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Believe it or not, I have almost completely finish the gameplay for Generation 5. I am probably going to let myself play until all of Generation 6 become teens and then move to the Wonderlands. Dylan’s teen birthday is “today.”

As of right now, I have no favorite for heir. It’s the first time that’s happened in the entire legacy. Unless someone pulls my heartstrings very soon, I will hold an actual binding heir poll. Well, I will when I get caught up with my posts, which pretty daunting right now.
I realized that I was kind of out of time to upload the Gen 5 household, so I uploaded it to the Exchange. Since the Generation 4 household caused such a mess because I was casual about the CC, I was extra-careful this time. I ran the game without any CC or mods, fixed all the unusual skintones in CAS, and uploaded fresh copies of all three of the Gen 4 triplets and the household. I even sold all the accumulated family inventory so that the household shouldn’t come with a ton of bizarre crap and store items. The resulting net worth of the household turned out be a lot more than I expected….
I’m feeling less morbid, so I hope to get back to posting soon.

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