Simantics: One Chilly Picnic

Out with the old and in with the new…. Forest’s limo gets into a traffic snarl with the school bus as he moves out.

It really looks like it’s night here, and obviously it’s getting close to school time. Not sure what’s up with that. It might be that things are really overcast.

Sean Flynn thinks that Forest’s new living plans are going to be fun too.

Actually, Forest summoned him for a booty call, and I COULD NOT GET HIM TO LEAVE. Not even when Forest went up and asked him to leave. I think I finally reset him.

Sky fails to audition for a gig because the Proprietor is indisposed.

The sim-under-the-ground bug is with us forever, now, I guess, since there are no more game patches. Yay.

And guess who showed up while Sawyer was doing his homework at the hot springs?

She proceeded to have a picnic. Alone. In the snow.

And then catch some rays. At night. In the snow.

Leah’s sense of timing is all her own.


Avalon gossip:

Ceridwen Bookabet sadly kicked the bucket. As soon as she was in the ground, Franco took up with Holly Yo, Shanni’s younger daughter with Jeanna, a woman easily young enough to be his daughter. But it doesn’t last, and he proposes instead to Xia’s mother Jorani Wu. I do hope that her hubby Zane is dead.

Charlotte Stemple was rooming with Ada’s son Tomas Sample-Royale. She decided to move out because they could not “see eye-to-eye on certain  lifestyle choices.” Hmmmm….

Charlotte immediately takes up with Jeanna (Crumplebottom) Yo’s widow, Miyuki Mai-Yo, thus continuing the unbroken chain of old ladies snagging new young girls. In almost no time at all, Miyuki had popped the question, and the two lovebirds were engaged.

Elderly playgirl Jeannette Crumplebottom seems to have spent herself into some nasty debt problems. Considering the size of her trust fund, that’s pretty sad.

Enigma Sample passed on. Poor Hunter. 🙁

“Leah Marmalade has taken over the department where Plum Marmalade works and his now her boss!” That sounds awkward.

Ignacio Butterfield-Callender and Alice Bookabet got married! They’re now Butterfield-Bookabet. I like that name :).

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  1. Steady on Franco! Let Ceridwen grow cold first! Jeez … just wait until I load my game up. He'll get it! Yay for Alice. Butterfield-Bookabet. LOVE IT! Also, RIP Enigma 🙁

    I wonder if Leah is checking up on Sawyer? She seems very maternal and probably wondered what he was doing on his own in the snow.

  2. Ask me tech questions, please! >;-)

    Actually, I'm not sure how useful I am on this one. I don't track lostaccount, and now I wonder if I should. The idea of a miscarriage mod is very interesting to me, both from a game mechanic standpoint — risk of miscarriage is tied to the character's behavior — and from a storyline standpoint.

    NRaas mods are surprisingly low on conflicts, considering how extensive they are. A quick search on the NRaas forum produces nothing, to my surprise. I'll drop a note over there and see if I get any response.

    What kind of sim death are you looking for? Active or inactive sims? StoryProgression and SP personalities have a lot of ways for inactives to die if you enable those scenarios. I've seen mods out there that make vampires and werewolves capable of killing. And of course the assassination career.

  3. Haha. That's a cute justification for Leah's nighttime winter picnic, Jo :).

    Franco really didn't wait long after the love of his life was gone. I was kind of shocked.

    I just set up a legacy graveyard lot, and Enigma has been laid to rest there.

  4. I had Inteen with Sims 2, and I enjoyed it; the miscarriage aspect is the only thing that it seems to offer that is lacking from Woohooer. (Ok, I didn't *enjoy* my pregnant sims having miscarriages; that was actually really sad…but I appreciated the realism and want that for future legacies.)

    Aspects of the Hospital mod intrigue me as well; mostly the marriage counseling, but I can live without that. I know you can't do Awesome Mod with Twallan's Mods, but I don't understand why, so I wasn't sure if the same problem existed for Inteen. There was apparently some kind of huge thing between lostaccount and other modders back in the day; I don't know what it was all about, but it is still a pretty big sore spot with lostaccount. However, he has never seemed to have a problem with Twallan. I don't know of any of that's important or not.

    Random Sim death, there's something like that included in part of lost's mods. I am fine with active sims dying unexpectedly of random things…illness, for example; I didn't know SP included possibilities for inactives, though, so I need to look into that. I know Vector works that way, but the last time I used it, it killed my town. It was interesting, but a little too kill-y. I can look to see if it can be tweaked; part of it is I'm also trying to minimize my mods a little; last time I played with just Master Controller and SP, my game lagged horribly. That was several patches back though.

