6.36 A Time for Change

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Edmund was assigned the dreaded group project in biology class. His teacher-assigned partner was Rosalie Weaver. She came home with him after school one day to get their presentation together on Avalonian genetic history.

His siblings joined him at the dining table to puzzle out their math assignment, so it was a regular homework party.

After a few hours of work, Edmund and Rosalie had something that Edmund didn’t think would completely embarrass them in class. Rosalie, strangely enough, seemed to be energized by all the hard work. “I think this is going to be awesome!” she said. “You’re lucky to be on a team with me.”

“I thought you were going to help me with my math,” Victoria whined at the same time.

Edmund winced. “My brain is mush,” he said darkly. “Can’t you do your own homework by yourself for once?”

“I can help,” Winston said. “If we get done quick, we can practice dance before dinner.”

Victoria did not look convinced, either about dance practice or about math help from her younger brother. Since there didn’t seem to be a better option, she accepted his offer.

When the kids had cleared out, Edmund offered Rosalie an early dinner before she left.

Rosalie smirked. “You know, your kid siblings are really adorable.”

“‘Adorable’ is not the first word I would use to describe them,” Edmund said grumpily, but he was smiling. He really had a high tolerance for the shenanigans of his siblings.

“You’re really lucky, you know?” Rosalie continued. “When I was growing up, it was just me and Mom. I never really knew my dad. Now that Mom’s gone, I’m living with my older cousins until I’m old enough to move out. I think it would be wonderful to have a big family.”

“Ahem.” The teens look up to see Dylan looming over them. “I think my son might has failed to mention that he’s grounded. The very last think you should be doing is inviting girls home.”

“Dad!” Edmund cried, mortified. “Rosalie’s my study partner! What did you think we were doing? She doesn’t even like guys, and she has a girlfriend!”

“I think you have missed the point, son,” Dylan said.

“Uh,” Rosalie broke in, “I think I’ll be going. I’ll see you at school, Edmund.”

Edmund tried to salvage his shattered pride and escorted Rosalie out.

“Dad!” he said. “Now you’re humiliating me in front of my classmates! How is that necessary?”

“I have the authority in this family,” Dylan said. “When I say you’re grounded, I mean it. Go to your room.”

Edmund opened his mouth to argue, then got a black look on his face and stalked upstairs.

He found Gamora playing by herself on the porch.

Playing with her lightened his mood a little bit.

He just needed a way to talk to his father, that was all.

And the one person who knew how to do that was his mom.

Sawyer was so successful at making his birthday a nonevent that he completely forgot about it too. He was caught unawares at the library while he researched an obscure neurological disorder.

His first experience of middle age was to autograph one of his journal articles for a medical student who recognized him.

Not too bad, all told. He was now being recognized as outstanding in his field.

Shortly afterward, he went to the dealership and came home with a new electric car. That seemed much appropriate to his newfound prominence than the family van.

The next day, Edmund and Rosalie gave their presentation at school, and Andria was experimenting with a new cake recipe.

“What do I make for a plantsim anyway,” she fretted. “That kid doesn’t even eat!”

“Well, then you can’t fail,” Dylan said. “She’ll appreciate whatever you bake just as much as anything else. The rest of us will appreciate your cooking genius.”

“Nice try,” Andria said, “but you still don’t get to lick the spoon.”

Dylan chucked. “You can see right through me.”

Dylan walked out of the kitchen. Andria stared at his back after he left. She sighed. “Can I see right through him?” she asked herself. “Is this all there is?”

So Gamora’s birthday had come around again, and Sawyer had to decide what to do about Manisha. After days of agonizing, he decided to send her an invitation to the party by mail. That was as inoffensive as possible, right?

At the mailbox, however, he found himself unable to send the letter. All his feelings of anxiety and abandonment came crashing down on him.

“I’ve had it!” he shouted at the air. “I’m not going to pander for her favor any more.”

“If she doesn’t want us, then she can’t have us. Gamora has me, and I’m twice as much parent as anyone needs.”

“There. It’s done.” He left the mailbox empty and walked back inside.

Abby arrived early for the family celebration. Chaim was on his way from work.

Sawyer launched himself at her out of nowhere. “Abby! Now that you’re gone, I never see you.”

“I love you too, Sawyer” Abby said. “I’ve been gone less than a week, and we only moved to the house across the street.”

Sawyer shrugged. He was trying to make light of it, but did a very poor job of hiding his resentment at losing daily access to his most trusted family member.
“How have things been going with you,” Abby asked gently.

“I’m cutting Manisha out of my life,” Sawyer growled.

“Wow,” Abby. “I guess things have been really bad.” She was pretty sure that Manisha had done the cutting out after Gamora’s toddler birthday, but she didn’t rub Sawyer’s nose in it.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “You don’t need her. You have this fatherhood thing nailed.”

“Chaim!” Andria exclaimed. “Don’t stand outside like a stranger! Come inside!”

Chaim grinned. “Whatever you say, ma’am. I’m just happy to be here.”

Sawyer went upstairs to get Gamora from her nap.

He looked into her toddler eyes one last time. She would never depend on him again the way she did now.

Gamora took the first slice of cake out of politeness.

But she gave up on it quickly.

While everyone else ate, she sat down and played with her doll.

