6.4 Time Lapse Pictures

Dylan had never felt so alive behind a camera as he did on his trip to Al Simhara. There was a quality to the light he had never experienced. Edges were crisp and clear. He could see for dozens of miles. And oh what there was to see.

His time on assignment flew by.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

So clearly his artistic calling was in photography and not grilling. He could handle that.

He celebrated his return home with some rest and relaxation.

Meanwhile, Abby was struggling with her math homework. Sawyer was trying to help, but it didn’t seem to be sticking.

“Why do they need all these squiggly symbols?” she demanded. “Why can’t they use human words?”

Later, Sawyer caught her trying to copy answers from his homework.

“If you hand that in, you’re going to be very disappointed,” he pointed out. “It’s not the same assignment. We don’t even go to the same school.”

“I figured your math would at least look convincing,” Abby replied, sulking.

Abby did manage, against all odds, to pull a passing grade in math. It hailed the end of her high school career. Her birthday was finally here.

Abby was determined that her coming of age not be slighted the way her last birthday was. At her insistence, Sky and Xia rented out the La Palma poolside club.

Sky entertained the guests as they gathered.

Hunter showed the passage of time more than the other triplets.

Forest, on the other hand, didn’t look a day past his adult birthday. Nobody asked why.

Xia’s dear older brother Jin was also showing his age.

And Garry Crumplebottom too. Time was passing for everyone.

Abby made sure to carve out some time from her mingling to talk to her boyfriend Dion.

“When will I get to see you?” he asked. “You’ve been so busy recently.”

“I’m sorry,” Abby said. “With drama club and finals and everything, I keep losing track of time. I’m sure it will be better after graduation.”

Then it was time for cake.

“This is it, Mum!” Abby crowed to Xia. “I’m an adult! I’m free!”

Xia could have warned her that adulthood wasn’t quite so carefree, but she didn’t see the point. “Yeah!” she said. “Let’s party it up!”

Dylan, Sawyer, and Andria escaped the loud dance music into the pool room.

Andria turned out to be a pretty good shot.

Sky had to leave the party early for a singing engagement.

Her birthday hit in the middle of her set.

She preferred it this way. No reason to call attention to growing older.

She went right on singing, just as she always had. If anyone noticed, she couldn’t tell.


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(I know I disabled anonymous commenting b/c I was getting so many spam comments, but there are so many options for logging in. Believe you me, I’d enabled anonymous comments if I could :-p.)

Since there are no animation for photography, I wasn’t sure what to do to blog Dylan’s work. I settled on taking shots similar to the ones he actually took and framing them in the blog. There isn’t a lot more for me to say about WA, so I let his trip pass in screenshots. I figure you got the idea ;).

Didn’t Abby grow up beautiful? I was pretty impressed!

6 thoughts on “6.4 Time Lapse Pictures

  1. Loved how you documented Dyl's trip! Only Dylan could look so dapper while traipsing about in dusty old Egypt…

    Is Sawyer close to Dylan? It seems like he and Abby have a lot of interactions, which surprises me, but I l love their relationship!

    Hunter makes one FINE old guy! I'm guessing all his, uh, "unicorn things" may have had something to do with him aging faster…

    I can't believe Abby is still with Dion! I was sure that relationship was a dead ender.

    Her cake!!! And she is GORGEOUS. But then, all three kids are pretty good looking.

    I see Andria finally made it out of her hospital gown. ;-). Her new outfit is cute.

  2. Hee! I'm sure Dylan put a lot of effort into having every hair in place while he was galavanting through dusty Egyptian dig sites :).

    Sawyer and Dylan aren't particularly close. It's Abby who wishes to be friends with Sawyer all the time. She's really put in the effort to get to know Sawyer. And that Socially Awkward trait is a killer — it takes a lot of work to get to know Sawyer!

    Abby and Dion are still together. He likes her a lot. Not clear what she feels for him….

    The birthday cake is the new one from the bakery set.

    I actually got the "Ask to Move In" social from Dylan to Andria back when she gave him that "kiss" at the end of their date. I was surprised to get that with a teen, but I went ahead and did it. She has quite the sob story and would have wanted to move out of her house, but I just couldn't see Dylan moving in a teenage girlfriend no matter what the reason. So for story purposes she's still living with her stepbrother.

    At any rate, when she moved in I gave her a makeover :).

  3. *sniffles* they grow up so fast… Abby is simply stunning as a young adult. Her style completely matches her personality, and I can't wait to hear more from her! =)

    Well, this was a fast chapter to read through, mostly because there were only pictures in the first half 😉 I'm glad Dylan is having a good time, but it's sad that he missed his sister's birthday. After all, she is going to start her own life, now, and it will never be the way it used to be.

  4. You were right about Abby. She's stunning! I still think you made the right choice for heir though. I'm sure she'll do well on her own, although I'm guessing that she'll be staying at home a while yet?

    I like the photo album at the beginning. Perfect choice for a photographer sim. I'm not going to question how Hunter and Sky aged up separately when they're triplets, but I do like the fact that he's wearing the same hairstyle as *my* Hunter.

  5. You’re right about the photographer profession – I don’t understand why EA didn’t include some animations with the camera in hand, because if you think about it, the only Sims that actually get to use the camera are the paparazzi. I guess we’ll never know… You did a pretty good job with the pictures, really nice idea!

    • I actually considered turning Dylan into a paparazzo just to get a few pictures and then going back to the previous save, but that seemed to negate my style of getting all my pictures from actual gameplay. I’m glad you liked what I did instead!

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