I have no Samples update for the moment, though I have pictures laid out for two of them if I can ever get around to writing the text. I just wanted to say:


We do not deserve this house. I am stunned that we were able to buy it.

Now I can’t wait to get out there.

(Sadly, the house repairs for the house we’re selling Just. Keep. Dragging. We’re so not ready to go on the market, and it’s frustrating. But we’ll get through it.)

7 thoughts on “WE GOT IT WE GOT IT WE GOT IT!

  1. SQUEEEEE!!!! That is awesome, awesome news!!! Just be patient with the repairs to your current house; I know how it feels like it will NEVER END (we bought a house we found last June at the end of September. Still. Haven't. Moved. In. Because of all the work it needs.) There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

  2. Things are moving along. We have a date to get this house on the market now. It's a month before we close on the NEW house, so we're going to be homeless for a while, ha! I'm going to take the Little Girl and move in with my folks for a couple of weeks while my husband stays in town to finish up the semester (he's currently a professor). We live in interesting times.

    The Google+ thingy is there sometimes and not others, it seems. I see it in the sidebar now, so maybe they made it stable. However, the whole point of the thing is supposed to be that you can circle the blog and see the updates in Google+, but as far as I can tell, nothing I post here ever shows up on the G+ page I set up for this blog. I'm either missing something or the whole thing doesn't work.

    We just had the home inspection for the house we're buying, and it looks like there's nothing horribly wrong. Onward and upward! Someday I'll even get to play Sims again…

  3. Sara: Wow, are you two fixing it up yourselves, or is it taking that long to get contractors in to do the repairs?

    We actually made an offer on a fixer-upper that failed before we made the offer on the house we're buying. It was barely livable, but it was in the kind of once-in-a-lifetime location that only matters in a big city. We lost that house, and I have to say it was a…. mixed relief.

  4. Thanks! As you can tell by my silence, it's been one heck of a month. It's mostly good stuff and random moving stress, but getting the old house on the market is turning out to be a nightmare. Argh.

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