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This is just a note to say that I finally got around to exporting Generation 6 and putting them up for download. You can now meet all your cross-pollination Sample needs.

The only download links up right now are to the Exchange, but they are all CC-free. My previous freewheeling attitude toward custom content on the Exchange produced a lot of frustration for the nice people who wanted to add Samples to their games, so I have changed my ways.

I have exported CC-rich Sims3Packs of these sims as well and .sim files. I’ll load them up on my server sometime Real Soon Now and make those options available as well.

I also finally added Sky’s story to the Story So Far page.

ETA: I believe that a great deal more of the downloads will actually work now. When in doubt, use the package and sim files. If you don’t know how to install them, I’m happy to help.

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  1. Squee! Add them! Even better if you let me know what they're doing from time to time. I believe you said you use NRaas Story Progression, so they'll probably do something.

    Just go to the "Download a Sample" page on this blog for the whole collection of them by generation. Each one has an Exchange link, and I believe they all even still work. I know the Generation 6 links work. Considering that Sims 3 is now a deprecated game, I'm pleased that all the new Gen 6 uploads have already had enough downloads to avoid auto-deletion.

  2. 🙂 I will let you know how they are. So since I am almost completely ignorant of TS3, is there anything I can adjust in Story Progression to make sure they don't get culled? Or if I add them into a playable house, they won't be culled, right?

    Also, I didn't download the save file for Anne Arbor, so there are very few sims in the town right now and I was planning whoever comes over from your legacy, to be friends with Emily, so I expect to see them frequently. But I am feeling pretty sick tonight with a cold so it might be this weekend before I get started on this.

  3. I'm sorry you have a cold. It seems like everyone is sick around now.

    If you add them to a house, they won't be culled. I believe the default setting for NRaas StoryProgression automatically culls any "homeless" sims that aren't assigned to roles (like bartender) or service (like maid). This is because the game tends to gradually generate more and more new homeless sims until they bog down your game. I've turned off the automatic homeless purge in my game because I've found that I've lost too many homeless sims I actually wanted to keep. I just annihilate them myself periodically using MasterController. But I'm a game hacker at heart.

    tl;dr — put any sims you add in a house :).

    BTW: Be sure you're also running NRaas Overwatch and possibly NRaas ErrorTrap. All other mods add features to the game, but those two actually clean up bad data and fix game glitches. Those two mods make the game vastly more stable.

  4. Ok, thanks for the reminder about Overwatch and ErrorTrap– I had those in before, but had forgot to add them now.

    BTW, I tried inviting you to N99, searching for Echo or EchoWeaver, but you didn't come up. I'm not sure that feature works that way, or else I don't have the needed level in the forum to invite you. But I'm sure it will work out, I'm glad you are going to be around N99.

  5. Yeah, it's Echoweaver, all one word. It's my username everywhere except the Sims forums, where it's Echowever because there appears to be no way to fix a username :). It's pretty sure that I've requested access. Hopefully the Admins notice.

    I actually found N99 via Google search a few times, but the Yuku login was so nondescript I didn't realize it was actually a forum. Haha.

  6. Erm, I don't know if it's relevant, but I just discovered that my LOGIN name was Echoweaver on Yuko, but I'd managed to set my display name to my real name. I set my display name on the account to Echoweaver too. It's possible that might change your ability to find me.

  7. I asked Carla to let Barb know to look for your application under Echoweaver. Carla said she is sad that she'll probably not cross paths with you on N99 since she is only ever in the TS2 forum. But there is a lively TS3 forum too.

    I'll have to look for you on the Sims forum (EA?) under Echowever :-

  8. WOW, I never saw a notification email (it might still be on the way), but I reloaded the N99 page and I'm in! 🙂 I also just got my confirmation from simswriters.com.

    I'm looking forward to exploring these forums this evening.

    Yes, I meant the EA forums. Just had a word fail.

  9. I'm glad you are in! And I finally decided on a download and got the whole Gen 3 group, so they can have their relationships intact with each other. I'll let you know how they're doing as they get settled in.

  10. You downloaded Gen 3! I think the earliest ones who have ever been cross-pollinated that I know of is Gen 4. Lance, Layla, Zahra, Adjo, and Shanni have never been out of my game to my knowledge. Awesome.

  11. BTW: I downloaded Emily Reacher from the Exchange. I think I'm going to hold her until Gen 7 gets a little older so they have a chance of hanging out. Or I could possibly age Emily down to a teen. Hmmmm.

  12. That's great, I'll look forward to seeing Emily in your game! I have tried three times so far to install the Gen 3 Sample family from the launcher to the game, and they haven't shown up yet. I'll keep trying.

  13. Huh. I clicked "Add to Game," and it downloaded fine. It seems to have installed fine, but I haven't opened my game.

    To review:
    The launcher should open with Downloads already selected. Then you have to click the check box and click Install. Then, when you open you game, go to Edit Town, and it should be in the Households bin.

    Sorry if that was too much review. Just wanted to be sure.

  14. Hey there, thanks for checking them and I appreciate the review, since I'm new to Sims 3. My launcher (or my use of it) always seems a little touch-and-go, but I did do the steps you said. Everything seems to work as it should to the point where they should be in the Households bin, and they aren't. So I'll keep trying and I'm sure it will work out soon. Thanks!

  15. Hmm. If you've tried repeatedly and they're not there, then something is wrong.

    Back then, I hadn't figured out how to upload CC-free files. I removed stuff manually, but I missed things. (Pro Tip: Duh, there's a checkbox on the launcher to open without custom content. If you have CC, load that way before exporting.) I'm pretty sure that Charles has a CC hair.

    Let me actually load my game and see if the household actually shows up for me. If not, I have a couple things to try.

    Thanks for the heads up. If I'm going to put my sims up for download, I want them to be usable.

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