Simantics: Screams in terror

Oh, hey, I have a fully-written Simantics interlude stuff in my drafts. What’s with that?

After Edmund read Marisela her fortune in the crystal ball, Marisela decided to go fishing.

Just for grins, Edmund joined her.

Marisela cam away with a pretty good catch.

Gamora has a great relationship with Connery, though it never seems to fit into the story. So here’s a pic of them playing together.

Thursten thinks that Winston’s walking mime is kinda sexy.

While I wasn’t looking, either Winston or his new admirer turned some random Sim into ice. I know Winston has the magic, but his admirer is clearly the evil one.

I LOVE the mime animations.

When Edmund decided to write his love letter to Joy, he wandered into another suite at the resort, where guests were already sleeping. No expectation of privacy in the Simworld.

In classic Sims style, the toddler brought to the resort shortly ended up trapped in a high chair with no parent anywhere on the floor to let her out.

Sharks get very aggressive here, and without a Sim to harass, they turn on each other.

*Screams in terror*


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