2.1 There are no Hot Babes in China

Lance was still torn about Malika. The more he got to know her, the less he really knew here. He took her out on a hot date to a French Bistro, and she didn’t even dress up.

They never really got past smalltalk, and yet she seemed to hang on his every word.

(Seriously, I was trying to see if Lance could actually learn any of Malika’s traits. From her behavior, I was pretty sure we she was Bookworm, Absent Minded, and a Slob — two traits I’ve already played and one that wasn’t very appealing. Lancelot is the strong, awkward type; he doesn’t have any Charisma by design. But you’d think even without it, he’d’ve been able to learn something about her by himself. Seems like the Game Powers were trying to tell me that maybe they weren’t meant to be together after all.)

He escaped his confused ambivalence with a trip to China, where he got his white belt in Sim Fu.

And he explored Chinese tombs with secret underwater passageways.

Way to swim in the slimy, scary water, brave Lancelot.

But mostly he hit on chicks. The first four hot Chinese chicks he hit on were all married. Married! Argh.

Then he met this one at the dojo, and she turned out to be single. Woot!

(I think the mirror in this pic is awesome.)

Then she started yelling at him for no reason. Oh, wait, that’s pretty much what Uncle Jared does. He hightailed it out of there.

The book dealer looked a bit more mature, but she was also single.

Except that the hated each other almost on sight. Every attempt at conversation he made annoyed both of them.

Ah, well, the search for love would go on, but at least he had a bunch of cool swag to sell.

0 thoughts on “2.1 There are no Hot Babes in China

  1. Lance is looking pretty handsome again- I'd totally marry him! Or rather… Lynn Winslow would. lol. I do hate that all the pretty singles in China are married with kids- how is that fair?

  2. The first hot chick that was single, was like Uncle Jared?! Lance is having a rough time. I like how he escaped the doldrums of his relationship with Malika by going to China. And he does look great in the martial arts uniform!

  3. You're right about Malika. When she was only the romantic interest of Finn everything was working fine. Since they started going steady, everytime he tries to romantically interact with her, she pulls back. Weird. If she continues this way, I'll probably deduce from it that she's not the right girl for Finn either 🙁

    I'm happy Lancelot has his hot body back! 😉

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