If I Ever Do Another Legacy…

I just found one that enchants me: I’m Surrounded By Idiots.

Legacy Trait is Insane, and you may only control the patron. All other household members are 100% game-controlled. (BTW: I always use “patron/patroness” to describe the sim who is currently the focus of the legacy. “Heir” is supposed to be a term someone who is going to inherit, not someone who has already inherited, and I’m anal that way. The writer of these rules seems to use the term “torchbearer.”)

I loved having Uncle Jared around, but I’ve never been able to disconnect myself enough from the fate of any subsequent household members enough to hand them over to the game. Also, all household sims after Jared were Pinstar point-generating, and this is a (pseudo) Pinstar legacy.

ISDI looks like it would be much quicker to play than what I’m currently doing. But I’m not as awesome as some of you who can run 2-3 games simultaneously. I barely get enough time away from my daughter to play and write ONE.

Also, it seems like it might be a fun thing to do in combination with a genetic legacy. Of course, I’ve always had trouble with either a Prettacy or an Uglacy. What I really want is an Interestingacy. Perhaps I could do a Prettacy where I choose mates based on how interesting they look and heirs are chosen by vote. Hmmm….

Unlike 90% of all legacy players, I actually kind of like doing a scored legacy, and this one has a totally different and amusing scoring system.

ETA: We’re All Mad Here: The Wonderland Weirdacy. With foundress Allison Wonderland. Hmmm….

ETA2: No, I am absolutely not going to mix this up with the poor Samples. Haven’t they been through enough?

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  1. Yes! I'm so torn between doing an ISBI (I discovered those a few weeks ago and am completely fascinated) and an apocalyptic legacy next time. Of course, at this rate, it will be at least a year before I'm done with my current wishacy…

    You should totally do a weirdacy. That sounds fantastic!

  2. I do see an error in the rules: "You may not touch the other sims wants (no locking them in/unlocking them) you can scroll through them to see if your playable sim can buy a telescope and make the non-playable sims happy, etc. "

    This does not work the way the designer assumes. Unless I have Twallan's Dreamer installed, unpromised wishes do not generate happiness points. I could A) Install Dreamer, or B) Alter the rules to allow the promising of wishes to NPC sims. I'd be inclined to do B. I don't really see the value of being unable to promise wishes when you still can't control the NPC to achieve them.

    It also looks like nobody could ever move OUT of the household. I'd be inclined to install the autonomous risky woohoo mod and have the option to move out a spare in a shotgun wedding if s/he produces a child.

    I guess it's impossible to play one of these things EXACTLY as written. 🙂

  3. Even when I have played a regular legacy, it always feels like I am surround by idiot Sims. It's like the second you unclick them to queue up stuff for the next person they drop everything you told them to do. Sometimes I wish their free will was high enough to let them leave the lots on their own for more than going to work and that after work that would hang out around town and just live. I would love to see how long a Sim would survive making all of their own choices and have tried on occasion to do that, but I always have to intervene to get them off the lot.

  4. Isn't there something in there that states that non-torch-people have to be moved out at their young adult birthday? I would definitely go nuts if all of those random spares were still hanging around for generations!

  5. I thought it was just that you had to pass the torch at the heir's YA birthday. I'm pretty sure that the point is to have several Insane sims wandering around the house controlled by the game. In a standard legacy arrangement where you have grandparents, patron, spouse, and the challenge-mandated two kids, that'd be 6 – 5 NPC sims and 1 player sim.

    Still, I'd like the NPCs to at least have a chance to move out and enter StoryProgression to do something with their lives. 🙂

  6. It's been a while since I've read the rules. I remember it saying somewhere that you had to pass the torch at the YA birthday and that, if you missed it, you had to move them out and pick one of the other kids. But maybe I'm thinking of a different one!

  7. That does look interesting. Though in many ways I think I'm doing that informally. I don't repeat rolled traits until the are 5 generations old (I actually started running out of new traits that could be rolled for babies, so Forest repeats Absent Minded, which Connor had), and I don't repeat LTWs. Those two things tend to lead to very different life paths for each character.

    I think it would interesting to read these legacies though, so I'll check 'em out!

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