6.9 Fairies and Demons

The day was finally here.

Andria was aging into adulthood.

The whole extended family and then some turned out for her birthday party. Also, her half-brother Clifton Hodgins, who was the keyboardist in Ghostwriter. Her Uncle Arma had to work.

But nobody was happier than Dylan. Andria gave him a knowing wink as she blew out her candles.

Now was the first day of the rest of their lives.

Let the party begin!

As everyone settled down for cake,

Sky goofed around with Clifton.

Abby’s unsettling boss wandered around the place like it belonged to him and got into their private stuff.

Dylan was finally offended enough to ask him to leave.

“Do you think I’ll get grandbabies out of this?” Sky whispered to Xia.

“Shh!” Xia warned. “Not your business!”

Meanwhile, Dylan caught Andria away from the crush of people just as soon as their responsibilities as host and hostess were complete.

They stole out together to the quiet of the back yard to watch the stars and snuggle in a way they hadn’t done since they were kids.

“Do you wish upon stars?” Dylan asked.

“Sometimes,” Andria laughed. “That one looks like it’s listening.”

“What would you wish for?” Dylan asked.

Andria whispered in his ear.

Dylan blushed flaming red.

Meanwhile, Ghostwriter set up for an impromptu performance on the front lawn.

The might be a bit long in the tooth, but they still knew where their sound was.

Xia grabbed a chance to catch up with her son.

And party a little bit.

Dylan got out his birthday present for Andria.

“You’re old enough to drink it now,” he said. “I thought this was pretty fine stuff. Perhaps we could share a toast to a fresh start together?”

“I think that’s a lovely idea. I’ve been curious to know what nectar tastes like!”

They clinked their glasses and each took a sip. Andria made thoughtful noises. “It’s, um, a lovely color,” she concluded.

The sounds of the raucous party were still going on the front lawn. “Do you think they’ve even noticed we’re gone?” Andria asked.

“Mama’s never needed me to party,” Dylan replied. “Usually I just slow her down.”

“So tell me, my knight of propriety,” Andria asked archly, “are we cleared to cuddle on the sofa now?”

“Of course!” Dylan replied. “I’ve been looking forward to it!”

He put his arm around her.

And very quickly

Things got out of hand.

Andria pulled herself away. “Let’s take this upstairs,” she panted.

Dylan, unable to speak, just nodded. He let her lead him back to his bedroom.

Dylan was almost incapable of thinking at all. Never before had he felt desire like this. Never had he needed someone the way he needed Andria at that moment. Her touch trailed fire over his skin. His chest was so tight that it was almost hard to breathe.

Then, suddenly, he came to his senses and yanked himself away.

“Andria! What are we doing?”

Andria just stared at him. “Isn’t it obvious what we’re doing?

Dylan sat up. “We could have — we almost — how can we disrespect our relationship like this? We’re not even married yet!”

“Dylan!” Andria cried. “I just passed through one hoop for your propriety. How many more do I need?”

Dylan sat at the edge of the bed, shaking. “My parents came together just like this,” he said. “They were young. They didn’t know what they wanted. All they thought they were doing was having fun. They made ME, by accident, and it almost ruined their lives. I can’t do that. If we’re not sure that we will stay together, how can we take the risk?”

Andria laid a hand on his shoulder. He ran his fingers over hers, reverently, then took a deep breath and pushed her hand away.

“Do you want to marry me?” Andria asked softly.

“I… can’t imagine myself with anyone else,” Dylan said. “But is that enough?”

“Before we go any farther,” Andria said in a wavering voice, “there’s something you should know.”

She swung her legs over the side of the bed, stood up, and… shifted.

Dylan gasped. “What are you?”

“They call us machina fae,” Andria said. Her voice was strange, higher pitched and ethereal. “We live in your world in secret, using a glamor to make us look human. My father, Doctor Hodgins Sword, was fae. He taught me about it in secret. My mother never knew. I was supposed to keep it secret from you too, but I just can’t live like that. I need you to know who I really am.”

“You’re not human.” Dylan’s voice was flat, stunned.

“No,” Andria said. “If you can’t live with knowing that… I understand.” Her voice broke, just a little, as she said it.

Dylan sank to the bed and held his head in his hands. “I need to think,” he said. “I just need to think.”


Andria is an Imaginary Friend! WTH?

I first discovered this when Dylan took her portrait, and the photograph subject was identified as “Imaginary Friend” rather than “My Main Squeeze,” which was what I was going for.

