5.29 Some Kind of Fairy Tale

It was a time for growing older.

Ash became an adorable little toddler. Eliana teared up when she looked at him. “She looks just like my mom.” Eliana’s mother had died when she was a teenager, and shortly after her father had started acting strangely.

What Hunter saw first was that Ash had Eliana’s eyes.

Hunter’s fatherly instincts didn’t need much encouragement. He was a natural dad. This surprised nobody but him.

Ash and Dylan would spend hours at the blocks table. Dylan enjoyed building elaborate, tidy towers that were elegantly symmetrical, well-balanced, and used all the different types of blocks. Ash enjoyed knocking things down. This made for uneasy companionship sometimes.

Riddle and Mystery became adult dogs.



They were both elegant dogs, and both of them were fierce hunters. Enigma approved.

Eliana returned to her favorite hobby, fishing.

In addition to providing Hunter with fresh catches for his culinary experiments, she filled the Sample living room with fish tanks for her most interesting fish.

Now that Leah had moved out, Hunter could use some help in the garden, and Eliana was only too happy to step into that place. While Hunter loved the work more, she found her increased skill with plants to be a big help in her job.

Riddle started sleeping in Sky’s bed. She knew she should kick him out, but she rather enjoyed the company at night.

Then, while patrolling behind the Sufficiently Advanced Tech Center one night, Hunter found the unicorn again.

Breathless, he approached Meteor beneath the starlight.

Meteor let him come.
The unicorn’s coat shimmered with an internal glow. His mane was like silk.

“You are the most amazing creature I have ever met,” Hunter said softly. “Please let me serve you.”

Meteor neighed, a silvery sound almost like a laugh. You are a bold one, aren’t you? I have not met any human quite like you. Very well, I shall give you a chance. Come a look for me when you’re ready. For now, take my blessing.

Suddenly, Hunter was flying!

Then the unicorn vanished.

Hunter felt better than he had ever felt before. Even though his feet were back on the ground, he still felt as if he were flying.

He ran home as fast as his feet would take him, which was actually very fast.

“You’ll never believe the night I had!” he told Enigma when he returned.

He found Eliana sleeping late in their bedroom. “Wake up, sleepyhead!” he cried, throwing a pillow at her.

“Huh? What?” Eliana dragged herself out of bed. “Hunter! You’re — you’re sparkling!”

“And that’s not all!” Hunter said.


“Let me have another of those!”

“Eliana,” Hunter said breathlessly, “we’ve been together for a while now. I’ve loved you since high school, and I know you’re the only woman I want to spend my life with. Would you –“

“No no no!” Eliana cut him off. “You’re not allowed to do that!”

“I– what?”

“You can’t steal my thunder!” Eliana said. “Hush up and let me do it.”

She got down on one knee and reached into her pocket.

“Hunter, I pushed you away, but you never gave up. I thought I could only be miserable, but you taught me how to live. Please stay with me forever as my husband.”

Hunter was speechless as she slipped the ring on his finger.

“I’ve been planning that for weeks,” Eliana said. “I couldn’t let you trump me.”

“I would never dream of it, my love,” Hunter said with tears in his eyes.


Well, I don’t have the wedding, but I do have the proposal, and that was better anyway. The wedding was a bit of a debacle. They were married in the gazebo of the Sample house, but one of them kept getting stuck on the landing coming down from the top floor of the house, so it took forever to get the vows started. Then Forest decided to age into an adult halfway through their vows, which for some reason trumped the wedding, and they ended up having to get married again on the lawn away from the wedding arch. So perhaps it is just as well to not have to figure out what to do with those pictures :).

After the wedding, I moved Eliana, Ash, and some of the pets out to the new Sample-Baerwyn house, which was a super-cute small equestrian lot with a nice-sized garden in the front yard, a small stable, and half the lot dedicated to horse exercise space. The household had 8 Sims in it, and I was going nuts. I kept Eliana around long enough to earn 10k happiness points to change her LTW to Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium. Charles had already caught more than 13 species of perfect fish, and I was storing them in one of the World Adventures chests. I took them out, placed them in tanks, and Woot! Eliana gets her LTW. Sky also painted her portrait, so she was worth 2 points. Which is nice because I could NOT get Hunter to 100k happiness points. He simply wouldn’t wish for anything big. If I’d realized he was only going to have 150 point wishes to pet his animals, I’d’ve played him differently from the beginning. He did manage to get a 5k wish to marry Eliana, but even with that he only left the household at 80k. Of course, it didn’t help that his LTW was only worth 20k. EA vastly underestimates the difficulty of adopting a unicorn, at least if you’ve never done it before.

