Simfail: Town Reboot

Another tangent for technical gripes.

I replayed the three-birthday about eight times. The game kept freeze-crashing in the middle. The story in the post is the most amusing version, and also the only version where I got through all three birthday cakes, but it crashed before I could save. Antonio died at the party during about half the attempts.

Eventually, I got through the wretched birthday party day, but the game was still painfully unstable. After trying a bunch of things to fix corruption in the save file, I finally gave up. I used Twallan’s Porter mod to export the Samples and all the families with which they had significant relationships. Then I created a brand new copy of Sunset Valley, placed the exported house, and imported all the families. That seems to have stabilized things.

That means that starting about now, you’ll see references to the Bauers (Antonio’s widow and son), the Ursines, and the Williamses alongside a bunch of familiar Sunset Valley initial characters.

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  1. Okay, so basically is like they timetravelled into the past – where Cycl0n3, Connor, Jared, are all three Young Adults, and Rachel was not born yet? Even through there is also an already-born Rachel and ghost Cycl0n3ConnorJared? Wonder how does that work…

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