Simantics: Pets Patch Edition

Time to bridge the generation with a Simantics interlude.

Around this time, I installed the Pets patch, and shortly afterward, I purchased Late Night and Generations and moved the entire town to a modified Sunset Valley. It took me a bit to get things moving smoothly. Most of these pics are from that adjustment.

Charles gets even more ghostly in the shower.

Fabian has a really blockheaded day.

When Lancelot died, there was no space for the Grim Reaper in the dining room. So he just stood outside, slashing his scythe through the wall. Here’s an example.

Layla has lunch WHILE she’s watering the garden. Seriously, the garden was actually being watered.

I had to reset her.

Well, then DON’T EAT IT!

I forgot to reinstall Charles’ skintone after the upgrades, and the game gave him Death’s.

And the best for last. Charles’s custom futon was really screwed up by the Pets patch.

I tried to fix it by upgrading Charles to the double bed, but that produced this:

Get a load of his feet here:

I uninstalled the futons, and Daluved1 eventually posted a fix. However, these futons naturally float in the air, and you have to adjust them downward. When they’re adjusted downward, Charles gets a routing error when he tries to go to bed. So for now, I’ve reported the problem, and I’m just letting the futon float.

Oh, and townie/cross-pollination update!

While I was packing up the town to move, I briefly switched control to the Williamses. Israel Sharpe-Bauer is still living with his foster family, and Viola moved in with him. So, a very pregnant Viola had gone off to the junk yard (!) to write, and Israel was home on a date with Pauline Wan! Poor Viola. Her husband is a dirtbag. Now she they have a son (whose name I haven’t looked up).

Malika Williams is still alive, and now I know why. Her age was apparently reset at some point to the beginning of elderhood. I think I may just trigger her age transition, because she’s like 120 now and creeping me out.

Arvid Voss’s relationship with River McIrish was somehow erased in the move, and now he’s with Darlene Bunch. I turned YA-to-elder relationships back on, but he isn’t biting. Plus I don’t think he’s a YA anymore anyway :).

Trixi married Jess Ursine without any unexpected baby surprises. They seem pretty happy. Jess seems to be just the right amount of bad boy. He’s a coward associated with an organized crime gang, but he really just writes books. Due to my pregnant men glitch, Xander ended up with their baby. I think he’s still living with his parents, so they’ll have to deal with it.

And getting on the subject of creepy townies, Jamie Jolina married Iqbal Alvi. They had a son. Then Iqbal died, and Jamie got it on with her stepson Miraj. Then THEY got married. And had a son. I believe it is now impossible to chart the Jolina-Alvi family tree without using the third dimension.

Vita Alto is the Leader of the Free World. Her husband Nick Alto is the Emperor of Evil. Sunset Valley has some political troubles, clearly.

6 thoughts on “Simantics: Pets Patch Edition

  1. Why doesn't Charles have any hair when he's in the shower? Also, that's some messed up sleeping he's doing there.

    I love the eating while watering… so handy!

    Nice to hear that Trixi found love. Poor Viola, though!

  2. So, the technical reason that Charles didn't have any hair in the shower is that nakedness is represented as an "outfit" in The Sims, same as everyday wear and formal wear. Somehow, he got set so that his naked outfit was bald. This turned out to be a royal pain to fix because you can't go to the mirror when you're naked. I did something with Twallan's MasterController to fix it eventually.

  3. The pictures are at the same time very disturbing and very funny 😀 I love the one with Charles and that plate with the green cloud.
    And it's nice to hear about the characters from different stories, too! Maybe Arvid will find the right one in your game. Maybe it actually is Darlene. I hope not though. 😀

  4. LOL 😀 I love how you keep us up to date with what’s going on in the town!
    Charles’ broken ankles really creeped me out. But then I remembered, he’s a ghost right, I’m sure it didn’t hurt him 😉

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