6.52 Feel the Heat

The Sample teens first day of freedom was a Sunday. It began quietly and responsibly.

That morning, Winston took a gourmet cooking class at The Round Table that he’d been trying to get into for years.

He was convinced that he could enhance the flavor of his creations with a bit of magic. It was just a question of what kind.

Gamora had no intention of getting her butt kicked ever again, especially not by the likes of Whitney Ursine-Sample.

She also spent the morning in a class — this one Introduction to Sim Fu.

“Is that your real skin?” Kari Bookabet-Royale giggled as Gamora showed of her first belt. “Are you a member of some kind of tree-hugging gang?”

Gamora looked her straight in the eyes. “Come a little closer and say that,” she said softly. Kari shut up and backed away.

Victoria also had big plans for her free day.

She planned to spend it alone at Persephone Hot Springs.

The hot springs were warm year-round, so it wasn’t that extreme an idea to go swimming.

Honestly, the 7mil wetsuit was more than she needed. The ocean was colder when she skipped school to go snorkeling in the fall.

It felt so good to get into the water. Since the first snow, she’d been feeling trapped on land. And the floor of the springs were full of beautiful freshwater aquatic life. It was peaceful and more beautiful than she’d expected.

On the other hand, it wasn’t nearly as isolated as she’d been planning either.

Victoria had no idea the hot springs were such a popular place for playing in the snow.

Eventually, it was just too crowded. She couldn’t focus on the beautiful springs with all the laughing and snowball fights. Someone even throw a snowball in the water at her. It was cold! But mercifully only for a few minutes.

So, after a couple of hours snorkeling, she dried off and headed home.

Something was very wrong. She could tell from the end of the block that the smoke rising from her house wasn’t coming from a chimney.

She burst into the house to this:

“Winston! Where are you?” she screamed. She ran to the kitchen to grab the fire extinguisher under the sink.

“How do you use this thing??”

She wasn’t sure that her fire extinguisher was powerful enough to make a dent in the roaring flames.

So she grabbed her phone.

“Hello? Avalon fire department?” she shouted into the phone. “We’re ON FIRE!!”

Fortunely, the Avalon Knights of the Flame were well-trained in talking to panicked people. Victoria could hear the wail of the fire engine almost before she hung up the phone. That was one big advantage to living on a small island.

“Oh, thank the Watcher!” she cried when firemen came running into the house.

But as she walked out of the den, she found the living room had also caught fire.

“Look out!” she cried. She aimed the fire extinguisher at the flames.

And missed.

“Please back off, miss!” the fireman yelled.

“Let us do our jobs!”

“I’m so sorry,” Victoria wailed.

“I was only trying to help!”

“I get it,” the fireman said. “Well, the fires are out. Now you can get all the help you need in fireplace safety.”


“Victoria!” Winston said as he burst through the door. “What happened? Are you all right?”

“Did you leave fires burning in the fireplaces when you left?” Victoria asked.

“Well, yes, but Mom and Dad leave them burning all the time,” Winston said defensively. “I didn’t think it would be any big deal.”

“Apparently it is a big deal,” Victoria said. “We almost literally burned the house down on our first day on our own!”

“OK, look,” Winston said earnestly. “I can make this right. Let me make a few phone calls. I bet we can get a quick insurance settlement.”

“You do what you feel you have to,” Victoria said. “I’m going to start cleaning up.”



Annnnd I gave Victoria Fireproof Homestead. Dylan had it, but apparently the effects went away as soon as he went on vacation.

Sims 3 fireplaces are beautiful death traps.

12 thoughts on “6.52 Feel the Heat

  1. That was terrifying! I was really worried about Victoria and Winston. Thank goodness she was able to be calm enough to call the fire service. How ironic for them on their first day in charge of the house. I was vicariously enjoying the hot springs through your writing and Victoria in the screen shots, and then all those other people showed up. Hummph. And martial arts seem like they’ll suit Gamora so well. I love how she calmly stands her ground but conveys to others how dangerous she is.

    • That was the scariest fire I’ve ever played! I didn’t convey how long Vickie sprayed it with the fire extinguisher without making much of a dent. I sent her home when I saw it, but it had quite a while to burn and get bigger before she arrived.

      And then, right there at the end, the other downstairs fireplace caught fire. I swear, whatever the game uses for random events is broken.

      I love the Persephone Hot Springs lot. It’s a swimming pool built as a natural lake. I added fog generators and the World Adventures Dragon’s Maw steam generator to try to make it look like there is steam rising at all times. I’m not sure how well you can see the steam/fog, though. I can’t place them *in* the water, which is too bad. In the winter, at least, it would be nice to have a layer of steam over everything.

      Before Victoria, though, I never got around to doing a whole lot with that lot. She’s giving me a chance to explore own homeworld :).

    • That you for reading!!

      Yeah :). I still think I’ll move on to Sims 4 sometime, but I don’t have space on my machine for both games, and I am damned and determined to finish this legacy.

      I think it took me longest to bond with Victoria out of all four kids in Gen 7, so of course she won the heir poll. Now I adore her, though :).

      Your stuff is Sims 3 too! I’m going to check it out. I’ve never seen Sims stories structured like a TV series.

        • Haha! I have all the expansions, most of the worlds, and some of the store. That’s 100 gigs, just for this game! It’s awe-inspiring.

          I love Sims 3 and have no strong drive to upgrade. For a while, it seemed like Sims 3 blogs were dropping like flies, but there are still a lot out there. I have a bunch on my sidebar for this blog and my ISBI blog.

  2. Whoa, Sims on fire! I’m glad Victoria and Winston were okay. That fireman was kind of a douche, though. How can an extra fire extinguisher possibly be a bad thing?!

    Of course, now I’m eyeing my fireplace with suspicion. (I really do have one!) It better not try anything like this!

    On a happier note, Avalon is so pretty during the winter! Martial arts suits Gamora perfectly, and I also loved Victoria’s snorkelling trip. It’s a shame other people ruined it, though.

    I’m all caught up! Looking forward to some adventures in France and Vickie taking over soon. 🙂

    • Yeah, the fireman was a douche. But Victoria did appear to spray him in the face with the fire extinguisher. I thought that sequence was hilarious.

      I love Avalon. I considered moving the Samples to a new town every generation because there are so many great towns, but I don’t think I can bear to move them. It’s Avalon to the end.

      I have the next post all laid out and staring at me from the blog editor, so hopefully not much longer! Now off to read your new one…

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  4. Holy moly! For a minute I was scared that something would happen to the kids. I’m so glad they’re okay.

    Also, I love Gamora more and more. She can totally take care of herself, and it’s great to see.

    • When that fire caught when there was no one home, I really freaked out!

      I would like to find a mod to greatly reduce the probability of fireplaces starting fires. The way they are, they’re just too great a risk without Fireproof Homestead or upgrading them all to be fireproof. I would like there to be SOME chance of fires in the home, but not ALL THE TIME, and I love fireplaces.

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