4.19 Too Much of a Good Thing

By the end, pregnancy wasn’t sitting so well with Veronica anymore. She got huge. She couldn’t sleep. She had to eat in tiny snacks and spent half her days in the bathroom.


“Please,” she moaned to Charles in a fit of weakness, “just bring back the morning sickness. That part was grand.”

Charles was beside himself trying to be supportive. He massaged her shoulders, fetched her breakfast in bed, and hovered around until she kicked him out of the house to get some space.


“At least try to do something comfortable for yourself,” he said almost pleadingly. “You don’t have to suck it up. Take a day at the spa or something.”

Veronica thought about it. “All right, I will.” She pulled 1000 simoleons out of their joint bank account and bought herself a day of the royal treatment.


And, she had to admit, it worked. She left the spa feeling like a million bucks even with indigestion and a baby stomping on her bladder.

In fact, she felt so great that when she got home and found that Fabian had broken the shower before leaving for work and just left it that way, she had to do something about it.


Didn’t that make a perfect moment for the baby to come?


Charles was at the dojo. She called him on her cell phone, lay out plastic on the seat of her car, and drove herself to the hospital. She could have waited for Charles to teleport home and drive her, but the thought didn’t occur in the haze of contractions.

Charles was there with her by the time she got to the hospital, though, and he never left her side through the long labor.

“AAAAAUGH! Well, THAT was the hardest thing I have done in my entire life!”

It’s a boy! Forest Sample was born at 6:29 AM.

“No! Not again! There can’t be another one in there!”

And another boy! Hunter Sample was born at 6:33 AM.

“YOU! YOU DID THIS TO ME! You have some kind of twisted occult ghost fertility!”

And a girl! Sky Sample was born at 6:37 AM.

Babies are all doing fine.


Mother is doing fine, but it may be a while before she speaks to the father.


When it became clear just how much bigger their bundle of joy was going to be than they expected, Charles called his mother in a panic.


By the time they made it home from the hospital, Zahra and Fabian had turned Lance and Layla’s old room into a fine triplet-sized nursery.


This really was going to take a village.


Charles had spent Veronica’s entire pregnancy worrying about what he would do if his child turned out to be like him. When Forest and Hunter were born with totally normal, squalling, mocha-skinned faces, he was delighted.

But the third child, Sky, realized his fears. Life has a half-ghost, an “occult” according the newspaper, had been no easy road for Charles. How could he wish that on his only daughter?


When he looked back on his isolated, lonely life, though, he had trouble convincing himself that it had been either isolated or lonely. Even beyond his supportive family was Jabari, Zhan Wu, and now dozens of students who looked to him as a Sim Fu master.

There was no use trying to fight Sky’s battles before he even knew what they were.


Veronica fed little Forest and lay him gently in his crib. For a brief moment, all three babies were sleeping.

She drew Charles into her arms. “I’m sorry for being a monster,” she said.

He relaxed against her. “Childbirth is monstrous,” he said. “I’m sorry you had to do it alone.”


“Our children are beautiful,” she said. “I love you with all my heart.”

“And I you,” he replied huskily.


“I also want you to know that I’m calling the doctor tomorrow and getting my tubes tied. If you want any more kids, you can goddamn have them yourself.”


Surprise three times over! Gotta get posts out while I have the time. Plus I know all you really want to do is see the babies 🙂 🙂 :).

In case you didn’t catch it, the naming theme is nature words. What else would an eco-hippie name his kids? (Sure, Veronica named them too, but Charles is still the patron dangit.)

The multiples thing wasn’t an accident. I gave Charles Fertility Treatment, and I managed to get enough Happiness Points to give it to Veronica too by their wedding night. In Gen 2, I had given just Layla Fertility Treatment, and she didn’t get twins until her second pregnancy. I wasn’t sure what the probability of multiples was, and I didn’t want to take any chances. Once the honeymoon vacation and maternity leave were up, Veronica was going to be a full adult before she even got to start her new job as a Ghost Hunter, and she has a career LTW. I didn’t want her to take the career hit for multiple pregnancies and run the risk of not making her wish.

And I knew triplets were a possibility, but I thought, “Hey great! Three’s a charm!”

I had no idea how hard it would be to skill three toddlers before their child birthday. The whole five-adult household has been skilling in shifts and dropping almost all their personal wishes for the whole life stage, and it still will be a near thing. Charles and Veronica spent about a week with an unfulfilled wish to Woohoo sitting in their queues. Ah, that is perhaps too close to what new parenthood is really like :).

Veronica got a wish to spend 1000 simoleons at the spa, and she got a huge mood bonus for a WEEK! Don’t say the spa never did anything for you. It got her through a whole lot of the grind of starting a new job and endless endless toddler skilling.

Oh, and sorry about the crappy unfinished state of the nursery. The house had routing problems in that room, and I had to restructure the wall just a little bit. I THOUGHT I had repainted everything properly in the inside, but man was I wrong! And the roof doesn’t even connect property to the half wall! I’d’ve paused everything and gone into Build Mode to fix it, but I’d already had to reload twice at that point and just want to save and GET OUT.

