Generation 2 Legacy Accounting

So, Generation 2 has finally come to a close, and here is their Pinstar point accounting.

I’m including Cycl0n3 here. Though he is technically part of Generation 3, he lived out his short ghost existence and passed on before Lance or Layla.

Now, technically Pinstar is adamant that playable ghosts and their children don’t count. However, his reasoning is that you can’t bring back a member of the bloodline after death to get more time to max him out. Cycl0n3 wasn’t someone who accidentally died and was resurrected. He entered the household as a ghost, and he married into the bloodline as a ghost. Therefore, I’m declaring Pinstar’s rule inapplicable.

Generation 2: 1 point

Lifetime Wish: 3 (4) points
– Lancelot: Renaissance Sim, skills Painting, Athletics, and Martial Arts
– Layla: Perfect Garden
– Cycl0n3: Chess Legend

Layla also became a Celebrated 5-Star Chef. This was NOT her Lifetime Wish. However, I’m unlikely to pursue a culinary sim again, and she did all the work for it without any overlap. I am contemplating awarding points for multiple, non-overlapping LTW criteria that are met by the same sim. For example, Lance wouldn’t get credit for Physical Perfection — Maxing Athletic and Martial Arts skills — because those skills were already applied to his existing LTW. But Layla could get credit for maxing out her career AND growing a perfect garden. Keeping in mind that you can’t duplicate Lifetime Wishes, so a future sim couldn’t take that wish.

Portraits: 3 points
Lancelot painted portraits of himself, Layla, and Cycl0n3.

Legacy House/Net worth: 1 point.
The house has added over $100k in net worth since Generation 1

Aspiration Rewards: 4
Lancelot died at 260,000 (2 points)
Layla died at 190,000 (sob, 1 point)
Cyclone died at 100,214 (1 point).

Cycl0n3 just barely made it, and he probably wouldn’t have made it if not for the extra days he got from his aging being frozen. So I suppose that’s a bit of compensation for losing Layla’s point.

Total for Generation 2: 12 (13)

3 thoughts on “Generation 2 Legacy Accounting

  1. Good job! I would definitely count 2 LTW points for Layla. You must be a super woman for having her complete 2 wishes!
    I’m playing with age setting set to Normal only with the difference of all the sliders set on maximum days – lifespan of 180 days (I know I’m crazy, because I’ll probably never get to the end of the challenge like this) 😀
    My founder Kate will pass away soon and I am already sad about it. In my previous games I barely made it to the end of my Sim’s lives. I’m way too emotional…

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