Simantics: Baby Cakes

Xia has a panic attack when Vickie goes into labor.

Which Vickie finds hilarious, in between contractions.

Ah, we’ve reached them time in this legacy for plenty of stroller yoga.

And completely age-inappropriate wishes.

Winston has very mixed feelings about Connery’s death.

Jonah catches fire in the haunted house at the Fall Festival?

Um, Susie, I know you get special privileges for being the legacy foundress, but this is a little too close and personal.

Judith wants Forest to know better than to try anything. She knows martial arts.

Edmund, on the other hand, is just really excited that his famous Emperor of Evil family member decided to come visit.

(Forest didn’t have the Emperor glow at this party. He and his lover-rival Sean Flynn have been trading the title back and forth for generations, so I guess he’s on the off-cycle at the moment.)

A bit of townie gossip.

This was a pretty disturbing notification to receive about Joy leaving Edmund and moving back in with her parents…

It didn’t take her too long to move on with my Severus Snape simalike….

Which led to the expected result.

Miguel here is a Brooding Hopeless Romantic. So… kind of a daddy’s boy.

Roderick also moved on to a serious relationship after his rebound with… his new girlfriend’s mother. That’s not creepy at all, guys.


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