Simantics: Baby Lifting Olympics

Just a bit of fun to remind you that I’m still around.

Our house in Albuquerque is finally on the market! No offers yet, but it seems to be showing well. We’re now back together as a family and staying in a hotel in Boston. We close on the new house tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Oh, and I just caught Pets on sale at Amazon, so that’ll be showing up around the time the triplets are children, which is where I am in play. It looks like a fabulous expansion!

When everyone arrived at the new house on Waterfall Way, the babies spent a while with some enlightening issues.

Here is Fabian “picking up” Hunter. 


Charles is mad that Hunter is in bed.


Here’s a nice shot of a ghostly Charles fishing in front of the waterfall at night.


The ghosts love the new place. Here’s Lance settling in.


And Susie’s still around.


Townie and Cross-Pollination Update:

Morand Cagley and Bella Bachelor are engaged! I guess he did show her what it was like to be with a real man.

Faith Cagely, on the other hand, has taken up with Leighton Sekemoto. I didn’t know that geriatric ladykiller was still around. Apparently, he still has what it takes. How much longer he’ll have it is anyone’s guess.

Arvid Voss and Darlene Branch are expecting again. They’re engaged, but they STILL haven’t gotten married or even moved in with each other as far as I know. I believe their son Christopher is now an adult. I’m pretty sure they’re both close to elderhood by now.

Hank Goddard passed away. The ladies of Sunset Valley sobbed, and the men breathed a sigh of relief. Pauline is still at large.

Toya Ursine-Sample is out of jail and back to conning her constituents. She’s recently been elected Sunset Valley’s Mayor. Apparently, nobody seems to mind that she has a conviction for embezzlement.

Toya’s primary rival is Holly Alto, daughter of late Vita Alto (Leader of the Free World) and the late Nick Alto (Emperor of Evil). So, basically, leadership of Sunset Valley is torn between two crime families. Fabulous. Holly seems to be playing it pretty honest and legal, though. I wonder if she is influenced by her relationship to her husband Michael Bachelor Alto, which Twallan still can’t stop telling me is the happiest marriage EVAR.

Charmaine Ursine-Sample is following in her mother’s footsteps. She moved out and got her own place and immediately got a job in politics. Toya is grooming her to take over the corrupt political empire. Charmaine is also leaving a trail of broken lady hearts behind her.

Starr Ursine-Sample, on the other hand, had a major split with her family. As soon as she graduated from high school, she had a big fight with Toya, moved out, and joined law enforcement. She also immediately got engaged to her high school sweetheart Felix Andrews, son of the Lavar Andrews who never gave Ada the time of day. Poor Adjo. I hope he’s able to maintain a better relationship with her.

Everyone hates Genvieve Goth, and she hates everyone back. I have never seen a character with so many nemeses. Even her boyfriend VJ Alvi couldn’t stand her. He dumped her, and now she’s stalking him.

Malcolm Landgraab and Beatriz Williams Landgraab are finally married. Their son Darwin is almost a teen. Glad they got around to it.

Gus Hart Williams, husband of Lisette Williams, IS STILL NOT DEAD. Grim, you forgot about this guy! At least he and Lisette are making good use of all this extra time together. They get second place for happiest marriage ever after Holly and Michael.

8 thoughts on “Simantics: Baby Lifting Olympics

  1. Floating babies are weird! Particularly when it's a ghost baby…

    Congrats on the old house getting on the market and the new house closing tomorrow! It's so exciting that you already have a new home!

  2. Oh, wow, there is a lot going on in your town. It's nice to read the updates (and especially hear that Arvid is going to have a kid one more time!)
    BUT it's not as nice as hearing that everything with your house went well so far, that is really great! Hopefully someone will decide to take it soon.

  3. Hey 🙂
    I'm having some kind of trouble with my computer and thought I'd ask you for help. Maybe you know something that will make it work again…
    For quite some time now my device (right translation? The thing you put the CDs into) has not been working properly and sometimes I had to put the Sims-CD in twice before it was accepted. Now it doesn't seem to work at all – when I put in a blank CD, it was accepted and my computer asked what I wanted to do with it. But putting in the Sims-CD doesn't lead to anything anymore! The device (again-sorry if it's the wrong translation) reacts very shortly and then seems to turn itself off or something. It doesn't open the CD. I have no idea how to start Sims again if the CD doesn't work and I really don't want to buy a new CD…
    (I tried a Sims2 CD, that worked. Unfair!)

  4. Hmm. If it's just the Sims 3 CD, then it seems likely that it's the CD rather than the CD drive ("drive" is the American term anyway). My best thought is to look at Twallan's NoCD mod, which allows the game to play without the CD in the drive. The game doesn't actually read anything off the CD. You only need it in the drive to prove you own a copy and didn't pirate the game.

  5. Tried again – the Sims2 didn't really work, either – the drive (thanks!) just suffers longer before it stops. Still Twallan might be the perfect solution, I will immediately try that 🙂

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