I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with Sky. On one hand, I’m glad one kid turned out to be a ghost. OTOH, Charles’s aging is completely borked and I’m just aging him up using Twallan’s mods when Veronica has a birthday because they are exactly the same age. Cyclone got so borked that I had to annihilate him. It just seems like there are real game issues with playable ghosts, and I’m not sure I want to risk it again. I have been boosting Charles’s fishing and Fabian’s cooking with the thought of feeding her ambrosia before her YA birthday. She can still be a ghost child for story purposes, but unless I can find some fix for the aging trouble, I think enough ghosts is enough for one game.

(Oh, and I have to say that I thought Veronica’s game-generated maternity wear was adorable. It’s the first time I think I’ve liked any of the maternity wear.)

10 thoughts on “4.19 Too Much of a Good Thing

  1. Wow! That's a lot of babies and toddlers. Then again, I'm having trouble getting any of the sims in my household to even want to skill the one toddler they have.

    It was nice to see everyone bonding with the babies. I hope Sky gets to stay part ghost, since it makes for a very interesting story, but I can totally understand wanting to normalize her so that she doesn't get all messed up.

    I can't wait to watch them all grown up and also see Veronica's new career. I haven't had a ghost hunter yet.

  2. Oh, three children – that's amazing! Sure it's a lot to handle and I can see how hard that is for you and the parents to teach them everything they know a little later on, but still it's just great news. I love that one of them is actually a ghost – and that you named her Sky, that is the perfect name! You didn't know she was a ghost, did you?
    Can't wait to see them turn into toddlers =)

    (By the way – I didn't realise Sky was a girl until I read the chapter a second time. Glad I did.)

  3. Two posts in one day for the win!! And oh my gosh, THREE babies?!? Phew…no wonder the pregnancy was so hard on poor Veronica. Will you do the skin thingy with Sky that you have on Charles? I just know she's going to be gorgeous, and I can't wait to see her when she breaks out of the baby cocoon. 🙂

    I didn't even notice anything wrong with the nursery; I was way too busy ogling those amazing cribs…I WANT THOSE. I actually would really like to have them in real life; they would look awesome in the nursery that my husband and I are sort of planning. (Not that we need a nursery right now, but maybe one day in the not so distant future…)

    I really like the ghost hunting career path so far; I'm playing one on my nonblog game, and, to me, it's really kinda interesting. However, she is a single sim with no roommates or kids or anything; I'm thinking it will be much more challenging with a husband and triplets in the mix….but exciting, and perfect for Veronica! 🙂

  4. I think Gen 5 is going to be pretty interesting just from everyone's two initial traits. I can't wait to see them finally become children so I can get their third random trait. It should happen very soon once I actually get a chance to play.

    So far, I like Veronica's career, but she hasn't done much more than the introductory missions. Her uniform is fabulous.

  5. Ha! I changed the text to make it clear that the triplets are two boys and a girl. I usually say, but I forgot!

    I actually picked out three possible boy names and three girl names. The boys were Forest, Hunter, and Sage. I didn't realize that those are all shades of green until later! The girl names were Sky, Dawn, and River. I didn't actually realize that Sky was a ghost at all until they got home. Her baby icon just made her look like she had a silver skintone.

  6. I really wanted one of the kids to inherit Charles's skintone, but none of them did. Forest and Hunter have the same skintone. I initially thought it was a paler version of Veronica's skin, but now that I see this pic of her holding Forest, I can see that his skin is much more red toned than hers. I think it might actually be a darker version of Susie/Lance's skin.

    Sky's natural skintone was quite dark, only a couple of shades lighter than Veronica's. I switched it to silver because she's a ghost to keep with the theme, but I didn't change her hair or eye color.

    The cribs are from the Sweet Escapes Nursery from the EA Sims store. I thought that nursery set was perfect for Charles with its outdoorsy theme. I REALLY like those cribs, but it was kind of annoying that the only color channel you could change was the head/footboard. You can't change the mattress color!

    I'd love to have them for our real nursery. Our actual nursery furniture is not nearly so creative. But we did put a fantasy tree with birds on it on her wall. If you're interested, I can point you to the decal set on Amazon. It's awesome :).

  7. Oooh, I love Dawn as a name! Maybe you could take that for another generation. Or maybe Charles and Veronica want more babies, who knows…….. 😀

    Well, you said it, but somehow I didn't really see it. But that was my mistake, not yours 😉

  8. Ooh, triplets! My gen 3 heir had triplets in my legacy story. They were planned (by me anyway, not the parents!) though-I had her wish on a genie. The big suprise was that two of them were born evil! They are all kids now.

    Good luck with your kiddos!

    • Hello! Thank you for reading and commenting! Sorry I am so slow in responding. It’s been a busy month.

      I used to dread the evil trait. Now I have a lot more fun coming up with ways to use it. But I really make Forest evil, just as a warning!

      I clicked through to your blog, The Dukes of Sunset Valley. I love the name :).

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