4.36 End of an Era

The rest of the vacation flew by with everyone separating and drawing back together in a comfortable rhythm.

Charles continued to explore, sometimes with Veronica and sometimes on his own.


He was glad nobody was there to see it when he tripped over the lightning trap.


He had a chance to clean up by the time he stumbled back to camp and passed the bruises off as an epic battle with the ghost of Queen Hatshepsut. Nobody believed him. Charles is a really terrible liar.

Ada and her muse reconciled, and she spent several days with her mind so filled with art that she barely slept.


Rutabagas of War, the sequel to Kiwis of Peace, was a 900-page epic written entirely in the snack shop at the Al Simhara Bazar.


“Wow, I’m hungry,” Ada mused during a rare break.

“We have all sorts of food here!” the shop girl crooned.

“Gee thanks!” Ada said. “Oh, don’t get up. I’ll help myself.”


Left to his own devices, Alberto spent his time offending other adventurers.


“You don’t find the hip thrust romantic? I swear it gets me the highest tips. Maybe it’s the thong that does it.”

Charles even got a little time to fish.


The mini crocodiles were in particular demand. He brought back a dozen for the local pet shop and paid for the entire vacation from just a few hours of fishing.

(Dude, do you have any idea how large crocodiles actually ARE?)


Back at camp, Ada and Veronica got into a freak out competition.


Veronica won.


She picked some kind of crushed bug up from the ground and ate it. Ada’s muse could never produce anything that upsetting.


And Alberto offended more travelers.


“You don’t think I’m sexy? Really? Could you explain why? In the interest of professional development, of course.”

The steady stream of rejection finally got to Alberto. Even without his promise to Ada, the writing was on the wall that he needed to find a new career. He found himself wandering and thinking, and he eventually found himself in a garden around a secluded oasis.


The plants made him feel something he’d never felt before. This was what he was meant to do.

“Ada!” he cried when he found her that evening. “Do you know how many different kinds of booze you can make with fruits? I can make my own! Why didn’t I think of this before?”

Veronica spent entirely too much time with the local fire pit.


Alberto spent a bit too much time adventuring in the local catacombs.


The end was the same.


Actually, in the end, neither Veronica turned out to be the freakiest vacationer in Al Simhara.


Both paled in comparison to one other.


Alberto might have lost his edge as an exotic dancer, but he was still quite the showman. He told the gang a ghost story one evening that even gave Charles nightmares.


As the vacation rolled to a close, Veronica and Alberto made a decision.

“We’re headed home early,” they told Ada and Charles at breakfast one morning. “This trip is really about you two, and we’re just tagging along.”

Charles was a aghast. “You’re never just a tagalong,” he told Veronica.

“I don’t mean it like that,” Veronica said. “Besides, when you get home, I’ll let you make it up to me.”


So they parted with an unexpectedly close new friendship to show for it.


Ada and Charles found themselves alone for their last night in Al Simhara.


“This is it, isn’t it?” Charles said as he watched his sister over the fire. “You’re going to get married and move out. This is the last time we’re going to take a trip like this together.”

Ada sighed. “Yeah,” she said. “I don’t think it can ever be the same. I’ll miss it. I’m looking forward to showing Alberto France, though. Their art museum is has the greatest hospitality.”

Charles opened his mouth to ask what she meant. Then he decided he he was just as happy not knowing.

They sat back and and drank in the stars on their last night alone on vacation together.


This post doesn’t even have much content, but it took forever to write because life kept happening. October 12 was my 10th wedding anniversary, and the hubbie and I spent four days at a lake retreat with two other close couples and our daughter, and we renewed our vows. Then we had toxic lead paint removed from our house, which required us to crash at our friends’ place with a toddler for two days. Then we went to a wedding at Virginia Beach. I’m exhausted. But we are nailing our feet to the floor now. No more travel until after the new year AT LEAST.

Most of this is cute stuff the sims did autonomously. It was a very entertaining vacation.

I swear, every time I left Alberto to his own devices, he tried to flirt was a stranger, and it never worked out well. He also flirted autonomously with Veronica, who loved it, and neither Charles nor Ada gave a whit while they were on the lot. Sims are forever mysterious.

Alberto’s LTW is actually Bottomless Nectar Cellar, thus the booze remark :).

Since Wishacies taught me that I could get my sims to figure out how to fulfill their needs by clicking on the moodlet (I honestly did not know this), many more entertaining things happen for the most mundane of reasons. Which leads me to ask — should the snack shop REALLY have a working fridge? Isn’t that bad for business?

Apparently Daredevils are immune to fire naturally, and they have a Play with Fire interaction that entertains them and gives them the Adrenaline Rush moodlet. I need to do more with that. Daredevils appear to be the actual perfect firefighters, which I’ll keep in mind for any future child who rolls it. Oh, and Daredevils also have the Watch This interaction, which leads them to eat dirt and gross out another sim. That also gives them an Adrenaline Rush :).

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  1. I love this chapter! I don't have World Adventures, so it's always fun for me to get to see what Sims do on vacation. I love that everyone but Ada ended up sooty.

    It's a sweet ending to Charles' and Ada's time together before Ada goes off into the world, too.

    Weird that Alberto flirted with Veronica and no one cared… then again Zeke and Puzzle did more than that an no one cared there, either!

    Sounds like you've been busy with lots of fun and adventurous stuff! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Ten years? Wow! I hope you had a great time 🙂

    I think I'm in danger of being charmed by Alberto! He's so funny and seems to be the perfect match for Ada.

    I so need to send Adam on vacation as I haven't done the travelling thing for ages … I kind of miss it.

  3. Yeah, I don't get the flirting thing at all. Layla used to flirt with someone when Lance was two floors up, and he'd march over immediately to give them a lecture. I think some of it is the Romantic Reputation system that was introduced in Generations (?). Now it does some kind of calculation on who actually could see the incident, though usually that leads the mate to find out SOONER.

    Perhaps it was safest for the flirting to happen on vacation, since if the SO didn't see it directly, nobody had any friend who could tell them.

  4. I swear, I'm making Alberto so goofy because that's the way he's behaving on his own! The idea of a Clumsy stripper was so hilarious, but he's never done anything Clumsy at all. He makes up for it in adorable autonomous cluelessness. He really is perfect for Ada. And I hope it not too much of a spoiler, but once they get out of the house, StoryProgression can't stop telling me how in love they are :).

    If I ever get up to the present, Adam is going to start showing up in the Avalon story, so brace yourself!

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