“I just love watching children together,” Chaim said. “I hope that when we have our own kids, they’ll be half as cute as your nieces and nephews.”

“Hey now!” Abby retorted. “Just because I’m going to marry you doesn’t mean we’re going to have children!”

They both flushed, and Abby averted her eyes, giggling. “I guess that lets the cat out of the bag,” she said softly.

“I want you to know that I’m going to do my very best to be a good husband to your sister,” Chaim said.

“Did you say something?” Sawyer asked. “I’m about to beat level 100.”

“Don’t expect Sawyer to make sense,” Abby cautioned Chaim. “He’s…. Sawyer.”

Winston, on the other hand, thought the whole idea was fabulous. “So you’re going to by uncle, huh? Does that mean you give me birthday and Snowflake Day presents?”

Edmund wasn’t quite so eager to congratulate his aunt. “I really hope you’ve thought this through,” he cautioned.

“Don’t worry about me,” Abby said. “This isn’t a game to me. If anything, I’ve thought about this relationship too much.”

“I know it’s not my place,” Edmund pushed, “but I really think you and Chaim are moving too fast. I think you should wait to get married.”

“You’re right,” Abby said. “It’s not your place. Come back when you’ve had some experience of your own.

On the other hand, Winston and Chaim were well on their way to becoming best buddies.

Chaim listened to Winston talk about food for half the evening, and he even seemed to be interested.

By the time Abby and Chaim left, it was past the kids’ bedtime. Dylan and Andria hustled everyone to bed.

Sawyer stayed behind in the tech den to look at real estate listings on the Internet. Abby was moving forward with her life. Now that Gamora was growing up, maybe it was time for him to change too.


Welcome to childhood and autonomous action, Gamora!

I did the math a few days ago and discovered that all four heirs will be teens for one day. That makes the heir poll so much easier! Not the result, just the poll — I REALLY don’t know who I want to win.

I had a lot of fun with this party. I’ve been leaving sims on autonomy a lot more often just to see what happens. Dylan, Andria, and Victoria all went off to do their own things during the party, but everyone else congregated in the tech den and had entertaining conversations.

Abby and Chaim were only living together for about three days before NRaas announced that they were engaged. Abby was the first spare I moved out unmarried. I wanted to see how her relationship with Chaim would progress without my help. I guess it went pretty well!

In fact, she asked him.

I have no idea what caused Sawyer’s emotional outburst when he went to check the mail, but it made for good story fodder. As you might guess, he had a midlife crisis, and his two big wishes were to buy a car and move out. Don’t worry about him moving out…. he’s going to “move out,” but he won’t actually move out. I’m going to play with the ability for a single active household to own two pieces of property.

It was nice to see my simself’s daughter with Forest in a cameo. Since Forest really should not be reproducing, I think that for story purposes Rosalie will not be related to the Samples.

Ah, Sawyer’s amazing changing hairstyles. His hair keeps changing on me. I’m certain I have “locked” his hairstyle at least twice, but I keep ending up with different styles on different outfits anyway. I thought the more severe comb-over suited his personality best, but the longer one he wore as a teen WILL NOT go away, so I’ve decided he likes it best after all.

I included those adorable tender shots of Edmund and Gamora just because I couldn’t bear to see them go to waste. I wish I’d been able to get anything as cute between Gamora and Sawyer.

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  1. "Newfound Prominence," ha. I do like Sawyer's electric car a lot. I felt so bad for Edmund with Dylan fussing at him right in front of Rosalie. Do sims 3 sims get embarrassed moodlets if that happens? It's interesting that Edmund went and played with Gamora to soothe himself after being fussed at like a child in front of his study partner.

    So cool that Abby asked Chaim to marry her! That seems just right for your storyline so far! And I've been really enjoying my big events without managing everyone, too. It was also really interesting that Sawyer really did not want to send the letter to Manisha. Maybe he can have more peace now about the way things are between them, and he is a great dad to Gamora!

    I don't know either who I'll vote for between Edmund, Victoria, and Winston. That's going to be really tough to decide.

  2. Abby and Chaim seem to be really happy together out in the wilds of StoryProgression . I love seeing the updates :).

    I'm not sure if Dylan was actually in trouble or not. I believe Dylan was trying to talk to Edmund in the picture. This may be the first time a sim of mine has been grounded, so I'm not sure which actions are in violation.

    I think I'm maybe 5 posts away from an heir poll, which is very close for me. I can't wait to see who wins.

  3. I am just catching up on your legacy now. I believe I am on Generation 4. I am really enjoying your story so far. You have a great sense of humor! I am just curious about the modern house you moved into with Generation 2. Did you build that yourself or download it somewhere? I am interested in having a closer look at this one. I would probably remove all the custom content, but the layout looks like what I want for my sims family. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Hello! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    I pretty much never build my own houses. I'm pretty sure I downloaded that one from ModtheSims. Later, I tried to be better about including links to the houses when then appear in the story. I'll see if I can find that one.

  5. I love to watch your family on occasions like these – each and every one of your characters is so unique, and to watch them all in the same house makes me long for huge families,too… not in TS, but in RL. 😉 Also, the kids are being adorable. Can't wait to see how Gamora will act as a child. Sawyer is definitely doing the best he can as single parent.

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