    Ha! I didn't even know there was an assassination career!

  5. I agree — I like the additional life challenge that the chance of miscarriage brings, which is different from reveling in their misfortune. I know that's also a thing in this game :).

    Awesome isn't actually incompatible with NRaas exactly. However, they are two completely different kinds of mods. Additionally, Twallan added a whole bunch of features that were originally written by Pescado for Awesome. He's never made any bones about giving credit to Pescado, though their relationship was understandably complex because the code of conduct Twallan set up for his forums was heavily influenced by the fact that Pescado encouraged and enjoyed a hostile forum.

    That's sort of a digression — the fact is that you can actually run a lot of NRaas mods with Awesome, but both have conflicting storyprogression code, so you can't run both Awesome and SP. Awesome is also one great big mod with everything Pescado ever thought of thrown in, so you have to be careful and disable anything else in one or the other that conflict. There are, or have been, threads on the NRaas forums on how to do this, but I dislike Pescado's persona and forum enough that once I discovered NRaas, I never went back to try to figure out if Awesome had anything I wanted.

    I saw that Lostaccount's blog header had some nasty accusations against the people behind MTS. It's hard to have a problem with Twallan because he worked so hard to be above fan drama. I think he's a better man than I. But, then again, he was such an amazing guy that he burned himself out completely, and I for one might die of not-surprise. (But I digress.) At any rate, I strongly doubt that personal conflicts would affect the compatibility of these mods.

    Awesome is a "core mod." This means that it actually replaces some EA game files. Core mods follow the Highlander rule ("There can be only one!") because two mods that replace the same exact files can't really coexist. The secret is that core mods actually follow a Highlander rule FOR EACH GAME FILE, so if you're savvy enough to figure out which files various core mods replace, you might be able to find two that can coexist. I think the the popular core mod NoMosaic is compatible with most other core mods. But once Twallan allowed me to swear off core mods, I did, so I can't give much more information about which ones might work together.

    The NRaas mods are, by design, entirely script mods. Script mods do not replace any EA files. They only provide additional files of code that are run in addition to anything EA does. This is why, for example, Twallan's Decensor still has a very quick flash of mosaic. You can't actually *disable* the censor mosaic except with a core mod. What Decensor does is detect when the mosaic has been turned on and turn it off again as quickly as possible.

    Script mods are almost always compatible with each other unless they are trying to things that step on each other. So the miscarriage mod, provided it's a script mod (and I thought it was), ought to be compatible with everything in NRaas with the possible exception of Woohooer. It seems highly possible that miscarriage still might not conflict with anything Woohooer does. You may just have to test it and find out. I dropped a line on the NRaas forums but haven't gotten a nibble yet.

  6. (Yay me — I maxed out the size of a comment!)

    Yeah, SP has some conflict scenarios that COULD end in death, but that's turned off by default. You're not the only one who had their town wiped out by Vector. I know Twallan tried to reduce its lethalness, but I don't know how far he got before he burned out. I love the idea of more diseases in Sims, but I've never made time to test out Vector.

    NRaas has an Assassination skill and, I believe, a "Family" career in the Careers mod that is, you know, a CRIME FAMILY. That career uses the Assassination skill. I've never used any of that stuff, so I can't comment on it.

    I don't know why MC and SP would cause lag alone when they didn't with other mods. However, I think you should never play without Overwatch.

  7. Ahhh, so much comment!!

    The way you explained core vs script mods makes total sense; I think, based on all that, I will go ahead and give Inteen a whirl. To me, all that talk about replacing files sounds scary, so I'm glad that I never tried Awesome back when I was tempted.

    I have heard that Pescado is…well, kind of a tool. It seems like he is one of the ones lost has beef with, but I dunno. Lost never, to my knowledge anyway, has had anything negative to say about Twallen; only that he doesn't know if their stuff will work together. Who knew there'd be so much drama involved in a silly computer game…

    I'm going to experiment a little more with SP, and possibly Vector, and see what happens. At the worst, I guess the Simptoms could lose a few kids…

    I dunno what the lag was all about; it could just be my laptop is old and slow. It resolved after I dropped the mods, but I haven't gotten around to installing them all back in yet to see if that was what caused it in the first place.

    Thanks, Susan! As always, you're awesome!

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