Let’s celebrate a meaningless milestone today!

This venerated blog reached 25,000 hits today.

Most of those are actually hits, I think, rather than referral spam. Google seems to have done a great job of stripping most of that stuff out in the last few months.

A huge fraction of those hits are generated automatically by blogs by lovely people who have put me on their auto-updating blogroll.

A bunch the hits are most certainly spiders for web search engines and other such ilk.

A decent number are traffic from Google’s error in indexing a picture from this blog as the first hit for a kind of fetish wear. I won’t repeat it here for fear of attracting more traffic that is disappointing for everyone involved. (Imagine you clicked a link expecting to see fetish wear and got a Sims video game blog?!)

But some of them are people who read actual posts!

Thanks, all of you actual people who read actual posts.

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  1. Hahaha. The fetishwear totally didn't make sense. It was just a word that is spelled similarly to "Fabian" that the Google algorithms caught by accident. An apparently random picture from Generation 3 was the first hit on Google image search for this fetish for quite a while.

    Thanks! 🙂

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