Promotional Interlude

Hey there! I just wanted to throw out a sales pitch for some of the new legacies on my Blogroll that could use some readers.

The Battle Legacy is a plotty Pinstar legacy that starts out with a teenage single mom trying to raise her toddler with no help. Elegantly written with really creative character designs. I have a soft spot for it because I don’t seem to run in a circle with a lot of plotty Pinstar legacies, and that’s argably what I am :).

Through Colorblind Eyes is an intense, angsty Rainbowcy with lovely photography and a theme of racism and overcoming appearances.

And Diary of a Random Sim is back! This has got to be the most charming random legacy I’ve ever read. It shares a blog with the Thiel Legacy, which I honestly haven’t read yet but plan to.

I don’t read legacies I don’t like, so pretty much everything on my Blogroll is awesome, btw. At least I think so :).

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