I looked at her parents in the mausoleum, and she inherited this from her father, Sebastian Hodgins, not her mother, Lynn Winslow Sword. I have no idea who Sebastian inherited from because his parents are long since purged. Gwynn? I don’t remember anything about IFs from the Hodgins Wishacy.

So that’s Andria’s big secret. She’s a part of a secret fae society living among the Avalonians.

19 thoughts on “6.9 Fairies and Demons

  1. Bwa! What a twist! That is so hilarious that she turned out to be an imaginary friend. But people other than Dylan can see her, right? And she was born and can breed herself? Wild!

  2. Yeah, there are a few ways in the game to make Imaginary Friends real. Then they get a human form and the ability to transform into a doll at will. Then the IF race becomes like any other. Their children might inherit it and gain the ability to transform into a doll.

    Some ancestor of Andria's was an imaginary friend doll. She's the child of a Sim I imported from the Hodgins Wishacy who married a Sim I imported from the Diary of a Random Sim challenge. I have no idea where the IF genes came from.

  3. Uh…..what the…what? WHAT??

    It took me a moment to wrap my mind around this. So her ancestor was an imaginery friend, and now she is…like…half human and half imaginery friend? That's a bit creepy, and also terrifying. Can you say "Plot twist"?! I wonder how Dylan will deal with that, now that they finally could be together.

    Before this surprise, I was a bit shaken about how Dylan is suddenly concerned with their relationship and that it was progressing too fast. All this time he had been waiting for her, and now that she is an adult (sort of), too, he starts to back out. I'm wondering how much of this is the fear of failing like his parents, and how much is the fear of committing to someone and hiding behind this. But since he is always sincere, especially with Andria, it's probably the first reason for the most part. I understand that fear, of course, considering where he is coming from, I just think that maybe he should try to put it behind him. Those two have known each other for SO long now. (And still she kept such a secret from him. Huh. That's a counter-argument, of course)

    Gosh, I still can't get over her being an IF. When I saw that picture of her standing next to the bed, in her IF form, I didn't get it right away and thought she HAD one of those. But not that she was one herself.

  4. Hee! I'm so glad I shocked you! I was pretty shocked myself, but I think it will make for some interesting story this generation.

    Dylan has some thinking to do. I have the post all laid out, so hopefully you'll see it soon!

  5. Bah!!! I knew this already by accidentally spoilering myself, but it's still a phenomenal twist! Aaaand it's really hard to comment knowing the outcome. Boo. Anyway, I loved Andria's party; seeing an older — but no less groovy! — Ghostwriter was my favorite part.

    I really like how you portray Dylan. Yes, he's very proper and wants things to be right, but he's still very human — well, you know what I mean. I think in some ways he's actually a lot like Sawyer in his inability to just go with his feelings instead if overthinking EVERYTHING. I hope he can work it out with Andria.

    (I also hope this comment shows up! The one on my last post didn't, but I think I saw you say you were moderating them beforehand now…?)

  6. Looks like you submitted two copies of the comment, which was logical because Blogger DIDN'T TELL ME you posted.

    I love Dylan, I admit. Poor, conflicted soul. He can't live up to his own expectations of himself.

    Sawyer does get a story, BTW. It just took forever to get rolling. As a scientist with a slew of social problems (Socially Awkward and Diva are both pretty unkind to a poor sim), most of what he wanted to do was increase his science skill, go hunting for bugs, brag, and insult other people.

  7. Well, I didn't see THAT coming. No wonder Andria has been so stressed out. Dylan is gentleman enough to love her for who she is, so I have no worries there. I sense they have a way to go before the sound of wedding bells though. They both need to grow up a little bit first.

    Question: Is Nemo an IF too then? Considering that he is Sebastians brother, it would make sense that he has it in his genetics somewhere.

  8. Crazy! In the Hodgins Wishacy, Sebastian married his IF after changing him into a Sim… But it shouldn't be in the Hodgins line before that (or at all, since Sebastian took a different path here).

  9. Wow! She’s an imaginary friend! I was expecting some kind of prophecy, but this? I really haven’t seen that coming. I’m curious what will happen next! And Andria looks gorgeous in the adult human form 😉

    • It surprised me too! I’m not sure I really did that thread justice, but I tried.

      I really appreciate your comments. I’m sorry I’ve been unresponsive — I’m starting a new job and haven’t been able to spend much personal time online at all. It’s just the pressure of learning a new job, not a permanent departure from Sims. I’ll be back. I’m always back :).

      Thank you so much for reading.

      • Congrats on the new job! Good luck! Sometimes RL comes first, I understand. I’ve had my fair share of sim ‘breaks’. I always come back to it as well. We’ll finish our legacies someday

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