6.2 How Not to Have Fun

Dylan got more opportunity to connect with family when Aunt Eliana wanted to do a photo shoot of their, um, horse.

Dylan had barely seen Meteor when Hunter adopted him, so he was unprepared for the power of just being in the creature’s presence.

He barely remembered to take any photographs, and most of the ones he took were overexposed. Some creatures are not made to be caught on film.

At home, Riddle fended of yet another intruder.

This was getting to be so routine that nobody even commented as the police took the intruder away.

Dylan did make a connection for more freelance photography work, though.

It turned out that the police department needed someone to work with the news media on crime fighting publicity.

Dylan’s business was becoming more varied and more profitable. He loved his work more every day.

Sky loved her work too, but not every minute of it.

Sometimes she just had to pay her dues.

Sawyer spent all his time at school, doing homework, or at his at-home science station. He never talked to anyone outside of the family as far as any of them could tell.

Worse, Abby caught him covering up bruises when he got dressed. That spoke volumes. He hadn’t complained of being bullied at school in a long time. It just turned out that he’d learned not to talk about it.

“You have got to get out more,” Abby told him in concern.

“There’s nothing interesting to see when I’m ‘out,'” Sawyer retorted.

“Let me show you,” Abby said. She hustled him out to Honeyduke’s to show him some fun.

He wasn’t terribly enthusiastic.

“The trick is to relax,” Abby said. “Get something fun to eat. Play some games! Maybe even talk to someone.”

“I don’t see how you can relax with all these people making noise,” Sawyer said.

“Trust me,” Abby said. “It gets easier. Try! I’ll show you.”

A classmate of Sawyer’s, Sharon Leonard, was playing pinball. Abby joined her. It was pretty fun.

Abby was so earnest. Sawyer never seemed to get these social things right, but he didn’t want to disappoint her. He sat down at the counter and ordered a pastry.

The server hadn’t even had a chance to bring his order when he was accosted by someone.

“Hey! You’re Sky Sample’s kid, aren’t you? I’m her biggest fan!”

“I’m trying to relax and have fun,” Sawyer said. “I can’t do that when you’re touching me.”

“Oh, lighten up!” The man clapped him on the shoulder. “Hey, do you have anything of your mom’s? Anything she touched? Anything she wrote on? Can you get her to come to my party?”

Sawyer stood up. “This is as light as I get,” he said. “Go away now.”

“Sheesh. I never thought someone like Sky Sample would have such a creepy kid.”

Sawyer exploded. “I want you to get out of my sight, you microcephalic neanderthal!”

“How you gonna make me? It’s public property!”

“Allow me to show you!”

Then all hell broke loose.

But it didn’t go well for Sawyer. It never did.

“Haha!” Sharon Leonard called out. “Look, some old guy is kicking the crap out of your brother! He fights like a four-year-old.”

Abby was stunned. “Are you kidding me?” she shouted. “He’s way more human than you’ll ever be!”

She rushed to her brother. “Sawyer? Are you all right?”
Sawyer pulled himself to his feet, brushing himself off. “I’d say nothing was hurt but my pride, but I don’t have any pride.”

“I’m so sorry,” Abby said. “I was an idiot. This isn’t a good place for you to relax.”

“I tried to tell you,” Sawyer said.

“I’m trying to understand,” Abby said.

“I know,” Sawyer replied. “Thank you for that.”
Abby reached out to take his arm, then drew back at the look on his face. Sawyer didn’t like to be touched. “Come on, kid brother. Let’s get home and clean up.


I have so much to catch up on now. I hope there will be more posts very soon!

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  1. GO SAWYER! I loved that he stood up for himself, even if he wasn't exactly successful in that fight. This guy was a huge jerk.

    And I get that Abby is trying to help Sawyer, but this definitely was the wrong idea. I could have told her that from the beginning. Forcing him to be around so many other sims he doesn't know, dealing with all that noise and commotion and being in a place he is not familiar with must have been horrible for him. Poor guy.

  2. Yeah, poor Sawyer.

    All of the action from this post was wishes for both of them. They both had a mood swing on the same day. I think it started when Abby wanted to group up with Sawyer.

    It's the first of many mood swings for Sawyer. I've never had a teen sim with so many moon swings. I guess that suits his character. I did as many wishes on them as I could, though I ignored, "Stop being friends with." Sawyer's only friends are Sky and Abby, and I can't imagine either would abandon him for an outburst.

  3. I can't imagine that, either. He surely has a lot of trouble going through life, as it is full of those people he can't completely understand, but that just makes him more lovable. I still adore him, no matter how many mood swings come his way!

  4. Poor Sawyer. Good on Abby for trying, but being around a swarm of people isn't the ideal place for someone like him. That guy was a jerk, and you'd think that her "biggest fan" would know that Sky's youngest son was autistic. She is a celebrity after all and her whole life is documented. The photo of Sawyer slapping the old douche bag was hilarious. Not to be sexist, but Sawyer hits like a girl.

  5. I heart Sawyer so much. I worry about him being bullied at school…maybe Abby should focus more on that than trying to socialize her baby brother. Not that I'm sure what she could really do…still. What happens to him at school is definitely affecting him.

    Abby is a surprise to me. For all her seemingly shallow, flitty ways, she has such a good heart. It's been neat watching her grow.

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