Simfail: The Graduation that Wasn’t

It all began when Veronica really needed to pee and couldn’t seem to find the toilet.


Then she needed to finish peeing in her wedding gown.




In fact, the whole family was dressing up spontaneously all over the house.


At last the reason for the festivities became known. Right in the middle of potty training his sons, Charles graduated! From, um, high school!


So the story is that Twallan’s mod somehow tagged Charles as someone who needed to graduate since he aged up before I installed Generations. At this point, he’s a day or two before aging up to Adult. I have no idea why he was hit now, especially since Ada graduated a long time ago.


Zahra was so shocked and overcome with pride that she passed out. Or maybe it was because the stunted graduation routine wouldn’t let her go to bed.


At least he got a diploma and award, which he hung above the desk in his bedroom.

Charles was voted Most Likely to Save the World. How appropriate.

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  1. That's great! It's so nice that they all randomly dressed up for Charles' graduation. I had to give up on graduations in my game, we'd get the notice that they were holding the graduation and then the actual ceremony never happened no matter what I did! Maybe I'll give it a try now that the family has moved.

    Also, is it just me or has Captcha (or whatever) lost it's mind again?

  2. Sorry I failed to answer this earlier!

    The captcha is driving me INSANE. They keep updating it, and it gets worse. I would love to be able to turn it off entirely or back it off to a more primitive version. As far as I can tell, I've never had any attempts at spam comments anyway, and if I did, the ones that were easier to use stopped all of them.

    The graduation was hysterical, though it really screwed up Fabian. I had the option through Twallan's settings to either give everyone a paid day off work or leave things alone and let everyone who missed work take the job performance hit. This meant that either Veronica had to lose a precious work day right before her days off, or Fabian had to take yet another massive job performance hit. I decided to make Fabian hurt.

    I posted to Twallan's forum about it, apparently this is a known bug. When Charles tried to go to Town Hall to graduate, I canceled the action. I thought that this would mean that the whole event would be canceled, but instead all the animations ran while everyone was hanging out at home. Bwah!

  3. Really, if captcha gets much worse I won't be able to prove that I'm a human anymore!

    Poor Fabian! He seems to have more than his share of trouble… both in game and from "above"!

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