Simantics: Medieval edition

There’s just too much goofiness not to record a few things.

With the Samples, I like to record each child’s first successful word. This was Alair’s, though, and I for this game I had no idea what to do with it.

This party in the outhouse is one of the most Sims moments in this game so far. And here we are talking about juicing again. (Or probably soda, but solo cups are pretty strong associated with juiced-up college hijinx in this game….)

This here is teaching your child to walk with The Force.

Townie fashion.

I think I fixed the naked top being enabled for random on women, but apparently the naked bottoms are still a problem.

And then there was this bit of townie drama while Jacqueline was at the market. The chick who was buying from the harvest stand kept stopping to throw these furious idles. I thought at first maybe she had a low motive.

Then I realized she was reacting to something in particular.

A pair of sims were standing on the edge of the market engaged in some pretty seriously flirting. You can see how he’s dressed completely inappropriately for the weather just so that he can show off his bulging muscles.

So, I checked with Mastercontroller — yup, the flirting dude was angry lady’s husband.

So sorry, poor townie lady. Divorce isn’t really a thing here in fake medieval England.

But you might be able to ditch him by leaving town?


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