I’m going to write another post Real Soon Now

I have the pictures for about six posts laid out, and that doesn’t cover half of how far ahead I’ve played at this point. I’m not sure why I’m not posting. The primary thing, I think, is that moving across the country isn’t a discrete event. It’s a process. And the process is looong. I’m not playing a whole lot, but I am playing, and playing is more relaxing than writing at the moment for whatever reason.

However, I really do want to get cracking on the posts because I have this sense that you guys didn’t react to the amusing things that happened in the story, and that’s because you HAVEN’T READ IT. Yeah, I don’t always claim to be rational.

We’re settling in fairly well now. It seems like there’s an endless list of things that have to be done in addition to unpacking — transferring driver’s licenses and a whole slew of bureaucratic nonsense. Setting up new bank accounts. Blah blah. I can’t even come up with a convincing set of examples, but trust me.

Also, we had some travel and family visits hit that we’d had planned for a year, far longer than this job of my husband’s was even a glimmer in anyone’s imagination. That meant we ended up flying two weeks after getting possession of the house for a 1.5-week trip. Right now my husband’s sister, BIL, and 5-month-old nephew are visiting.

So far, we’re insanely happy here. Reality hasn’t set in quite yet, though. My husband’s job doesn’t even start until July 9. I haven’t started looking for one of my own, and I’m not even sure whether I want to do that right away or take a while to try on the full-time mom hat, since we do have the financial flexibility with his salary at the moment.

At any rate, there’s a lot more to say about the Samples, and we’ll get back to it soon! Meanwhile, you guys need to post. Look at the “last post” notes on my blogroll! This is a real drought of sims legacies, and I’m fretting that some of you won’t come back! Don’t leave me lonely!

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  1. Your wish is my command. (Or maybe I was posting today anyway. One of those!)

    Moving is such a project, I'm not looking forward to it at all! It sounds like things are going well for you, though. Family visits are almost always fun, even if they are a little stressful.

    Bring on the new chapters! I promise to be suitably amused.

  2. Ha! Though recently it's sometimes felt like we're posting for each other. At least Sara is still around :).

    I know you said you were looking at houses. Did you find one? Is this a local move or a interstate move? (I think I remember that you're American.) If you're moving in the same area, at least you don't have to get a new driver's license and new car insurance and a new local bank and all that nonsense. Not that the packing, unpacking, and organizing is trivial!

  3. We're still working on getting our house fixed up before seriously looking for a new place (though I keep finding cute places online that I want to go see!). We won't be moving far… just an hour or so away so that Hubby's commute isn't so long. So I'm really glad that I won't have to deal with half of the stuff that you're going through!

    The idea of sorting through 40 years of stuff (we bought this house from my parents so they just kind of left anything they didn't want to take with them!) and pack and moving 3 kids worth of junk is very intimidating, though. I need real life Porter! Automatically sell off anything I don't want and put the stuff I want into my magic pocket? That would be handy.

  4. I actually really liked this "real life" post; it's nice to hear about what goes on outside of Simland, especially when it's good news…not that moving is always fun…DragonWife definitely hit the nail on the head about a Porter being useful in the real world! At any rate, I'm glad that you guys are happy and that you are at least able to enjoy playing.

    My spouse and I bought a house in September, but we only just moved in last month, so I totally feel your pain (what is in the air that's got everyone moving all of a sudden??)…although it's definitely awesome to finally be in our own place, constantly juggling work with trying to get the place settled, taking care of our surprise new dog, and fighting off internet withdrawal isn't easy…thank God I can at least still play Sims, even if it does take me ages to get someplace where I'm actually able to post!

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