6.14 Wonders of the World

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The next morning, the happy couple was on their honeymoon. Dylan had always wanted to see Champs les Sims, and Andria was hardly going to argue against a legendary lovers’ destination.

Dylan was determined to record all the most beautiful moments of their trip.

Dylan had a big adjustment to the idea of being married. Andria would catch him staring at his ring when he thought she wasn’t looking. If she made even the slightest suggestive remark, he would blush furiously and drop out of the conversation.

The honeymoon was just the right thing. With daily life far away, they had nothing to focus on but each other.

With patient coaxing, Dylan gradually relaxed when they were alone. Woohoo was the opposite of everything he had built his life around; the whole point was to be sensual, primal, and out-of-control. At first, he need reassurance that every intimate touch was appropriate and not crude or disrespectful.

By the time they returned home, though, it was hard to imagine ever sleeping alone again.

They didn’t spend their entire time at the hotel, though. There was too much of the French countryside to see.

Andria searched out a cafe off the tourist path so that they could sample some authentic French cuisine.

Then she puzzled out the recipe so that she could try to make it herself.

Dylan, on the other hand, plotted a photo shoot of one of the wonders of the simworld.

The Simfel Tower.

They went out nectar tasting.

And Andria was finally able to understand what Dylan liked so much about it.

One afternoon, when they’d tried maybe a few too many different nectars, Andria said in a low, husky voice, “Do you know what I’d really like to do at the Simfel Tower?”

Dylan, in spite of himself, leaned closer. “What might that be?”

She set down her glass and grabbed him. “Come with me and find out!”

And that would be how Champs les Sims chased the newlywed Samples out of the tower in nothing but their skivvies.

“This never happened,” Dylan said. “If you ask me, I will deny it.”

Andria couldn’t stop giggling. “What happens in France stays in France, right?” At the look on her face, she continued, “Oh, come on. Tell me those guys don’t chase a new couple out of the tower every night. They’ve seen it all.”

To calm himself down, Dylan took a nectar-making class.

Andria perfected her Bouillabaisse recipe.

Dylan had to admit that by the time she was satisfied, it was better than the original.

And then, all too soon, they found themselves on their last day of vacation.

“I wonder if your family missed us while we were gone,” Andria mused as they sat under the stars.

Dylan chuckled. “I wonder if they noticed we were gone.”

Meanwhile, Sawyer had grown up and graduated from high school.

There was no party. That was the way he liked it.

He asked to be excused from giving a speech as class valedictorian, but the administration insisted. He ended up reading someone else’s speech about the importance of intellect to overcome adversity.

He immediately began applying for college scholarships.

Xia and Sky caught yet another break-in.

It was becoming clear that these burglaries had nothing to do with organized crime in Avalon. That was why Forest couldn’t do anything to stop them.

Sky found a secret webpage hosted by one of her fan sites. Hardcore fans were trying to buy and sell her clothes! She contacted the police department to try and get it shut down. They’d just have to try to tighten their security even more.

Xia nudged Sky in the ribs as the police carted off the latest offender. “There’s an icky side of celebrity if I ever saw one,” she said.

Sky shuddered. “At least he only wanted to take the clean underwear…”

Abby was training for her next role and trying to prepare herself to take the next step against Nemo Hodgins.

Eventually, she told her parents the story. They were shocked, but supportive. As a show of solidarity, Abby and Sky took a revitalizing day at the salon and invited the press.

“I guess if my fans want to buy my old clothes, it won’t hurt to show them a little skin,” Sky mused.

They even both got tattoos.

Sky continued to do a few, very select, personal appearances. One of them was Forest’s boyfriend’s husband’s birthday.

It made her head hurt. But at least everyone behaved well.


This isn’t the greatest stopping place, but I realized that I had laid out another ENORMOUS post. So a second one should come shortly.

The Sing-A-Gram popups never cease to crack me up.

I was using the Eiffel Tower replacement from MTS and the accompanying Woohooer extension, but for some reason it never seemed to work completely. There were supposed to be heart petals showering from the tower, and they didn’t happen. Ah, well. That would have been awesome. Though seeing Dylan kicked out of the tower naked was pretty awesome too. 😉

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  1. Haha, a very memorable honeymoon 😀 I'm glad Dylan and Andria have such a great time in France. It's such a beautiful place!

    I'm so proud of Sawyer 🙂 Being class valedictorian is really amazing!

  2. Dylan!! Well I never! I bet he won' forget that in a hurry. I've said it before, but I think Andria is the perfect person to bring our Dylan out of his shell a bit and stop him from being a stick in the mud. Hilarious!

    Forest's boyfriends husbands? I bet that was an awkward party?

    Sawyer has grown into his awkward looks quite nicely. Not that he'll let anyone close enough to really appreciate it.

  3. Actually, bouillabaisse is a dish from Marseille, in the south of France, and needs to be cooked with fresh fish. Since Marseille has a huge harbour, it's quite convenient, but it's rather unlikely to eat that near the Eiffel Tower …
    Yes, I'm fun at parties 😉

  4. Haha thanks 🙂 I know it's not supposed to be realistic and they just needed something typically french to put in the game, but I couldn't resist 🙂
    It's always fun to read your stories. It's amazing how you've kept it on for years !

  5. I’ve never seen this mod before. I thought the screenshot with Dylan standing naked under the tower was simply hilarious 😀 I’m happy they had a great time in France!

    Congratulations to Sawyer! His effort and dedication really paid off! I’m curious what awaits him now 🙂 Great chapter, as always!

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