Simantics: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Occupational hazard of having a ghost sister.


Forest has his ghostly moments too (pretty sure this is Forest).


Charles seems to have completely missed the point of skinny dipping with his wife.


The best conversations in The Sims still seem to happen in bathrooms. (Note that Charles stinks.)


No cute caption. This was my first wild horse after installing Pets. It showed up at one of Veronica’s jobs, so the mysterious misty effect was rather nice. You can see the haunted trash can in the background.


And Veronica is the most rootin-tootin, physics stomin’ Ghostbuster in Simland.




Isn’t this what we all want to do to the ice cream truck?


Yeah Veronica. We know you’re awesome.


Town Update:

Shanni Crumplebottom has found new love with Jenna Yo, the first of Charmaine Ursine-Sample’s long list of broken hearts. Elderly Shanni appears to like them young.

Mortimer Goth immediately declared Jenna to be his enemy, despite getting plenty of action with Holly Alto (Oh, Holly). Is Mortimer still carrying a torch for Shanni after all these years? Let’s not go ask him.

And speaking of Charmaine, she went through with it! She and that Langerak girl are married.

Toya and Adjo had a bouncing baby girl named Karina. Adjo doesn’t bounce her as much as he used to because of his arthritis. That brings the Ursine-Sample total to 4 daughters, one sister/foster-daughter, and 1 measly son. Poor Darrin.

Now that her beloved Leighton is no more, Faith Cagley has taken up with Sean Flyn, the EMPEROR OF EVIL! Bwahaha!

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  1. Hehe … I loved the picture of the ice-cream truck. You know what I think of those things! Also, I'm glad that Sky has found a new way to make her daily trip to school more interesting 🙂

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