Simantics: But What About the Babies?

The obligatory stranger freaks out as Veronica calmly walks into the hospital to have her twins.


After Veronica and Charles exit the hospital and get into the taxi, I exit to town edit mode to tweak something. I save my changes and return to gameplay to find Veronica and Charles standing in front of the hospital again with no taxi and NO BABIES!

I panic.

Then I switch back to the home lot and find them here.



Good to know that nobody minds leaving babies on the porch.

Then, possibly because I screwed things up by dropping in and out of Edit Town, the whole day was wrecked with lag. I ended up quitting without saving and started over.

So here’s where they ended up the second time.


Leave the boys in the bathroom. Classy.


Charles spent most of the time the kids were babies and toddlers in desperate need of a shower, so get used to these fumes.


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