4.21 Triple Toddlers

The Samples were still settling into their house when the triplets’ birthday arrived. “We can’t do much, but we’re going to do something,” Veronica insisted. So all the family — except Fabian, who was working overtime again — gathered outside by the lake to cheer the little ones on and see who they would become.


By order of birth, first came Forest.





Then Hunter.




And at last Sky.





Ghostly Sky stared up at her daddy, then screwed up her eyes, and *pop* became visible!


“Well, I’ll be darned,” Charles breathed.

“I guess you rubbed off on her,” Veronica said with a wink. “Maybe she just needed role model to show her how it’s done.”


They rang in the birthday with bottles all around. Pretty quickly, it was time for bed. Not the most elaborate celebration, but the triplets had a wonderful time anyway.


As time wore on, the children began to show their individuality. Whenever she could get away from the looming adults, Sky made a beeline for anything that would make noise: the top of the toybox, the bannister railing, even her toy xylophone. She was fascinated by all manner of sounds. And the noise she made sounded more like music than noise.


Hunter was quiet and sensitive, especially for a toddler. He became terribly fond of his toys and would spend hours cuddling and burbling to them.


Despite being nearly identical in appearance, Forest showed no real sensitivity at all. He hoarded toys and tried to keep his brother and sister from playing with them. Sometimes you could hear him cackling to his blocks with almost sinister baby gabble.


They all played hard and exhausted themselves. Once in a blue moon, they did it all together, and the adults could get a bit of peace.



So here they are! Forest and Hunter got the exact same skintone, similar facial features (at least at the toddler level), and very similar hair. They’re about as close as you can get to identical twins in this game.

Forest got Zahra’s red and black hair and Susie/Zahra’s green eyes.

Hunter got Veronica’s dark eyes, and it took me forever to figure out whose hair he has. I think it’s Cyclone’s!

Sky was essentially a Veronica clone. Her skin was a tiny bit lighter, but not much, and she got Veronica’s hair and eyes as well. I changed her skin to silver because she is a ghost.

NOBODY got anything from Charles! It wasn’t fair. At least I had the right to change Sky’s skin. It’s neat to have the dark silver next to the very pale silver.

It’s hard to tell more delicate details from toddlers, of course, but everyone’s face seems to have been influenced by Veronica’s high cheekbones. Time will tell, of course. We’ll have to see how identical the boys come out by the time they’re adults!

6 thoughts on “4.21 Triple Toddlers

  1. They're all adorable, of course! It's really interesting that they all favor Veronica so strongly, so far at least. Poor Charles.

    I love Sky's skin tone. It makes a great contrast to her dark hair. (Though the lighter silver would have been much more dramatic.)

    For as much as the boys look like each other, it sounds like they have very different traits.

  2. Awww, all of them are so cute! And I love that Sky has become visible, too!
    I am trying to figure out about the kids' traits! I thought maybe Virtuoso for Sky, because you wrote about her liking all kinds of sounds? And when she is an adult, she will become a famous musician and form a band and…okay, started daydreaming a little.
    The boys are more tough. Hunter could be a Loner who maybe is Excitable (about his toys)? And Forest…huh. I thought "Selfish", but that's not a trait. Should be though. 😀 Maybe he has No Sense of Humor, since he doesn't share his toys and focuses on them so much? I bet I am wrong about all of them. Apart from Virtuoso for Sky.

  3. Actually, Amhranai, you got close! Sky is a Virtuouso, as you guessed. Hunter is harder, but the trait is Shy, and I'm going for the shy, quiet, sensitive type. Plus he does love his IF doll more than the other two. Loner was almost right.

    And Forest is…. *drumroll* Evil! I have some ideas on how this is going to play out, but he's the least well-formed character at this point. I don't really know what kind of wishes he's going to get as an Evil sim. As DragonWife said, I love watching OTHER people's Evil sims, and I've loved getting all the updates on Toya's evil-doings, but I don't know what it's going to be like to actually play one.

    Actually, Selfish would be a great trait :).

  4. I suspected evil based on the cackling, sinister babbling. Evil sims love to cackle randomly.

    I would love to play a selfish sim! Can you imagine trying to get them to do anything for someone else? Or watching them horde everything?

  5. Well, at least I got one trait right 😀 And Shy and Loner aren't thaaaat different from each other, you see, because they.. *start babbling*

    Huh, I had no idea about Forest's evil trait. But wait a minute, didn't you write in one of your comments on my story that you had an evil sim now? Sometimes I'm just being really stupid. 😀

    And selfish sims really should be fun to play 😀 Or at least to watch. They probably wouldn't anything that didn't concern them directly, like only clearing their own plate or taking the last piece of food on purpose. Stuff like that.

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