3.1 The Ghost-Traveler’s Wife

Zahra was all grown up… and Cycl0n3 was in for a surprise.

Zahra and Cycl0n3 were both painfully awkward geeks, unlucky in friendship and unluckier in love. They had also known each other for all of Zahra’s life and almost all of Cycl0n3’s afterlife. In short, they understood each other, and neither of them was very used to being understood.

At least that was the case that Zahra made to him as she poured her feelings out in one great big torrent of words, peering at him with her too-serious green eyes. She wasn’t even afraid of rejection. The situation seemed so obvious to her that there was no way that he could *not* feel the same.

Cycl0n3, on the other hand, had literally changed Zahra’s diapers. When had everything changed while he was right there watching? Cycl0n3 never claimed to be an observant kind of guy. But he couldn’t deny their connection. It didn’t take Zahra long to bring him around.

It all moved so fast. Zahra so no reason to wait when she knew what she wanted.

She also had no need for approval from her family or any sort of fancy public display. Crowds made her nervous anyway.

“Till death do you part” seemed pretty meaningless here.

Just a few days ago, Cycl0n3 had completed what he thought was his greatest lifetime wish. Now he wondered if he might have been wishing for the wrong thing.

0 thoughts on “3.1 The Ghost-Traveler’s Wife

  1. So cute. 🙂

    I love your Cyclon3- to think he's had such a long life! He's really stuck around for a long long time. 🙂

  2. Yup. I want him as founder for a next legacy i will make when i have more EP packs (and i finish the Pokèmasters) but i also would like his genes to be in the Pokèmaster lineage in future…

    Even trough i seem to prefer reading legacies than actually playing the game…

  3. Haha! I've been reading your speculation on my phone in the doctor's office, and you pretty much had Cycl0n3's future on the first try.

    I will say that I actually *didn't know* what the Oh My Ghost opportunity did when I took Cyclone's ashes to the science center, though. I only latched on to him as a legacy spouse later.

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