Simantics: Sim Lovin’

Welcome back to Simantics.

We begin with the amazing three-headed horse of Avalon.

It really hates Jorani Wu for some reason.

Considering it’s standing in her front yard.

Jorani is a Cambodian sim who I married to Zhan Wu’s Avalonian “nephew,” Zane Wu (read: the younger copy of Zhan Wu who I turned into an elf). They have made some very pretty babies. But that’s beside the point.

Speaking of Zhan Wu, I ended up with a fresh younger copy of him in Shang Simla at some point, and on this trip he became a paparazzi.

Here is the doppelgänger booing Veronica for woohooing in the academy shower with Charles.

Wu’s actual name as an EA-created stock character in World Aventures is Zhan Su. I misremembered it and used it wrong so many times that I just used MasterController to change name :).

Not sure if this was how the adventure mission was *supposed* to be, but Charles spent half a sim-day transporting messages between two members of the Order of the Resolute Fist who were in the same house. At the end of the mission, they walked into the same room and started talking to each other.

And the denizens of Shang Simla found both Charles and Veronica VERY attractive. This is Veronica with her Egyptian bathroom beau.

Right after woohooing with Veronica at the academy was probably the WRONG time for Charles to notice his attraction to a French tourist.

But the crowning moment was the special way he hit it off with the mummy.

Right before he killed him.

And, well, *SOB*.

Town Update:

Becky and Sebastian Hodgins gave birth to a little boy named Cliffton.

Becky Mentary Hodgins has discovered an amazing head for business. She’s bought up a bunch of local businesses and turned her family into real estate tycoons.

Echo Weaver just can’t get over Zhan Wu. I get a stalker message about her about every other day. She finally started dating a vampire named Ace Wilde, and they are now going steady — but she is STILL stalking Wu about as often as she goes out with Ace.

Let the trumpets blare from above! David Weaver-Doctor and Zuzu Weaver-Doctor have tied the knot! Zuzu seems to be my more emotionally stable simself. And she landed herself a Doctor Who :).

Lynn Sword had taken up with Doc U. Mentary! Maybe U can finally get on with his life after his ex remarried. Shortly after, they had a huge fight and broke up. Maybe her toddler son Hector had something to do with it.

Maya and Charmaine Ursine-Langerak have been having a rocky marriage, but now that they are expecting a child, maybe things will get better — or not.

Adam Bookabet and Brenna Ursine-Sample are enemies. Actually, everyone hates Brenna.

The Butterfield-Callenders adopted a boy child named Ignatio. Very shortly after, they both died and left him to their foster daughter Emma Voss to care for. I guess Tam and Martin Luther were too much in love to face life without the other.

Zhan Wu also adopted a boy child. And thus Twallan fixed my demographic gap pretty well without me having to do anything.

The cutest couple award goes to Franco and Ceridwen Bookabet. They are adorable and very, very into each other.

Nymeria Bookabet and Dog Bookabet have broken up!

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  1. That three headed horse is amazing, and I laughed so hard at the doomed love of Charles and the mummy. I didn't even know that mummies were into that sort of thing!

    Move over Champs Les Sims, clearly Shang Simla is the place to be if you're looking for love.

    It's a shame about U, but I'm sure that he'll manage to find happiness with somebody eventually. I am glad for Becky though.

  2. I didn't realize that defeating a mummy would make him dissolve in a way that can't even be resurrected. I figured that Charles having a special (if platonic thankyouverymuch) bond with the mummy might be a fun plot, so I tried to get the mummy's gravestone. Nope. Just a pile of dust. Charles could clean up the mummy ashes and dump them in a trash can, but I couldn't find any way to transform it into a gravestone that could generate a ghost and/or be resurrected. So no plot thread after all.

    U hasn't done too well so far in Avalon as far as finding love. He doesn't have Commitment Issues, does he?

  3. Am I the only one that thought the last picture of the 3 headed horse looked … unfortunate?! I need to get my head out of the gutter!!

    A post about sim lovin' just in time for Valentines day! What perfect timing. I feel sorry for the mummy though, apparently, he only wanted to be loved.

    I loved the Bookabet updates, especially the one about Nymeria and Dog. Who would have thought we'd receive a notification about Imaginary Friends in Story Progression! Ceri and Franco rarely have time to spend much time together in my game, so it's nice to know they are keeping the old spark alive … and I also feel it hard to believe that my Adam would make enemies with anyone! He's such a friendly guy!

  4. Hmm. I thought I replied a few hours ago, but it isn't here.

    I'll try again.

    That would have been a very awesome plot thread. Ghost!Charles and his mummy BFF. I would have loved to read it, pity it didn't work (maybe it's that whole thing where sims can't have two occult types?) Either way it's a shame.

    U doesn't have Commitment Issues. My guess is that he's either burned by his experiences with Becky, or it's Story Progression's way of coping with the Dislikes Children trait. I'm sure he'll find happiness eventually though (and if he ever has children and they inherit his hair, I might just die of jealousy. I really wanted him to pass that on).

  5. The three-headed horse is one of the funniest things I have seen for a long time 😀 Standing there like it's the most natural thing in the world…

    Nice to hear about the other townies 🙂

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