Holy Crap, it’s been 6 weeks

And what a six weeks.

Work has been intense, though I think mostly it’s been very good.

I had a huge falling out with my brother. That sucked.

Then there was the election. Yeah, that happened.

I haven’t been able to face even opening my Sims stuff or looking at any other Sims blogs.

Today, I just dipped a toe back in. I miss my families and you guys.

I’m so far behind that it’s hard to imagine ever catching up, but I’ll give it the old college try.

4 thoughts on “Holy Crap, it’s been 6 weeks

  1. Hello Susan! I’m glad to hear from you, I’ve really missed you 🙂

    I can understand what you mean by intense work. It almost seems to me like if the time had stopped and got in some kind of a crazy evil loop, because in the past month I’ve been working nearly 60 hours per week, having so few free time to dedicate to myself, my family, my friends and obviously, the Sims… Speaking of family, I’m very sorry about you and your brother. Maybe things will get back as they were before? It’s going to be Christmas soon after all…

    Take your time with catching up on reading our stories and take care! <3

  2. Susan, so good to see your toe 🙂

    I figured you were busy with the new job; so sorry to hear about your brother.

    This week I started up my Sims 4 game for the first time since early August and it has been really overwhelming to just load the game, much less imagining catching up with everyone, who I have missed too. I probably started the game six times so far, only to play for anywhere from 3 minutes to about 30. The good thing is, I’ve got a lot more balance back with other parts of my life, and I figure I’ll just do what I can, as I can, as much as I enjoy, It’s my daughter’s senior year in high school and so personally I just have a lot of things going on.

    Take care!!

  3. It’s so good to see you! You’ve been greatly missed. 🙂 I’m really sorry to hear about the troubles with your brother. I hope things look up soon with him. I know what it’s like to fall behind. Just take your time catching up; we’ll all still be here. Again, it’s good to see you. 🙂

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