However, since Hunter hadn’t actually adopted the unicorn yet, he had to stay in the household until that was done. (Storywise, I intended to write him as already having moved out but still hanging around Sky’s house a lot to look after her.) Hunter asked Meteor to join the household in this scene, but Meteor refused. I had to figure out what was going wrong and try again. The big set of shots that I’m sorry for losing are the ones of Hunter riding Meteor down the street from the Sample house to his new house with Eliana with the sparkles and rainbows dancing out behind them. Sky happened to be giving Eliana a Sing-a-Gram, so she was there when he transferred households to give him a hug goodbye. Hunter’s last act as an active sim was to Try for Baby with Eliana, thus adding her to the bloodline and securing her 2 points :).

All the animals went with Hunter except Riddle. I was really torn between whether to keep Riddle or Mystery. They both turned out so pretty. In the end, Riddle’s hunting hound look won me over, though in retrospect I’m really unclear how he ended up with that shape. Mystery is a more appropriate mix of their parents.

7 thoughts on “5.29 Some Kind of Fairy Tale

  1. I'm trying to find words, but……. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That's all I can do right now. If it hadn't been for Charles and Veronica, I would have declared Hunter and Eliana the cutest couple of the entire family. He reallyreally deserves to be happy with her (and the unicorn. And Ash, of course! 😉 ).
    Again: awwwwwwwww <3

  2. Hee! I'm glad you appreciated Hunter's send-off! Even if I didn't realize that it was going to be his send-off when I played it, I think maybe it turned out to be a great final post for him.

    Hunter kind of makes his own fairy tale, and he makes the people around him believe it too. I'm going to miss his relentless optimism.

  3. It's too bad that we didn't get to see Hunter riding his unicorn, but this was a very sweet chapter. His life may be quiet compared to his siblings, but he's definitely got the happiness part down!

  4. I'm so glad that Hunter got his happily ever after. It's funny to me that the shy, quiet triplet is the only one happily settled down. He'll have a great life with Eliana.

    I think you feel for Hunter the way I feel about Adam. I miss him so much now that he's not living in the house … the way we get attached to these little pixels! Still, as for Hunter, at least you'll see him loads when I (finally) update. He's such a great father isn't he? 😉 😛

  5. Well, Hunter has always had a pretty good idea of what he wanted out of life, as opposed to his siblings.

    I adore Hunter, but I'm just as happy he isn't heir because he could have a shorter story arc and reach his happily ever after. I am enjoying getting StoryProgression updates from him. He gardens and goes riding, and he's started winning racing trophies with Meteor, which doesn't seem terribly fair. Once he went on a sappy date with Eliana :).

    I am dying for a Bookabet update! Any time you're ready to write!

  6. Funnily enough, I get the same kind of sappy updates from Adam and Sky. No wonder Adam and Hunter are such good friends in my game. They are both the charming, valiant types that women fall for.

    I've started laying out the pics and everything, just need the words to flow. I have an awful lot of pictures to get through considering Arya and Hunter are now married and have their first baby. I don't even know what 'B' looks like as I haven't played since 'it' was born! I don't want to get too bogged down with screenshots.

  7. This was such a lovely chapter! I’m so happy for Hunter. He deserves to have this great life you wrote about in the comments. Meteor is breathtaking. The unicorn in my game is black. He doesn’t look so magical as the white one though. Shame. Since I’m playing a legacy with the Equestrian family trait, it would be cool to have someone with this LTW. But have you ever seen a black unicorn that wouldn’t have the evil aura around him? I don’t know if the unicorns in this game are immortal, but if they aren’t I could get eventually lucky with the white one 🙂

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