Simfail: Bloopers!

I’m creating a new tag “Simfail,” for my ranting about Sims technical glitches and laughing at the absurdity this game generates. I’ve gone back and relabeled all my past game glitch ranting.

Included in the new tag will be bloopers, inspired by Redhead Creations and her Cagley legacy blog, where she always includes a few outtakes. I’m still going to include absurd things in the posts where they apply, but some stuff is just too absurd to be woven into any story.

So, without further ado:

Adjo has a preview of what life will be like for his nephew Charles

A quiet evening at home. With no furniture.

(It’s kind of bizarre that Sims 3 renders people when you look through the window, but not anything else. I think that might be a setting I could change, but then again, I’m not sure my computer could take the extra work, which is probably why it does that to begin with.)

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