so then next Town Update will include you :).

  3. Fun! I don't think I've ever been anywhere, personally!

    I love Sebastian, he does look very good in green.

    I kind of miss my cross-pollination sims since I lost them all in the last move. I plan to add some back in with the next generation of Hodgins, though, just as soon as Ariel's kids grow up a bit.

  4. It's nice to hear that the Marmalades are settling down. Gala does like to be married with a family so maybe she'll have offspring for you too.

  5. The Marmalades haven't done a whole lot in my game so far, but a lot of that is because most of them were married or small children when I loaded them. Only Gala has been out dating. I think we'll be hearing more from them.

    But at least that means that Peach Blossom and Grape Juice have had a happy marriage.

  6. I loaded a fresh set of sims when we moved to Avalon. It seems like you want fresh ones after a generation anyway. It's just not as interesting to track the children of the children of other people's simselves and legacy families :).

    I'll be loading the adult Gen 5 Samples to the Exchange soon, and I think this time I'll try to do a cc-free version on the Exchange and also do another .package of their household.

  7. Wow… U got old. That actually is quite impressive. And it looks like he's still looking for love, hopefully this one is for keeps.

    He's not a bad looking old man either.

  8. Your Zombie simself really made me giggle. Maybe she likes the fact that technically, Charles is dead too? Lol!

    Also, go simself! Get some Vulcan action!! I also like the fact that you made her Ceridwen's sister … wait a minute, that means that Arya and Asriel are my niece and nephew. I'm not sure that's a good thing!

  9. Lynn is grumpy, so I'm not surprised at all that she spent most of the party scowling! I think that's how she spends most of her life… (except when Cycl0n3 is around, of course)
    It was really cool to see all the sims from other legacies! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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