3.16 Meet the Family

Fabian Branch Sample began his first day of married life by making breakfast.

Mac ‘n’ cheese. Well, it was a great breakfast when he was a bachelor.

Zahra, not the most inspired of communicators, pretty much broke the news to her family by letting them watch the new state of affairs. They were surprised but supportive.

“So, dear, it looks like you got married last night.”

“Yeah. It seemed like the thing to do.”

“He seems like a nice man, dear, but he doesn’t bring in much of a salary. Do you think we can afford it?”


(Fabian did bring in about 1100 simonleons, which I think is the lowest amount any spouse has brought into the family so far. Law enforcement clearly does not pay.)

The men were even lower key.

“You gonna make my daughter happy?”


“Thought so.”

(The men spontaneously bonding in their underwear was pretty awesome.)

Fabian and Adjo were already pals for reasons only the Sims game was tracking. I have to guess it’s mostly because they’re both people people, so they could hardly bump into each other in any context without becoming friends. Shanni didn’t have a lot of use for men that she wasn’t staking a claim on, and Fabian really wasn’t her type anyway, but they coexisted all right.

He pledged to help with Charles, but mostly what he did was take over other household responsibilities so that Zahra could spend more time with him.

He also convinced her that subtle pink accents in their bedroom was not only manly, but tasteful. Zahra, who didn’t pay much attention to aesthetics anyway, let him have his way.

(Yes, his favorite color is pink. I notice you can see him telling her this on their park date when they were teens. Fabian is such a Sensitive New Age Guy. I have vivid memories of adding pink accents to their bedroom and even photographing it, and I can neither find the photographs nor evidence of the pink in later photos. Did I do this on a version of the game that crashed on me? The world may never know. I’m at least two weeks beyond this, Sim-time, and I’ll have re-redecorate their bedroom.)

Things got back to routine in the Sample household, and in due course, Zahra and Fabian had happy news to report.

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  1. I love that I always just see Charles' hair and nothing besides that 😀 On a closer look I discover (parts of) his body, but at first I always just see his hair. Should get new glasses soon…

    Besides that – nice chapter :)Finally caught up with the last chapters and still love your way of writing. That conversation between the two men in underwear? Incredible. I really should stop drinking stuff while reading your texts…maybe I should write me a note about that and glue it to the screen…
    Can't wait for the next chapter 🙂

  2. Squee! Knowing you're reading will probably increase the update rate for a while. I have played so far ahead that I could probably post every day for a couple of weeks 🙂 :).

    Yeah, actually, I kind of gave Charles that hairstyle so you could see him better. Sometimes you can see him clearly in-game, and sometimes he's just barely an outline.

  3. Yay for me 😀 Well, yeah – I will definitely be coming to your blog once a day, if possible. So as long as you have the time,you are very welcome to update as often as possible 😉

  4. I'm happy that Zahra got married again. She's still young and silently weeping for the rest of her life wouldn't have much sense. I think that another baby is a better way to get over Cycl0n3's death, plus Fabian looks cool.
    The underwear 3-lines talk really made me laugh 😀

  5. So, I meant to reply to your questions about Cyclone earlier.

    You may have gathered this from my author's remarks, but here's the deal — When Cyclone joined the household as a ghost, playable ghosts were not immortal. They had extended lifespans, but they aged and had birthdays normally. When they hit the end of their Elder life stage, they would autonomously "Return to Netherworld" on the gravestone in their inventory.

    The story I expected to tell was that neither Zahra nor Cyclone knew that his days were numbered.

    However, a few sim-days before Cyclone would have "died" naturally, EA released a game patch that quietly made ghosts immortal. I was very confused by this and thought it was a glitch. I tried a bunch of things to fix it and eventually sent him to the Netherworld manually.

    I really don't like any of my sims to be immortal. In a generational game, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Later, Twallan added a setting to NRaas StoryProgression that made playable ghosts age like normal sims and Return to Netherworld at the end of their Elder stage. By the time Charles grows to an Elder, that's what I'm using.

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