2.25 Death Takes an Evening Out

Lance took some time to drop by Julian’s place one evening to congratulate him on his new marriage.

His new bride Elaina, however, turned out to be a whole lot of do-not-get.

It would be possible for Julian to have fallen for a creepier woman, but it was hard to see how.

Seriously. And with Rachel madly in love with Sunset Valley’s ganglord, maybe this corner of the family was just a lost cause.

(The Ursine family trait seems to be Mean Spirited. Jared was Mean-Spirited. Perhaps his baby-momma Claire was too. Rachel is Mean-Spirited and Friendly. Julian is Mean-Spirited and Good. WTF? Both of them appear to have Evil spouses. Also, it’s not at all clear how old Elaina is. She looks Elderly, but she didn’t seem to have the normal Elder stoop. She might just be an Adult with randomly-chosen gray hair. For whatever reason, she and Julian have no chosen to breed as of this writing.)

Elaina and Lance took an instant dislike to each other. Lance made his excuses and hightailed it out of there. Julia, old pal, was just going to have to come visit at the Sample place.

Layla, OTOH, got away from baby-wrongling to spend some of her maternity leave in the garden. She counted the days until she could head back to work.

And it finally came!

On her first day back, all of her coworkers rushed out to the pavilion to witness a terrifying sight. One of her coworkers had given up the ghost, quite literally.

The Grim Reaper did his solemn duty.

Then, his job done, he changed into a dinner jacket and had a nice dinner at the bistro.

(When he walks he kicks up clouds of black shadow too.)

0 thoughts on “2.25 Death Takes an Evening Out

  1. I LOVE the Grim Reaper. He always does something hilarious after he collects a soul. This is the first and only time I've ever seen him change clothes.

  2. Wow, I've never seen Grimmy change clothes! I wonder if they programmed some of that zaniness out of the game later.

    I really like Layla.

    What is up with Elaina and that whole evil side of the family? Maybe it is a good thing they chose not to have kids. That picture of her grimacing is scary looking, no wonder Lance got out of there as quickly as he could make a polite get-away.

  3. 🙂 I think this is the funniest thing Grim has ever done in my game. It's also the only time I think I've seen someone spontaneously die on a community lot.

    It seems like Grim was funnier back in the day.

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